Drag X Pro & Drag S Pro by Voopoo

Drag X Pro & Drag S Pro by Voopoo

Review by Jen_Turista

Drag X Pro & Drag S Pro Review: So, What’s REALLY Changed?

Yes, yes, yes vaping community, I am back with another hardware review! This time, we’ll be having a look at the newest and greatest from VooPoo’s Drag Series: The Drag S Pro and Drag X Pro!

These kits were sent to me for review purposes by VooPoo (much love, Chloe and Aimer!).

Now, for the veteran vapers out there, I know what most of you are thinking: another Drag, and so soon? But, why??
Well, without spoiling much of the review, I can tell you that I see why these releases were made. That is mainly because these releases seem to be VooPoo telling us “Yes, we’ve listened to your feedback and complaints, now please tell us how we did!”. I was sceptical at first, like you, but the more I’ve used these kits, the more convinced I’ve become that VooPoo has taken on board what reviewers and users have said about their products. It is so refreshing to see a vape company really listening to their consumer base!

To my eyes, the Drag S Pro and Drag X Pro are updates to their predecessors of the same name sans the “Pro”. Sure, VooPoo did release the Drag X Plus and Drag X Plus Professional Edition (reviews available here in this blog!) in between, but these “Pro” kits now released bear some formidable upgrades versus the original pod-based Drags that made quite a splash in the vaping world! So much so that other vape companies made very (and I mean VERY) similar-looking devices since they were released and even up to this day.

So, let’s get to the reviewing then! We will be looking at both kits side by side in this review. And as always, this review is from my own genuine experience of using the products as an average vaper.

Packaging and Contents

The Drag S Pro kit came in a box that contained:

  • The Drag S mod/device that houses a 3000 mAh internal battery. Finally, an 80W device with the battery life to back that power up!
  • The all-new TPP X Pod holding up to 5.5 mL of e-liquid. This is where the most impactful of upgrades were made, in my opinion.
  • A TPP-DM1 0.15Ω coil.
  • A TPP-DM4 0.3Ω coil.
  • A USB-C charging cable.
  • User manual, warranty card.

Voopoo Drag S Pro Kit Contents

The Drag X Pro kit came with similar accessories, apart from:

  • The Drag X mod/device can use a 18650/20700/21700 battery.
  • A 18650 battery adaptor.
  • A TPP-DM3 0.15Ω coil.
  • A TPP-DM2 0.2Ω coil.

Voopoo Drag X Pro Kit Contents

Salient Features of both kits include the below. I have also added some notes to aid in comparison between both kits in review, and their predecessors where applicable. Get ready, as these kits have loads of features!

  • Utilises the TPP coil environment. And, if you have the PnP pods, those will work too on these mods (with PnP coils, of course).
  • These new Drag Pros have gained an additional 20W of power versus the original versions. The Drag S Pro goes from 5W-80W (original Drag S limited to 60W). Whereas, the Drag X Pro gives power from 5W-100W (Drag X limited to 80W). Power goes up and down in one-watt increments.
  • Specifically, the Drag X Pro now takes in 21700 cells, whereas the Drag X was limited to 18650 cells.
  • The TPP X Pod is still made from PCTG, but now has a concealed side-fill, a removable 810 drip tip, and has a stainless steel chamber that houses the coil. Whereas the previous TPP and PnP pods have bottom fill.
  • Made from zinc alloy and leather. I especially love the Drag S I received in retro brown leather!
  • Now using VooPoo’s latest chip, the Gene Fan 3.0! And with the new chip, that means both Pro kits have boost modes for stabilised output up to 8.5V!
  • Both devices read 0.10Ω to 3.0Ω resistances.
  • And now, both (yes, you read that right, BOTH!) Pro devices have an auto-draw feature! This was limited to the Drag S mod previously.
  • A new feature in all the Drag Series is the toggle switch in front of these Pro mods. More on that later but I did find this to be very cool!
  • Smart and RBA modes are loaded in the mods by default. The mods can also have TC but this will have to be downloaded from VooPoo’s website.
  • Lastly, the airflow control ring is now all uniform and smooth, with no knob sticking out that can catch in our pockets.

Impressions and Experience

The kits are presented in elegant black boxes with the branding in gold lettering. The usual device features, manufacturer information, and socials are written on the packaging as expected. Simple, subtle, I like it!

A. TPP X Pod

I have to say that coming into testing these kits, I had great and the most expectations of this new TPP X Pod. Mainly because I felt that the previous TPP Pod that came with the Drag X Plus, for example, was OK but definitely has room for improvement.

The first thing I noticed is that the new pod has more metal parts to it now. The top part of the pod (made of metal) is actually a slider that conceals the side fill port. A black button is pushed that will allow you to rotate/slide this part to the left, to see the fill port rubber bung. The bung itself is recessed a little bit, and I can imagine that some folks with really trimmed fingernails may have a bit of a hard time getting a grip on it. However, I didn’t have any particular issues with it and found this change to be an upgrade versus the previous bottom fill of the TPP pod or even the PnP pod.

