Mdura Pro by Wotofo

Mdura Pro by Wotofo

Review by Jen_Turista

Wotofo Mdura Pro Mod: That’s Got Some Weight!

Hello folks! Hope everyone is doing well as summer rages on! I am back again for another hardware review, this time courtesy of the kind folks as Wotofo (thank you, Antonio!).

We are going to be looking at the Mdura Pro Mod, sent to me with a few other hardware as well including the SMRT Nord and RPM coils (review for these coming soon!), and the SRPNT RDA (review already up here on, check it out!).

Wotofo has been around a long time, and have earned a reputation for bringing out well-built and innovative vape devices. For me, I always look on Wotofo for quality atomisers, as my personal experience of the brand has been excellent as far as tanks are concerned. Their Profile RDA is still my weapon of choice whenever I review or test juices. In fact, it was my favourite until the Profile M RTA came along! And of course, the SRPNT RDA was also a great performer especially with the 5mm coil supplied in the kit.

So, as you can imagine, I do have high expectations of the brand and every product they bring out. Does the Mdura Pro Mod measure up to the Wotofo standard I am used to?

As always, my review will be from my own experience of using the device as a regular vaper, as most of you vapers buying this device will be.

Packaging and Contents

This will be short and sweet: I received a sample device without its box and accessories. So, unfortunately, I am not able to tell you what the mod comes in and with, but I think I can safely assume that the retail packaging should include at least a USB-C cable and user manual.

Salient Features include:

  • Waterproof (IP67), dustproof, and shockproof.
  • Made from zinc alloy and rubber.
  • Dimensions at 47 x 88 x 31mm.
  • Has a 1.3” OLED screen that is actually bright enough to see in the sun!
  • Uses 2 x 18650 batteries.
  • Ranges from 5-230W in Power Mode, 10-30W in TC.
  • Has different power levels: Standard, Power, and Power+.
  • TCR available for Ni, Ti, and SS.
  • 2A fast charging via its USB-C port (although as always, I strongly suggest using an external charger for safety purposes!

Impressions and Experience

Mdura Pro BlackNot gonna lie, the Wotofo Mdura Pro mod has some weight to it! Even without the batteries, you can definitely tell you are holding a box mod. I was quite surprised by this as most manufacturers nowadays strive to release devices that are as light as they could make them. Not Wotofo though, and I could tell that they didn’t scrimp on materials in designing this mod.

The mod is essentially surrounded by rubber, with a stitched leather panel on its back, and a huge screen upfront. The top of the mod can accommodate 30mm atomisers quite comfortably which offers a wide range of flexibility in this aspect. The 510 plate is screwed on a shiny metal platform, which in turn seems to be screwed on the chassis of the mod- all good signs to me! The material used in this section reminds me of the same used for the 510 area of the Smok Arcfox, which I suppose stands to reason since Wotofo and Smok often collaborate in projects (or does one company own stake in the other? Hmm not sure.).

Mdura Pro Mod BackWhen I received the mod, and perhaps because I was sent a bright red-coloured one, its rubber coating seemed a little unfinished and uneven in some spots. Like there were some tiny rubber strands hanging off it. But with use and over time, these imperfections did smooth out.

Another aspect to mention is branding – some love it, some don’t, and I suppose I am somewhere in the middle of these groups. The mod does have branding, there’s no mistaking it for another brand. However, I can say that the branding is done with some taste to it. It’s really just the “Mdura” printed on the leather which is actually not that obvious in some angles and the Wotofo logo and website atop the screen. I have to praise Wotofo on this as with so much real estate to use, I’m sure it was tempting to bathe the mod with branding, but they kept it minimal enough for me!

Wotofo Mdura Display ScreenThe fire button is on one side of the mod, with the adjustment (up and down) and mode button in front of the mod and at the bottom of the screen. This is probably where my first con is: when I was vaping it and I wanted to make some adjustments, the buttons I needed to press weren’t exactly placed in the most convenient of places for one-hand vaping. I wish the adjustment buttons at the very least were on the same side as the firing button, just makes more sense to me with that configuration. The adjustment buttons themselves could also have been a little bigger, and a wider gap could have been more useful as well. Nonetheless, these are just minor things in my book and are not deal-breakers.

In terms of ergonomics, my first impression of the mod (before having used it) was that it looked too boxy and may not be so comfortable to use. Boy, was I wrong! It actually feels very pleasant in the hand, and with the weight, it really does feel like a “big girl” mod!

With regard to performance, the mod performed really, really well! It fires hard and fast and depending on the power settings chosen. For me and the way I vape, with stock sub-ohm tanks, the Standard Mode was more than enough. With drippers or RTAs having builds of around 0.15 ohms or so, I found the Power Mode to be really useful as it ramps up my coils very quickly for a solid hit. I did try the Power+ mode of course, but to be honest with the way I vape, that is just too much power and heat for me.

The mod is really quite straightforward to use. Its settings can be accessed with the mode button, which also doubles as the stealth button with a quick press. As always, you can select the mode you want to use your mod in via the settings. A quick and simultaneous press of the up and down buttons locks these buttons (same step to unlock), and three clicks of the power button locks the fire button and adjustment buttons. The fire button + down button allows you to reset puffs, whereas the fire button + up button varies the colour that you will see on the screen.

Wotofo Mdura Pro Battery DoorThe screen’s display is clear, crisp, and bright. I was so glad to see that this screen actually has big enough letters to display vaping data (battery life in bars & percentage, wattage, mode, voltage, resistance, puff counter, and duration of puff) which makes it really more engaging for me!

The battery door is located at the bottom of the mod, which is hinged sturdily. Indeed, there is no play whatsoever with the battery door open or closed. The battery polarities are clearly marked on the door and also inside the mod. One thing that really stood out for me was that the door even indicated the slot for battery A and battery B, which I actually think is quite useful since it tells me clearly about the battery life of each specific cell. I don’t really see this feature in a lot of mods, and for that again, I need to praise Wotofo!

The button that releases the battery door is very easy to use – I can undo it even without having long nails. I can honestly say that having used a few mods with a similar type of battery door, this mod doesn’t require Thor’s strength to close it despite being a waterproof mod. And this again is a pro for me!

Wotofo Mdura Orange Back

Overall: Yay or Nay?

Oh, hands down, a Yay for this mod! It is bulky and heavy, and so it may not be to the taste of every vaper out there, but it does perform brilliantly for what it is. Being tri-proof is a great feature to have especially if this is something you are looking for, although you may want to get something to protect the screen because of course, that’s made of glass!

It doesn’t feel like something flimsy, and it is very well made. This is a mod that I will certainly continue to use especially with my favourite RDAs and RTAs, especially with the boost in Power mode!

Once again, my biggest thanks to Wotofo for sending this mod for my review!

To pick up the Mdura Pro by Wotofo (Mod or Kit), you can order direct from their store via the links at the start of the review. Alternatively, search Google for a vape store with stock closer to you, or check it out on Vapeview.

This review was written by jen_turista who is very active within the vape community. You can go give her a follow on Instagram and Twitter.

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