NexMesh Pro Tank by Wotofo

nexMESH Pro Tank by Wotofo

Review by BFG Hodson

The original OFRF NexMesh was a stock coil sub-ohm tank that delivered great clouds and flavour using an innovative coil design and was to be fair very well put together indeed. It was however plagued with issues that hampered it taking its rightful place as one of the best stock coil tanks you could buy.

Wotofo acquired OFRF in August 2019 after being impressed by their mesh coil making ideas. The NexMesh Sub-ohm tank was originally under the OFRF brand but after the merger became known as a joint project, but will it improve on the original?

What Can You Expect from the Wotofo NexMesh Pro tank?

The overall design of the tank remains essentially the same and I must say the build quality is excellent. Essentially this is extremely visually like the OFRF NexMesh although it just seems cleaner somehow, with a general softening of the outline. The original came in at a 25mm diameter due to a bevel at the base and was 26 mm x 41 mm without a drip tip. The NexMesh PRO comes in at 40.85 x 24mm (42.85 x 24mm standard edition) without drip tip so the chamber has been made just a little tighter.

It uses four new stock coils and has a rebuildable deck (separate purchase) which has been released simultaneously.

The RBA deck has a bottom honeycomb air intake and is a twin post single coil deck. The wick ports are nice and large and to be honest, I’m quite excited to see how it performs. The option of changing to an RBA deck and a proper RBA deck, not one likely to induce blindness when attempting to coil it is a heady prospect.

Conical mesh has also been ported across from the OFRF tank, but then there’s a couple of interesting new twists in the available coils too with a remarkably interesting dual coil.

There’s Gunmetal, Black, Gold, Blue, Rainbow and Stainless-Steel colour options available.

Wotofo NexMesh Rainbow

Wotofo NexMesh Pro Specifications

  • Tank material Stainless Steel.
  • Size 40.85 x 24mm (42.85 x 24mm standard edition) – without drip tip.
  • Tank capacity TPD and UK edition 3.5ml/2ml straight glass 5ml/4ml bubble glass (dependent on coil installed).
  • Tank capacity STD edition 4.5ml/3ml straight glass 6ml/5ml bubble glass (dependent on coil installed).
  • Drip Tip 810 Delrin.
  • Insulator material German peek.
  • Threading 510 thread.
  • Wattage range 50-80W.
  • Filling system Top fill.
  • Airflow type Adjustable bottom airflow.
  • Weight 72g.

With it you get:

  • H12 Clapton Mesh coil.
  • H15 single mesh & parallel coil (pre-installed).
  • User Manual.
  • Accessory bag.
  • Bubble glass tube.

nexMESH Pro Tank Wotofo Box

OK so it looks good, and there are toys but what’s the vape like?

H15 coil

Well, seeing as it was preinstalled, I started with the H15 Dual coil pair of the mesh and parallel coil, and I quickly found that this shines with mixed fruits. I was vaping Dewberry Cream from Kilo in it, and its performance was excellent. Not only did I get the Honeydew but lighter more subtle notes from the red fruit mix began zinging. The cream was still there but I didn’t notice any major changes to it. I vaped in the middle of the suggested 65-80 w range and got a cloudy flavoursome vape, cool but that’s how I like it.

An interesting choice of mixing of the two coil types and boy someone at OFRF / Wotofo is a twisted genius, the mesh portion is what I suspect allows the subtleties of the fruits to shine while the parallel coil gives the grunt. I was a bit worried about how long these would last with the sweet juice, but the picture shows what the coil was like after a good 4 days of heavy use, virtually pristine so I’m happy. (yes, all the pictures are a bit…juicy but I can’t stop using this tank!)

H12 coil

The coil is comprised of Ni80 wrapped over Kanthal A1. It’s vertically installed but is a standard Clapton not conical in nature like the other single mesh coils in the series. It is rated from 55 to 75 w.

My choice of vape was Cinnaroo by Cloud Thieves, a rich custard with a cinnamon cereal, this should give it a workout. A 70/30 blend so I’m not expecting any wicking issues.

Given how cool the H15 was I started at the upper limit and to be blunt stayed there, the coil brought the best from the custard with creamy rich flavours assailing your tastebuds, ok so it does desserts but what about the cinnamon? No worries on that front either, sweet, sugary, and spicy all handled admirably.