The fill porthole is again nicely sized and plenty big enough to accommodate most e-liquid nozzles.

The drip tip is the next thing that caught my eye as it seems to be now made of Delrin and metal. It is actually very comfortable to use, and for me, far more comfortable than the one installed on the previous TPP Pod. With the auto-draw feature, however, I feel that a narrower drip tip would have helped to enhance vaping with auto-draw, especially if one were to attempt using this device for MTL. Although, being completely honest with you all as I always am, I wouldn’t recommend this kit for pure MTL users, as apart from the wide drip tip, the airflow adjustments won’t really cater to even a medium MTL.

Now, the biggest change that impacted my vaping experience with this pod is definitely the metal chamber that has been added to the house the coil. One of my gripes with the TPP coil/tank from before was that the coil seems to over-wick, leading to the coil getting flooded by e-liquid. Taking a deep puff with a flooded coil at 60W was not a pleasant experience, let me tell you. But with this addition to the TPP X Pod, this seems to control the wicking a little better with the TPP coils. Indeed, especially with the 0.3Ω coil, I was really loving the experience without being wary of coil flooding!

The pod’s clear PCTG portion allows you to see plenty of the e-liquid levels. A metal base that has strong magnets attach the pod to the mod, and lends some durability to this pod version versus the almost all-plastic finish of its predecessors. The coils seat inside the pod in the usual plug-and-play fashion, and they fit snugly without any seepages or leaks!

B. Mods/Devices

Drag X Pro & Drag S ProBoth mods/devices have the same functionalities, the only differences are in their size and in having a serviceable battery. The Drag X Pro is understandably larger being an external battery mod that can accommodate 21700 cells, versus the Drag S Pro having a compact internal battery.

The mods are very comfortable to handle with mostly a rounded tube form factor. With zinc alloy used as material, the mods do have a little weight to them but are definitely still pocketable. The large branding VooPoo are known for adorn both mods’ leather portion.

The airflow control ring sits atop the mods, comprised of two cyclops inlet holes on either side. The ring itself doesn’t have stops, hence VooPoo calls it their “360-degree infinite airflow system”. This system worked well on both kits, with the Drag S Pro having a finer texture on its airflow control ring versus some vertical knurling on the Drag X Pro. As useful as the knob was in the previous Drag S and X, I do welcome its removal as this thing keeps on catching some threads whenever it’s in my pocket. Therefore, I am digging this improvement in the new Pro kits!

Drag X Pro & Drag S Pro AirflowFor the Drag X Pro, the battery door now opens with a spring-loaded switch versus the slide to open mechanism found in its previous version. To me, this change is neither here nor there as I never really had issues with the Drag X battery door, but I can see situations where the sliding door may not work, and so for those, a switch-based operation will be an upgrade. The battery door is marked for cell polarity, but I didn’t find any inside the mod- a room for improvement on this point.

The front of the mods has the fire button, 0.96-inch TFT coloured screen, up and down adjustment buttons, USB-C port, and now the all-new & multifunctional toggle switch. The bright and vibrant screen displays expected vaping data such as battery life as an icon (not in percentage which could have been useful too), power, ohm load, voltage, duration of puff, and a puff counter.

Voopoo Drag X Pro Battery DoorAs mentioned, both mods come with the Smart and RBA functions. For the uninitiated, the Smart mode limits power to the coil based on its resistance as safety and coil-saving feature, whereas the RBA mode does not limit the power and is intended for experienced vapers.

The default setting of these mods, apart from not having TC, is that five clicks will turn the mod on or off. However, what sets these mods apart is the addition of that toggle switch! Out of the box, sliding this switch to the left of right will allow you to lock or unlock the mod. A locked mod means that none of the buttons will work, even the fire button. And this to me seems like a missed opportunity: I wish there was a lock mode that will just lock the adjustment buttons so that I could vape without accidentally changing my wattage. Perhaps, a 3-way toggle switch in a future upgrade to accommodate this sort of in-between feature? Hmmm…

Drag X Pro & Drag S Pro DisplayGoing back to the toggle switch, however, I called it multifunctional because the user can actually change how this button will function! This is done by pressing the up and down buttons together to access “Switch” in the menu. From there, one can select to use the switch to turn the device on and off, or to lock the device. Quite neat, huh?
Another thing I will add is that if you change the switch function to power the device on or off, the way then to lock/unlock your device is by pressing the fire button three times. And this is the setting I chose for myself because I always turn off my mods when not in use. All in all, having that switch was really handy for me, and again, a welcome addition to these mods!

Accessing “Mode” in the menu will allow you to switch between RBA and Smart modes. One thing to note as well, especially if you’ve used the more recent Drag releases, is that there is now no ability to switch the UI from Core to Iron. To be honest, though, this is non-impactful for me because I use my Drag devices in this UI anyways, with all the information upright with my mod.

