SMRT Nord & RPM Kits by Wotofo

SMRT Nord & RPM Coil Kits by Wotofo

Review by Jen_Turista

Wotofo SMRT Nord and SMRT RPM Coils: Nifty Idea!

What’s shaking, vape fam! Yes, I am back with another review, although perhaps a little different than my usual. We are going to be looking at the additional SMRT rebuildable coils, this time for the Nord and RPM devices, kindly supplied by the kind folks over at Wotofo!

It was a few months ago when I reviewed the SMRT Pod Kit with the SMRT PnP coil system (published on Instagram / BFG Hodson also reviewed it on the blog here). I was blown away by the off-the-hook flavour from the SMRT PnP coils, not to mention the concept of easy and quick building, accessible to vapers of all levels. Seriously, one just needs a pair of scissors to start using these SMRT coils – no fancy vape builder’s kit!

Of course, it did have its drawbacks like leaking from the bottom of the coil. So, as I take on Wotofo’s additions to their SMRT coil line, these Nord and RPM coils, I do have a critical eye on this along with hope that Wotofo has improved on this.

Another difference in this review is that Toby from has contributed to this write-up. And so, what you will read is an account of our experience in using these coils.

But first, we have to ask: are these worthy additions to Wotofo’s SMRT coils arsenal?

Packaging and Contents

Both SMRT Coil sets come in identical, transparent plastic boxes, with the differences mainly on the information printed on the top of the box. One box is clearly labelled “SMRT Nord”, and the other “SMRT RPM). The box contents are also listed in the same area.

Saying all that, each of these boxes includes identical accessories. The difference, really, is with the mesh strips contained in each as well as the coil shell, of course.

  • Cotton strips.
  • Accessories such as gold contacts, black rubber bungs, and extra o-rings.
  • A coiling rod.
  • A coloured and detailed user manual with instructions on how to go about rebuilding the coil.
  • The SMRT Nord set has the Nord coil shell and 6 x 0.6Ω mesh strips.
  • The SMRT PnP set has the RPM coils shell and 3 x 0.4Ω mesh strips + 3 x 0.6 mesh strips.

Coils, Rebuilding Experience, and Flavour

Each box has all the accessories neatly inside labelled little bags. Even the cotton strip is labelled. The print on the box is clear (in the usual Wotofo green and black), and the info detailed on the box is concise, helpful, and big enough to read.

SMRT Nord Coil KitsHowever, the recommended wattage for each mesh strip type is listed on the baggie containing the coils and not on the box. We also do not see the coil material printed anywhere on the box or the baggie. And so, here is the first point for improvement: to list the coil material used and to print the best wattage on the box as well. The latter because let’s face it, it is quite likely that this baggie will be lost or thrown away. Whereas the box will likely be kept as it will store all the gubbins that comes with the coil kit.

Additionally, we did notice something a little odd with the RPM set. You do get essentially 2 types of mesh strips, but all 6 strips are in one baggie! You, the vaper, will, unfortunately, have to eyeball it to check whether you plucked the 0.4 or 0.6Ω mesh strip depending on the pattern of the mesh (and these patterns are not wildly different from each other). Why Wotofo didn’t separate these coils out, we have no clue. The box can accommodate another small baggie and the cost to add another small plastic baggie wouldn’t be much, at least we assume. Point for improvement #2.

Now, let’s get on the rebuilding side of it. If you haven’t tried the SMRT PnP coil set yet, below is a brief set of steps to guide you in rebuilding these coils. I’m sure you would agree that building this is easy-peasy!

SMRT Coils

The same steps apply to both Nord and RPM SMRT coil sets:

  1. First, take the cotton and mesh coil that will be bent/formed to the shape of the coiling rod (use the side with the smaller diameter).
  2. Once the form is there, you must grip/pinch the cotton as tightly as you can to ensure that you can slip all of these into the coil shell base with the coil leads facing the base.
  3. From that point, it’s just trimming the wicks as close as you can to the coil.
  4. Then bend one of the coil leads into the slot of the coil base.
  5. Slide the black rubber bung on top of it, with the remaining straight coil lead inside it.
  6. Push in the gold contact, which will bend the lead. Make sure that the contact sits well and is flush with the coil base.
  7. Trim all leads flush so that they do not snag/catch the pod contacts.
  8. Lastly, slot on the coil shell top portion to assemble your finished Nord or RPM coil.

How to make SMRT Coil Kit
Sounds easy enough, right? We think so too. Very straightforward and far less complicated than what we would call traditional rebuilding.

Now, let’s put these coils to the test! We used the Smok Fetch Pod Kit for these as this kit has Nord and RPM pods included.

A. Nord 0.6 mesh: oh my word! the flavour we got off this coil is way, way better than any of the Nord stock coils! The mesh responds very quickly, and the cotton wick likes a dream! The flavour notes really come through, and we were able to use this coil on both 50/50 and 70/30 e-liquids.

SMRT RPM Coil KitB. RPM 0.6 mesh: same amazing flavour, giving us that dense and saturated vape! Even if the Fetch kit doesn’t have airflow control, the amount of airflow from the coil size is just enough to give a satisfying puff. Both of us are on MTL most of the time and the 0.6Ω coil, although not MTL, gives a nice and warm RDL hit. From Jen’s perspective, again this SMRT coil is miles better than the RPM stock coils, even the meshed ones!

C. RPM 0.4 mesh: quite honestly, not a lot of difference in flavour was noted versus the 0.6Ω counterpart. And this does mean that this coil gives a similarly warm and flavourful vape!

At this point, you might ask about the leaking, if we saw the same thing as Jen noticed with the PnP version. Well, the answer is not really. It could be due to perhaps different materials used or a marginally smaller coil diameter, but these SMRT Coils didn’t really leak this time. Sure, some condensation was expected, and it did happen, but that was partly down to the kit we used.

Taking everything into consideration, the fact that you essentially get 6 rebuildable coil sets in these kits is a smashing thing. Talk about value for money!

Overall: Yay or Nay?

SMRT Nord & RPM Coil KitsWe do give the SMRT Nord and SMRT RPM coil kits a huge thumbs up! This is for a load of different reasons including bang for your buck- this set will cost less than a pack (5 pieces) of stock coils. Not only that but the flavour you will get off these coils is just far superior to stock coils. Sure, it does involve a little effort to build, unlike plug-and-play coils, but building it is really quick and easy.

Quite frankly, it is worthy to invest in these SMRT coil kits just to transform your vaping experience with your Smok devices. We all have heard (or know from personal experience) of Smok’s inconsistencies in their coils- so if that is your issue, this is all the more reason for you to pick up these SMRT coil kits!

To pick up the SMRT Coil Kits, head over to the Wotofo website, currently priced at $9.95 per coil kit.

This review was written by jen_turista who is very active within the vape community. You can go give her a follow on Instagram and Twitter.

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