Obelisk 120 FC kit by Geekvape

Geekvape Obelisk 120 FC

Back with some vaping hardware for a review today and this kit is something quite interesting. This is the Obelisk 120 FC kit by Geekvape. The kit was supplied by the folks over at Health Cabin where you can purchase all the latest and greatest vape hardware, E-liquids, and accessories. Although shipping directly from abroad, I’ve found delivery quick to the UK with some great prices on products (create an account on Health Cabin to get a lower price than shown on the page).

Long-term vapers will know how big of a brand that Geekvape is, and they’ve done something a bit different for this new kit. The Obelisk mod is a massive 3700mAh internal battery power and charges from flat in just 15 minutes via the USB-C fast charger. Sounds impressive? Let’s have a look.

The Packaging and what’s in the box?

Geekvape Obelisk kit box contentsMy version of the Obelisk 120 FC is in kit format with the mod and the Obelisk tank, but you can buy get them separate too if just wanting the Obelisk mod or tank.

The Obelisk 120 FC kit comes in a plain thick Black cardboard box with a subtle ‘Geekvape’ branding and logo on the top and sides. It feels more like a presentation box than the usual cardboard packaging, so I am guessing the retail version will have the usual design in a smaller box.

The whole top part of the box slides up with two layers of padding inside. The top padding houses the main Obelisk device with the Obelisk tank and spare bubble glass next to it. Underneath is another padding panel that includes the fast charger box and adaptor, USB-C cable, spare coil, coil removing tool, and card envelope containing the user manual.

The tank includes a pre-installed 0.2Ω Geekvape Z2 Mesh coil and the sealed spare coil is the 0.4Ω Geekvape Z1 Mesh coil.

The Obelisk 120 FC Mod

Geekvape Obelisk DeviceGeekvape’s Obelisk Mod runs via a powerful internal 3700mAh battery and powers from 5W-120W. It is also enabled for temperature control. The battery charges via the UBS-C cable and fast charger in just 15minutes and is claimed to last 2 days before another charge. Not only does it boast a fast charge and long battery life, but can also charge your phone. and other devices.

The Obelisk mod is chunky, though a quite small rectangle shape. It is slightly curved around the front and shaped smoothly around the back. Each side of the mod has a black shiny panel with ‘GeekVape’ printed on it. One side has a side-mounted USB-C charger port. The display screen sits below the main power/fire button on the front, with the +/up and -/down buttons below, above a printed logo. The top of the Obelisk has the 510 port, though without a top plate. On the bottom of the device has the printed CE stamp and name, but no venting holes.

Geekvape Obelisk 120 FC DisplayThe display screen on the Obelisk 120 FC is a colour 0.96 TFT. All information is shown on one screen. The mode display has the battery level just underneath, above the main power number. Under that is the current resistance, amps, volts, and puff counter. The colour of the display can be changed within the settings.

To switch on or off the Obelisk, it is 5 fast clicks of the main button where a Geekvape title display lights up. To switch between the modes, you click the main button fast 3 times then select which mode you want, by using the up and down button. The modes are; Power, TC-SS, TC-TCR, VPC, Bypass, and OTG (which is reverse charge power).

Adjusting the power is simply pressing the up/+ and down/- buttons and runs up or down in 0.5W increments. The puff counter can be reset by entering the settings and toggling to the puff counter option and pressing up/+ to clear. To lock or unlock the device you long-press both the up/+ and down/- buttons simultaneously for 2 seconds. You can also change screen brightness and display colour within the settings.

The Obelisk also has many battery safety features built-in including low protection, atomiser short, 10 seconds cut off and overheat protection.

The Obelisk Tank

Geekvape Obelisk TankGeekvape’s Obelisk 120 FC kit is also supplied with the Obelisk tank (also available separately). The tank is a stock coil Sub-Ohm running on Geekvape’s Z series coils.