Drag X Pro & Drag S Pro Battery DoorsNow, how did these mods perform? Well, they performed extremely well! They fired super-fast, as expected from a VooPoo device. At wattages of 80 and above, I could feel the boost incorporated in the new chip and even with dwindling battery life. As I mentioned in my Drag X Plus Professional Edition review though, I still wish that the boost feature was something that the vaper can also control, like as a menu option. For vapers like me who usually stay within medium wattages of 25-60W, the boost feature is nice but not really necessary. It’s more for those who vape near the limits of each mod. I do notice a slightly faster battery drain with these devices with the boost feature. Not too much, but noticeable enough.

And as with my Drag X Plus Professional Edition Mod review, I highly recommend that you use a 21700 cell on the Drag X Pro to really notice and maximise the boost feature. A 18650 cell won’t really give you that full boost experience.

C. Coils and Flavour

Drag X DeviceIt was a really nice touch from VooPoo to have these kits compatible with their PnP and TPP environments. Yes, that means if you have the PnP RBA or RTA, you can use those on these mods too. Conversely, the new TPP X Pod will work on the previous Drag S/X.

But, let’s talk about the coils now and if they will help give you a satisfying vape experience!

The TPP-DM1 and TPP DM2 coils have been out a while and are covered in my Drag X Plus Kit review from several months ago. I believe the TPP-DM3 and TPP-DM4 coils are new releases with these kits, and VooPoo has dropped each of these new coils into the Drag X Pro and Drag S Pro, respectively.

Although I have reviewed them before, I did try the TPP-DM1 and TPP-DM2 coils again, specifically to see how these coils will perform with the new metal chamber to house them inside the pod. Alas, the TPP-DM1 coil I tried shorted after 4/5 puffs, and I’ve come to the conclusion that it was just a dud coil (it happens from time to time).

However, I was able to test the TPP-DM2 coil and it performed roughly the same but with noticeably less flooding. Whereas in the previous TPP Pod, I needed to tap my pod upside down a few times before firing to get rid of the excess liquid inside the coil, this time around with the TPP X Pod, I only needed to do this a couple of times when the coil has been left standing for several hours (e.g. overnight). Major improvement in my eyes right there!

The TPP-DM3 coil, although it also ohms out at 0.15Ω like the DM1, has a higher range of recommended wattage. Made of mesh, this coil delivers good flavour and clouds, and can certainly handle the higher wattages as recommended by VooPoo. It can also take chain vaping very well and has an average coil life. I’d rate the flavour to be 6.5-7 out of 10.
And finally, what for me is the best coil of this lot, is the TPP-DM4! This has the highest resistance offered by VooPoo so far within their TPP environment, having a 0.3Ω resistance, and is also made with mesh.

I loved vaping with this coil the most because, well, it didn’t need a lot of power to give a decent performance. The flavour of it is clear and crisp, and the truest to actual taste (8/10). The warmth is just right at 40W, and this coil can keep up with chain vaping without it flooding or leaking. And because it operates at a relatively lower wattage than the other TPP coils, it doesn’t really use up as much juice versus the other TPP coils. For those who vape as I do, this coil is definitely a winner!

Overall: Yay or Nay?

With a comparative review like this, we can answer this question by breaking it down into different sub-questions:

1. Are these kits worth getting?
My answer is that it depends on the kind of vaper you are. If you have the previous Drag S/X, and are wishing for the improvements as seen in these new Pro versions, then absolutely, these updated kits are worth getting. Full disclosure: I’m in this camp!

If you are still happy with your Drag S/X, then it won’t be such a big deal to not upgrade. The updates made are indeed significant, but not exactly ground-breaking that they will change your vape experience drastically.
Lastly, if you have not used the previous versions, then these new Pro versions are worth getting for all that you could do with them and all the features they come with versus the previous versions.

2. OK, but between the Drag S Pro and Drag X Pro, which kit is the right one for me?
Again, my answer here will really depend on what you’d want out of a vape device. If you want a kit that needs very little maintenance, then the Drag S Pro is for you. Having an internal battery means you’d just need to plug the mod in to charge and you won’t need to faff about with cell polarities. The flipside of this, however, is that you can’t change the battery when it becomes faulty or goes bad.

If size matters to you, then the Drag S Pro’s small and compact design will cater more to your needs. If you prefer or are comfortable with external batteries then the Drag X Pro kit is more for you.

All these being said, these kits are a Yay for me, dodgy coil aside. They are very simple to use for anyone, and with the improvements made in the TPP X Pod, are now much easier to manage and maintain.

Now, I’m just hoping VooPoo will release white leather versions of these kits!

My sincerest thanks again to VooPoo for sending these on for my review! To pick up either kit direct from VooPoo, visit the links at the start or within the review.

This review was written by jen_turista who is very active within the vape community. You can go give her a follow on Instagram and Twitter.

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