Aeglos by Uwell

Aeglos By Uwell

Yep, another pod kit review today, and this is the new Aeglos by Uwell. This kit follows fast after Uwell’s recent popular Caliburn G release and is something a bit different. This was supplied by the folks over at Health Cabin where you’ll find a massive amount of the latest and greatest vape hardware. You can pick up some top brand E-liquid there too and also sell some electronics. The prices at Health Cabin will be cheaper if logged in, so if you’re on there, remember to register an account first.

So, let’s have a look at this Aeglos pod by Uwell.

The Packaging and Whats in the Box?

Uwell Aeglos BoxUwell’s Aeglos comes sealed in a cardboard box with an outer sleeve. The top of the sleeve has the printed ‘Aeglos’ title with a printed quote ‘One pod to rule them all’ underneath. Below, is a slightly raised image of the Aeglos device. At the bottom is printed ‘Aeglos Pod System – The Pro-FOCS flavor testing technology from UWELL gives you an excellent vape experience‘.

The left side of the outer sleeve includes printed social media info for Uwell and the other side has printed icons. The bottom of the sleeve includes printed package contents, warnings, contact info for Uwell, the QR code, and the bar-code. The bar-code has a printed part showing the colour of the device in the box.

The outer sleeve pulls off to the Uwell branded thick cardboard box. Inside the box has the main Aeglos device within felt padding sitting next to the accessories box. Inside the accessories box is a spare 0.8 ohms mouth to lung coil (there is also a 0.23 ohms DTL coil pre-installed), a type C charging cable, and a bag of spare O-rings. Sitting right at the top of the box is a cardboard envelope containing a printed user manual and an instruction and warnings card.

Uwell Aeglos Box Contents
The Uwell Aeglos Device

Uwell Aeglos DeviceThe Aeglos by Uwell is a portable pod system with a built-in 1500mAh battery. It is 11cms in height and 2.6cms in both width and depth, lightweight at 83grams. The Aeglos device fires from 5-60W. The body is made from PCTG and aluminium alloy. The front of the Aeglos has a black panel and within that is the main large fire/power button, above the 0.96″ OLED screen. Under the screen are the up+/down- buttons sitting side by side above the printed ‘Aeglos’ title. At the top on each side is the air slot for airflow. The bottom of the Aeglos has vent holes and a USB Type-C charging port.

To power on the Aeglos, it’s the usual 5 fast clicks of the main fire/power button and the same to switch off the device. You are greeted with a ‘Hello’ on the screen and ‘Goodbye’ when shutting off. You can lock the Aeglos by simultaneously holding the fire button and down/- button and unlock again by the fire button and up/+. The puff counter can be reset by pressing both the up/+ and down/- buttons for 2 seconds. Increasing or decreasing wattage is simply by pressing up/+ or down/- with the device on. There are also the usual safety protections on the Uwell Aeglos and a charge time of 1 hour.

Uwell Aeglos DisplayThe OLED display is clear and includes everything you need. Wattage power is shown in big font under the mode and battery level. The current-voltage, coil resistance, and puff time are shown in the middle of the screen with the puff counter shown underneath.

Airflow control on the Aeglos is situated under the pod on the top. You simply turn the airflow ring to open or shut off the air slots on each side of the device, then push back in the pod.

The Aeglos currently come in varied colours of Red, Gold, Blue, Grey and Black.

The Uwell Aeglos Pods/Coils

The Aeglos runs on an open pod so you can easily refill with E-liquid. The capacity is 3.5ml or 2ml for TPD governed countries.

To refill you simply pull off the top cap drip tip and there is a fill port at the top of the pod. To add or replace the coil, you just push it up through the middle of the pod at the bottom. The pod then pushes back into the top of the Aeglos, making sure you match up accordingly with the air slots.

Two coils come in the Aeglos kit. One coil is a mouth to lung 0.8 ohms Aeglos coil, and the other is a 0.23 ohms UN2 meshed direct to lung coil. This way you can choose your vaping preference and use which coil you need. Obviously, the 0.8 ohms coil is designed for lower wattage vaping and the 0.23 ohms for higher wattages.

Uwell Aeglos Pods Coils

My Thoughts

I’m pretty impressed with the Uwell Aeglos kit. It isn’t anything totally overwhelming but a very decent little pod device and does everything you’d want as a pod system. The display is nicely laid out and clear, with the functions being very user-friendly. It cosmetically looks good with its glossy body and very comfortable in use, fitting nicely in an average-sized hand. There isn’t an auto draw function but the fire button is very responsive and easy to change up and down the wattage.

I tried both the mouth to lung and direct lung coils and both give a good vape, giving quite a decent flavour on different E-liquid profiles. I’ve been using Uwell’s Caliburn G quite a lot since its release and for MTL, the Aeglos gives an as-good vape in terms of flavour. On first filling the pod on the 0.8 ohms coil, I did get some minor spit back, but that settled once the coil bedded in a bit. I also found that the coil didn’t have problems wicking higher VG juices, so that’s a plus.

The 0.23 ohms meshed coil for direct lung vaping is also very decent. Good flavour and pretty exceptional clouds for a pod device at a higher wattage. The airflow ring does its job and when fully open, it gives a very good unrestricted draw on both DTL and MTL. I’m still using both the original coils in the kit and don’t really know the longevity until they need replacing at the moment, but there hasn’t been any flavour drop so far.

Another positive to the Aeglos is battery life. It’s listed at 1500mAh which is good but I found it lasted me a long time compared to similar battery power devices. The charge time is around an hour.

All in all, the Aeglos is a decent little device and will appeal to those that liked the Voopoo Vinci, due to its similar look and top-shaped mouthpiece. The vape is also as good.

You can pick up the Aeglos by Uwell at Health Cabin via the links at the start of the review. There is a couple of days left on their Christmas sale if you’re quick! 20% OFF Everything with coupon code: SANTA20 and 25% OFF Any E-liquid with coupon code: SANTA25. Coupon codes valid 14th – 26th Dec. See here for Christmas Deals.

Thanks for reading and wish everyone a happy and safe Christmas

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