Of the stock coils I’ve used these are a bit of a strange one. I’ve used coils that gave me the style of vape I wanted big clouds etc, but rarely have I come across a range of coils that suit different flavour profiles in one tank.

I personally like this a lot, not for the beginner maybe who are looking for a great general vape, but for the experienced vaper who wants to make the most of a favourite juice… kudos Wotofo. A shining example of why they do what they do so well.

H13 Single Conical Coil (Available for purchase)

The resistance is 0.15ohm, and it’s rated between 65W-78W.

This is a cloudier vape and great general flavour, it didn’t seem to highlight anything new in the Cinnaroo. It was a great vape still on the cool side but I’d happily use these to replace the H12 or H15 if I wanted a more mixed bag of juices.

H11 Single Conical Coil (Honeycomb) (Available for purchase)

Resistance is 0.2ohm and its rated between 60W-70W,

Ok great performance again, not sure what the honeycomb brings to the party rather than the standard square mesh of the H13 coil but it’s a comparable cool vape, great clouds, and solid flavour, it may be my imagination but the Cinnaroo did seem a little sweeter this time. I got more of the sugary notes but again a great cool vape.

Marketing ploy or actual difference? Er…. It’s a close call but the H13 brought out more of the custard goodness than I expected, and the H15 shone at fruits I’m being brave and saying yes… I think there is a difference.

H17 Wotofo Rebuildable Deck Tank (Available for purchase)

Wotofo NexMesh Pro RBAOK before I go into the spiel…. buy this… if you coil or have access to a tame geek who coils…buy this, sell an organ, sell your sibling, goodness even granny should be considered to raise funds to obtain this beauty.

This is not a pod RBA for those who are suffering from eyesight problems after using the PNP RBA deck. No, this is a fully-fledged two-post, 20-hole honeycomb deck, coiling is a doddle. A word of advice, I’d set the coil about 2mm from the deck.

Ohms reader? Doddle just screws in the 510.

Any niggles at all? Make sure that the coils are cut flush to the post, so you don’t get a short from the cover cap (really that is the only thing to be careful of).

Wicking? Cut the cotton to the inner circumference (where the cap screws onto) rake it a bit and tuck it into the generous juice ports (I say….) it’s really that simple.

For those muttering “it was good then?”, imagine if a vape experience could be as good as being the masseuse at the playboy/playgirl mansion, now throw in your favourite model, a large bowl of melted chocolate and finding out they fancied you for years!! For me this was…

All the goodness of the H12 coil, but a consistent flavour barrage, moist, rich and complex! And with all the cost benefits of building… Oh my cheeks are hurting from this smiling.

Clouds, clouds everywhere (to the point where I was in fear of the fire alarm!!)

In summary, if you get the Nexmesh pro and you also coil, buy this, don’t hesitate and you can thank me later.

Final Verdict

This is one upgrade that delivers, none of the issues with swelling O rings that plagued the original NexMesh, great flavour, and a range of coils that in part suits the flavour profile choices of the vaper on that strength alone I’d give this an 8.5 out of 10.

Then there’s the RBA ok not part of the kit technically but add it to this tank and you can add a point to make this an unheard of 9.5 out of 10, this is a game-changer by Wotofo a proper deck RBA that’s simple to coil, wick and that produces fantastic flavour. I’m such a happy bunny….


  • Solidly built and easy to maintain.
  • Good flavour from the H12 Clapton mesh coil.
  • Excellent flavour from the H17 rebuildable deck.
  • Range of coils that changes the flavour bias of the tank.
  • Great vapour production from both the tank and rebuildable section.


  • Need to remove the Delrin drip tip when filling the tank with larger bottles.

You can pick up the Wotofo NexMesh Pro Tank at the Wotofo web store and can also buy these at vape retailers worldwide, along with the coils and RBA. Remember to search on VapeView for stock and retailers in your country.

Today’s review was by BFG Hodson, you can catch him over on The Soul Ohm Blog.

He also co-hosts a live show and podcast over on the Soul Ohm reviews channel, one of which is on a Thursday evening at 7:30pm and is well worth a watch!

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