Gen X Kit by Vaporesso

Vaporesso Gen X Kit

Review by Jen_Turista

Vaporesso Gen X- Now THAT’s Premium!

Hello, vape world! Today I’ve got another hardware review to share with all of you. This time, we will have a look at the sleek and sexy, Gen X kit by Vaporesso!

This kit was sent to me for the purposes of a review from the very kind folks at (big love, Joyi!). Sourcemore is one of the biggest online vape suppliers in the world, that also provides other services to businesses including wholesaling and drop-shipping. They sell all kinds of vape gear and run serious promotions from time to time, so be sure to check them out for your vaping needs (use GENK for money off of this kit at their site!). I even have recently purchased a promotional mystery box from Sourcemore: the price was to die for, and I had it in my hands in a week from China to the U.K.! How good is that?!

The Vaporesso had a very successful product when the Gen kit was released, particularly the Gen Mod. In fact, the Gen was arguably one of the best mods in the year that it was put on the market. It was lightweight, elegant-looking, and packs a serious suite of functions courtesy of its chip. Since then, Vaporesso had released the Gen S, and then the Gen X was added to this series of products.

The Gen kit had and still enjoys a huge following in the vape community. And why not- the mods look great and are versatile enough for anything a vaper might need. The question is: what makes the Gen X different from its predecessor, and what would make a vaper go for the Gen X? Let’s find out!

Packaging and Contents

I was sent the retail version of the Vaporesso Gen X kit containing:

  • Gen X mod that uses dual 18650 batteries.
  • NRG-S Tank, that can hold a huge amount of e-liquid at 8mL!
  • Spare 5mL glass.
  • 1 x GT Meshed coil preinstalled (0.18 ohm).
  • 1 x GT4 Meshed coil (0.15 ohm).
  • Spare drip tip.
  • A spare parts pack with o-rings, and the usual accessories.
  • A micro-USB charging cable.
  • User manual, warranty card.

Vaporesso Gen X Kit Contents

Salient Features include:

  • What makes the Gen mod stand out is the way that it is built. Its body is made from aircraft-grade. CNC-machined aluminium. And because of this, the Gen X is already more durable than the previous Gen mods which are made of plastic.
  • Has the Axon chip.
  • Ranges from 5W-220W in power.
  • Other than power (variable wattage) mode, it also other useful modes such as Pulse, Eco, Smart TC, and DIY. We’ll dive further about these in the feedback section of this review.
  • Reads 0.03 ohms to 5.0 ohms.
  • 0.91 inch OLED screen

Impressions and Experience

The kit’s packaging is elegant as always from Vaporesso. If you’ve already bought a kit from Vaporesso, you’ll know what I am talking about! I remember when I first got my first Vaporesso kit, the Podstick, I was struck by how much of the brand’s personality is conveyed on the packaging. It certainly stood out against the matter-of-fact packaging most manufacturers use.

The Gen X packaging is no different, with the outside matching the colour of the kit (sapphire, in my case), and the inner black box bearing the words “Beyond The Ordinary”. The mod greets you upon opening this inner box, with the tank and other kit accessories housed under a tabbed cover that you’ll need to lift. Vaporesso has certainly gone for stylish and yet simple, which is something I really like!

A. NRG-S Tank

The tank looks classy and matches the mod perfectly, and was released before as well with the Gen S and other Vaporesso kits. It has a top fill that slides to sort of one side to expose a large fill hole. The tank is clearly marked as to where you will be able to slide the cover, and the cover/top cap itself actually screws off from the sliding mechanism, making cleaning this part of the tank a breeze! I have had no issues whatsoever filling this tank as the hole is plenty big enough to let liquid in and air escape.

The drip tip preinstalled is very comfortable to use. It is, however, a 510 drip tip which some vapers may not necessarily like. Usually, for sub-ohm vaping, we have been used to 810 drip tips far too much. But again, I didn’t really notice any issues with using a 510 drip tip- no tighter than expected airflow.

Vaporesso NRG-S Tank

The tanks diameter at the base is perfect for the mod it’s paired with at 25 mm. Certainly, the tank diameter increases with the use of a bubble tank, but overall the tank’s size is just right, not too small or big for the Gen X mod and any other mod for that matter. The 510 connector underneath is fixed and is pretty much flush with the rest of the 510 connection.

The NRG-S Tank is compatible with the whole GT series of coils, which is great due to the coil options this series offers. These coils just screw into the 25 mm tank base and are a breeze to install.

There are two airflow cyclops holes at the base of the tank having the knurled airflow control ring.

