Cream Cookies by Bearded Freaks (on Stellar Cotton by CoolWhic)

Cream Cookies by Bearded Freaks

Back onto an E-liquid review today and following the last E-liquid review from Jen, this is another juice from the same range. This is Cream Cookies by Bearded Freaks. This is from a 20 flavour range brought to you by the owners of The Vaping Hamster vape store. The Bearded Freaks range is mostly Fruity and Dessert profiles and mixed in the Riot Labs, home of Riot Squad E-liquid.

The owner of The Vaping Hamster store sent over some cotton to try, as he said it is good cotton, so we’ll give that a go too with this E-liquid.

The Packaging

Cream Cookies by Bearded Freaks comes in a clear 60ml Chubby Gorilla short fill bottle. There is 50ml of E-liquid leaving a 10ml space for a Nicotine shot. A black label wraps the bottle with a background design. The front of the label has the printed ‘Bearded Freaks’ title in a fancy font. Below is a graphic of a capped bearded fella. At the bottom is the flavour title.

On the left of the label are printed warning graphics, the VG/PG ratio and bar-code. The right of the label has printed Bearded Freaks branding, warnings, ingredients, Bearded Freaks contact details and social media info.

Good appealing labelling with everything printed on there you would expect on an E-liquid.

The E-liquid

The flavour profile of Cream Cookies by Bearded Freaks is described on The Vaping Hamster website as; Cream Cookies is a combination of delicious cookies dipped in freshly mixed cream, A flavour that must be tried today! The base ratio of the juice is 70VG/30PG. This flavour is definitely something I would go for, so interested to see how this tastes. Being the Christmas period as of writing, this flavour would make a perfect festive vape too.

On having a smell from the bottle, it smells like a very rich cookie with some strong cream sitting alongside.

Device used: Voopoo Drag Mini and Wotofo Profile RDA with 0.4 ohms Clapton build. This is paired with Stellar cotton by CoolWhic.

CoolWhic Stellar Cotton designed by King Kalifa

Stellar Cotton CoolWhicThis cotton was supplied by The Vaping Hamster and supplied in a 1-metre tin. CoolWhic’s Stellar Cotton was designed by King Kalifa (Is that Mia’s brother?) and is 100% organic.

It is claimed to be dry-hit proof and stops producing vapour when dry. Allegedly high-heat resistant with zero break-in time and no cotton taste.

The tin has a nice presentation and the cotton looks…. clean and very fluffy. Let’s douse it with some Cream Cookies and see how she blows!

The Flavour

On the vape, Cream Cookies by Bearded Freaks is a pleasant Biscuit flavour paired with deep cream. On the first inhale, you are met with a deep biscuity flavour and rich cream alongside, that seems to deepen up leading into the exhale. You are left with a pleasant cookie after-taste.

The cream to me tastes more of Bavarian cream and that adds to the richness of the cookie. I may be totally wrong but I can’t help thinking I’m picking up a touch of Chocolate in the back-note. That could be the biscuity taste playing with the senses, but I seem to taste it there on every vape.

If you like a nice Bakery/Dessert vape, then definitely give this a try, it is a decent Cookie E-liquid. It is a nice juice to slot in-between an all-day-vape flavour.

My score: 8.2/10 – A decent balanced, smooth Cookies and Cream E-liquid!

How was the Cotton?

King Kalifa CoolWhic Stellar CottonCoolWhic’s Stellar Cotton is really good stuff. It’s soft and wicks brilliantly. While wicking up the coil, it doesn’t split off easily and seems tough despite being fluffy.

The flavour it produces is also very good. While vaping Cream Cookies, I didn’t pick up any cotton taste, even from the first vape. All the flavour notes come through very well and cloud production is good. I tried my current all-day-vape after and the flavour was bang-on as it should be.

I vaped the E-liquid as dry as possible and while I didn’t want to take it too far (you wouldn’t walk off a cliff if told it was safe) I didn’t get a burnt Cotton taste. It was just more a taste of nothing. Whether it truly doesn’t give a dry hit, I don’t really know, but it tastes as if it goes further than Muji for example. Dry-hit Guinea Pigs can apply within!

I use a lot of The Fuzz Cotton by The Yorkshire Vaper, and this CoolWhic Stellar reminds me a lot of that, so it is very good cotton which I will buy again.

You can pick up Cream Cookies by Bearded Freaks and Stellar Cotton by CoolWhic at The Vaping Hamster store. Links are within the review. Prices are currently £10.99 for a 50ml short fill in the Bearded Freaks range and £9.95 for the tub of CoolWhic Cotton. Go check them out!

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