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Jumping in for another hardware review today and this is the SRPNT RDA by Wotofo. It’s been a while since we did an RDA review on the blog, and this looks like it could be a good addition to any vapers collection. Every seasoned vaper will know of Wotofo and the great products they have released over the years. They have always been one of the leaders in their tank and RDA products and have also recently stood out in the design of the SMRT kits.

The SRPNT RDA looks to be an updated version of the popular Serpent series by Wotofo from a few years back, so let’s check it out.

The Packaging and What’s in the Box

Wotofo SRPNT BoxThe SRPNT is supplied in a small rectangular box with a clear plastic top. The plastic top has the title and logo of the Serpent snake face. The bottom of the box includes printed warnings, warning graphics and Wotofo branding. The left side of the box has printed contents of what’s included in the kit, and the backside includes the bar-code label, authenticity label and the colour of the RDA inside. The other 2 sides of the box include printed Wotofo branding and a large graphic of the SRPNT logo of the snake.

Inside the box at the top is the main SRPNT RDA packed in thick padding with the Wotofo Green and SRPNT branding card on top. The padding lifts out to all the accessories packed underneath. As always with Wotofo, they add everything in the kit to get you started. The accessories include; 2 x 0.33Ω Framed Staple Clapton Coils, 1 x 0.65Ω Clapton Coil (for single coil config), 3mm and 5mm Thick Cotton strips, Screwdriver, Allen key, Coil tool, a bag of spare o-rings and screws and the user manual.

Wotofo SRPNT Box Contents


SRPNT On ModThe SRPNT RDA is a 24mm diameter circular RDA, with a height of 22.7mm excluding the drip tip. The main top cap has knurling around the top and 4 air holes on either side. An engraved SRPNT and Snake logo appear on one side. Around the very top of the dripper, under the drip top, is printed engraving of 3 SRPNT text and Snakeheads.

The bottom of the RDA has the 510 pin and printed SRPNT and Wotofo branding. The drip tip on the top is resin and 810 size. This SRPNT is in Gold and has a very glitzy glittery drip tip included. You can also buy in other colours of Black, Stainless, Gunmetal, Blue and Rainbow (as pictured below).

The Deck

Wotofo SRPNT RDA DeckThe top cap of the SRPNT simply pulls off in the usual RDA fashion to reveal the deck. The deck is has a surprisingly large area for a 24mm RDA, because the posts are mounted at each side of the edge. This also makes coiling an absolute breeze to do. In dual coil configuration, you simply add each coil to each side, meeting in the middle (without touching of course) and just snip the excess from the legs off the ends. No measuring up needed. In a single configuration, one coil leg on one side and the other on the offset on the other side, and again snip back the excess. Easy stuff, and would also appeal to those first venturing onto an RDA.

The deck is capable of housing 2 x 3mm coils in dual coil config or up to 5mm in a single coil. These are the sizes of the coils included in the kit. Obviously, you can use the same size or lower in after-market coils or ones you build.

The posts on the deck have 4 air slots on each side which line up with the top cap and adjustable for airflow. On the inside bottom of the deck, are juice wells on either side and 2 O-ring’s going around the outside.

Rainbow Wotofo SRPNT

My Thoughts

Wotofo Rainbow SRPNTThe SRPNT RDA is a great all-around RDA. It is sturdy and a nice design. Although nothing too groundbreaking compared to other RDA’s, it is so easy to coil and wick due to the large area on the deck. One thing that does set this apart is that it can easily house a 5mm single-coil and 2 x 3mm coils in dual config. These coils are supplied in the kit, and in both configurations, offer immense flavour and plenty of clouds.

Those that like really wide open airflow may grumble as it only offers 4 small airholes on both sides of the cap, but for my vaping, I found the airflow ample enough for me and gives more than enough. I also didn’t find it too loud on fully open airflow, so no whistles to speak of.

The drip tip supplied is a nice size and thick with a colourful resin design. The SRPNT really is a great RDA and definitely one to put on the list.

You can pick up the SRPNT RDA by Wotofo at vape stores or direct from the Wotofo Store, currently priced at $34.95. My thanks to Jen Turista for contributing to the review.

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