Luxe Q by Vaporesso

Luxe Q by Vaporesso

Review by Jen_Turista

Vaporesso Luxe Q Pod Kit – Worthy Luxe Addition?

What’s shaking, folks! I am back with another hardware review for your reading pleasure. This time, I will be looking at the Vaporesso Luxe Q Pod Kit, kindly sent to me for the purposes of review by Vapesourcing is an online vape supply and gear shop based out of China. They sell a huge variety of vaping hardware as well as e-liquids, so please be sure to check them out especially when they have special deals on!

The Luxe series of Vaporesso is widely popular amongst vapers of all levels. The series includes different types of vaping kits, from pod systems like the Luxe PM 40, to dual battery sub-ohm kits like the Luxe S. The trademark of the series is the classy, sleek, and premium appearance of the kits. So, where does the Luxe Q come in the series range, and does it fit well with the other Luxe devices?

I have used quite a lot of Vaporesso devices, with recent favourites comparable to the Luxe Q being the Luxe PM 40 and the Vaporesso Xros pod kit. I highly rate the Luxe PM 40 with its performance, versatility, and use of the GTX coils, which in my opinion is one of the best pod system stock coils out there. Similarly, I loved using the Xros as well: it was with this kit where I first experienced truly effective airflow control in a pod kit. Hence, I was really excited to test the Luxe Q as Vaporesso’s newest addition to their pod kits!

As always, my review will be from my own experience of using the device as a regular vaper, as most of you buying this device will be.

Packaging and Contents

I was sent the retail version of the Luxe Q containing the below:

  • The device/battery in Black Leather-like finish.
  • 2 mesh pods: 1 x 0.8 ohms and 1 x 1.2 ohms.
  • Warranty Card.
  • User manual.
  • A USB-C charging cable

Salient Features include:

  • 1000 mAh battery capacity.
  • Uses refillable and replaceable pods, as opposed to replaceable coils in reusable pods.
  • Measuring 91.8 x 26 x 16.5 millimetres. Yup, this one is tiny!
  • 1A charging.
  • Lightweight and made with leather. All of the different finishes are distinguished by the colour of the leather at the front and back of the device.
  • Draw-activated.
  • Top-fill system.
  • 2-way airflow adjustment by flipping the pod 180 degrees.
  • 3-colour led.

Impressions and Experience

The packaging of the Luxe Q is unassuming, and dare I say, not as glamourous as the other Vaporesso devices I have had. That’s not to say that the packaging was anything unpleasant or tacky, it is just not as colourful as other Vaporesso devices I’ve seen. It is rather plain, compact, and straight to the point.

The kit, on the other hand, looks mighty fine! The metal frame is crafted in complement with the leather-like finish making up most of the external surface of the device. It does feel good and premium when handled, so far, so good in terms of impressions!

Vaporesso Luxe Q Contents

A. Pod

The pod sits in place with a click as it is pushed down into the device (not magnetic, as far as I can tell). The filling system of this device is reminiscent of the Xros and Luxe PM40, where a pull to the front or back will release the cover, exposing the filling hole of the pod on one end. There is also another hole for releasing pressure at the other end of the pod, which is great to see as often I see this missed by other manufacturers. The cover clicks back on the pod, and you would need to make sure the entire cover is secured onto the pod to avoid any leaking.

The pod is transparent in colour, making it super easy to see liquid levels and also the health of the coil inside the pod. The red-bottomed pod is the 0.8Ω pod whilst the black-bottomed pod is the 1.2 ohm, making it easy enough to remember which pod you’re using. The coil sits in the middle of the pod, and overall, the pod is engineered well in that there is nothing in the way of the juice flowing from the top-down and into the sides of the pod.

The pod cover/mouthpiece is just the right size to be comfortable during use for most vapers. And what I especially like is that although this is sort of duckbill-shaped, it is thinned out and tapers into a shape that is easy to vape with. I’ve used other pod systems where the mouthpiece is too thick, which makes it a little uncomfortable to use.

In my tests, the pod hasn’t leaked on me at all, which is a huge plus for any vaping system.

As mentioned earlier, there is no gradual airflow control in this kit. Rather, turning the pod around varies the airflow, which means that in essence, you can only vary your airflow in two ways. This, to me, is something I hope Vaporesso will look at because, in my experience of using this kit, I found the draw to be a little on the loose side for MTL, no matter which airflow or coil variation I chose.

Now let’s look at each supplied pod individually in terms of its coil performance:

a. 0.8Ω pod. The flavour I get from this pod is somewhat average. It is warm-ish, but not as warm as with other pod systems I’ve used in the past including the Xros. I’d rate the flavour to be 6/10, and as mentioned, the draw is rather loose for my liking.

b. 1.2Ω pod. It performs similarly to the 0.8 pod although it is marginally tighter in draw and a little cooler on the vape. I think it’s because of the cooler vape that the flavour suffers a bit- I’d rate the flavour of this pod to be 5/10. Truth be told, I didn’t expect that from a mesh coil; there is definitely room to improve in this aspect of this kit.

B. Device/Battery

The pod cradle located at the top of the device/battery has the contacts for the pod and microphone for the auto-draw. I’ve not faced any issues in this part mainly because it stayed bone dry during my use. The auto-draw was also very responsive despite the draw being on the looser side.

There is a three-colour LED light at the front of the device to indicate battery power (green → blue → red). The airflow slot is only on one side of the device.

The device is very straightforward to use, with no means to adjust the power delivered to the pod. This is good from the perspective of simplicity and battery conservation- indeed, I can get a whole day of normal vaping in a single charge. But, the lack of options for power means that I cannot tailor my vaping experience as to how I want it to be with this kit. With my pod observations as above especially with flavour and warmth, these would have been mitigated if the device had a means to adjust power. Sure, that would mean more battery consumption per puff with increased power delivered by the battery, but I am willing to make this compromise if it means getting more flavour and warmth from the supplied pods.

The USB-C port is located behind the device at the bottom part of the back panel. I like this feature as it means I can charge the battery standing up. It sounds like a small thing but I like this sort of attention to detail when manufacturers design their devices. It makes things a little easier for the vaper!

Overall: Yay or Nay?

Frankly speaking, I am on the fence on this one:

It’s a Yay if you are looking for a portable device that is reliable and wouldn’t leak. It is also a Yay for those wanting to try vaping: this is a good kit to start on for someone who wants to have a feel of what vaping is like.

However, if you are looking at this as a replacement for your pod kit or as a backup device in the car, I feel that you may not be so satisfied with this kit, primarily due to the average flavour it delivers and low warmth. As a reviewer, I mostly write from my perspective with a consideration of what most vapers will like, and personally, I do like a warm-ish, medium MTL. I am not able to fully achieve this with this kit, unfortunately.

So I suppose in the end, what will matter is what type of vaper you are and what you need from a pod system. If size, looks, and ease of use are most important to you, then this kit will fit you perfectly. But if you are like me that puts flavour above all else, your needs may be served better by trying out other pod systems.

My sincerest thanks once again to Vapesourcing for sending this to me for testing!

This review was written by jen_turista who is very active within the vape scene. You can go give her a follow on Instagram and Twitter.

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