Overall, it’s a straightforward sub-ohm that’s very easy to use. It’s not bathing in branding either, and if you’ve read my reviews before, you’d know how much I prefer minimal branding in vape devices!

B. Gen X Mod

Gen X Battery PanelIn my eyes, the mod is what really makes this kit stand out amongst the Gen series of kits, but also against most box mods in general. The machining of the body is just top-notch which helps in making the user feel that this is indeed a premium vape device. The top of the mod has the 510 copper-coloured 510 connection with a gold spring-loaded pin. Now, at this point, I should mention that there has been feedback about the previous Gen’s with the 510 connection coming loose. But I think that’s more to do with the Gen (and Gen S) mod body being made from plastic, whereas the Gen X is made from aluminium and logically should make the 510 plate of the mod more enduring.

The mod colour of the kit I received is so pleasing to the eye, and its detailing on the mod is just superb! The mod itself, like the tank, has minimal branding, with “Vaporesso” written in front, the “V” logo at the base of the rear door, and “Gen X” machined at the bottom of the mod where the venting holes are. Again, all contributing to the kit’s elegant style.

One side of the mod has the big copper-coloured fire button, screen, up and down buttons, mode button, and the micro-USB port. I did wish this mod had a USB-C port instead, as it was released pretty recently when most manufacturers have begun switching to this port, but it isn’t a deal-breaker for me anyways as I always charge my batteries externally and do not really upgrade firmware unless necessary.

Gen X 510 PlateThe top of the mod can sit 25mm atomisers well, but no larger than that, as it will probably have a discernible overhang. The OLED screen displays the battery bar and percentage as one unit (versus other mods that have an “A” and “B” battery indicators), ohm load, puff counter, power or temperature depending on mode, mod mode, and the recommended best wattage for the coil/s you are using. We have seen this before in other Vaporesso devices, like the Target PM80 for example, and I really do like this feature because I won’t need to constantly look up the operational wattage rage for the coil I am using!

In terms of ergonomics, the mod is very lightweight even with the batteries in due to its aluminium construction, but not so lightweight that it will be unstable with a full tank on it. It is comfortable enough to grip in the hand in use, although some might find that the corners of the mod could be more rounded off. If you grip your mod hard, you will definitely feel these corners.

The Axon chip inside gives amazing versatility to this mod. Not only does it have a complete TC suite (Smart TC mode) and your usual variable wattage mode, but it also has Pulse, Power Eco, and the comprehensive DIY mode which goes further in customisation in terms of the vaper’s ability to choose variable wattage, variable voltage, custom curve, and bypass.

Gen X Display

Now clearly, this mod isn’t really geared towards the vape beginner. It is aimed towards advanced vapers or those who are ready to take that next step into more controls over their vaping experience.

Gen X BottomPulse mode basically boosts the power into your coil and then normalises to the level you have selected. I wouldn’t call it preheat, per se, but sort of like firing a tad higher at the start of your puff to give a kick to your vape and then as the vape gets warmer, it trails off a little. I found myself using this kit in Pulse mode more than anything else, not just because of its simplicity but also it gives me what I need in terms of the vape experience I want to have.

Trying the mod on rebuildables though, the Pulse mode is also very useful especially for lower ohm builds. I would recommend the DIY mode though for more customisations that your build may require, or just to finely tune your vape as you prefer.

C. Coils and Flavour

GT Coil VaporessoI was only able to test the GT meshed coil in this review due to the spare coil unfortunately not being suitable. The GT meshed coil performed as I expected, with great flavour (7/10) and clouds. It wicks well even when chain vaping at the higher end of its wattage range.

It also performs great with any e-liquid flavour I used with it; of course, this coil must be used with high VG e-liquids. The only niggling thing I noticed is that this coil has to be installed quite tightly to the atomiser base, as otherwise, it lets out some condensation during vaping that unfortunately does get into the airflow holes.

Overall: Yay or Nay?

Another Yay for me for this kit! And given its price tag, I would definitely recommend this kit for Vaporesso Gen series users who are looking for something a little more elegant and also more durable than their current set-up. For those new to the Vaporesso Gen series, I recommend this as well for that premium, Vaporesso experience. The build of the kit is phenomenal, and the tank is insanely easy to use and maintain. Sure, there are some aspects to consider like the condensation and moderately sharp corners, but on balance, these are really small things versus the features packed with this kit.

With its stylish finish, I will continue using this kit, absolutely! In fact, I am already planning to take it with me to my next work event!

Much love again to Sourcemore for sending this kit to me for the review! To pick up the Gen X kit at Sourcemore, visit the links at the start of the review.

This review was written by jen_turista who is very active within the vape scene. You can go give her a follow on Instagram and Twitter.

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