The tank is listed as 26mm and is 4.2cms high without the 810 drip tip inserted. The top cap has an etched in ‘Geekvape’ branding on each side. To fill the tank with E-liquid, you simply pull up, turn and push across the top cap to reveal the fill port. This has a rubber over the hole to avoid leakage. Simply push back and twist to lock the top cap back into place.

Two bubble glasses for the Obelisk tank are supplied, one already on the tank and one spare in the box. The tank glass will be a different size depending on your location in the world due to EU TPD regulations. Glass sizes are from 2ml to 5.5ml capacity.

The Obelisk tank has bottom airflow that is adjusted as usual by sliding round to open or close the air slots on each side. The top large drip tip is an 810 size and is removable and the usual 510 connector sits at the bottom of the tank.

Geekvape Obelisk CoilsThe tank runs with Geekvape’s series Z coils and two are supplied in the kit. The pre-installed coil is 0.2Ω mesh and rated at 70-80W and the other coil is a 0.4Ω mesh rated at 50-60W. Both coils have the same appearance but the 0.2Ω has slightly bigger wicking holes.

In the kit, is a coil removal tool so you can easily change out the coils on the tank. You can also purchase the Z series coils at different resistance than the ones supplied. There is also 0.25Ω (45-57W) and 0.15Ω (80-90W) options and 5 coils are supplied in each pack.

My Thoughts

I have been testing the Obelisk 120 FC kit for 3 weeks now and generally find it a good kit. The Obelisk 120 FC mod is comfortable to use with its smooth design and although quite chunky, fits nicely in an average hand. The button is positioned well for finger or thumb fire and is situated far enough from the +/- buttons, that you don’t accidentally press them while in use.

The settings are really user-friendly to navigate through and I like that you can change the colour of the display screen. A little flaw (at least on the mod I have) is that the display screen slopes slightly to the right. This doesn’t affect its use but can be a bit annoying once it’s noticed. Another flaw is that there is no top plate on the 510 connection so will succumb to ‘atomiser rash’ on the top of the mod after a while from screwing down the tank. These are the only two issues I’ve found with the kit.

Design-wise, the Obelisk 120 FC mod is quite basic looking. It isn’t bad looking but sitting next to something like the Drag 3, aesthetically, the Obelisk mod gets left behind. That said, the main reason for sales of the Obelisk 120 FC mod I expect is battery life, and there is lots of it to go around! Paired with the fast charger included, it offers super-fast charging in 15 minutes and lasts a couple of days for me with pretty moderate vaping before needing another charge. This makes it a perfect kit for vapers that are out of the house a lot or working long hours. This internal battery mod may win over the ‘external battery use only’ vapers.

I tried my Berserker Mini V2 on the Obelisk Mod and at lower wattages, the battery just went on and on even more before a charge. The Obelisk 120 FC mod is also a  good option for lower wattage MTL vapers looking for massively extended battery life on a device.

Not just with a fast charge and long battery life, you can also use the Obelisk 120 FC mod as a power bank with a USB-C lead to charge your phone or tablet (USB-C to lightening lead if Apple) with the OTG reverse charge. This will zap quite a bit of your battery life on the mod, but again, it is a good option for vapers that work away or out of the home a lot. You could even use it to charge your pod devices too.

The Obelisk tank is also a decent tank. It is a stock coil run-of-the-mill Sub Ohm without any bells or whistles but offers very good flavour and dense clouds. I’ve had zero leaks and minuscule condensation during my time so far using it. I switched between both coils which both are still going strong. I do get a slightly better flavour on the 0.2Ω coil but there really wasn’t much in it and these coils do like running at higher wattages for a good vape.

All in all, if you are looking for a clean looking kit with superb battery life and reverse charging, definitely check out the Obelisk 120 FC.

The Geekvape Obelisk 120 FC kits arrive in stock (plus the mod and tank if buying separately) to Health Cabin this week and are priced at $71.99 (remember to register to get a lower price). They are available in the colours of Black, Blue, Gunmetal and Silver. Thanks for reading and my thanks to Health Cabin for supplying the kit for the purpose of review.

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