Coolfire Z80 Kit by Innokin

Coolfire Z80 Kit by Innokin

Some more hardware for review today, and this is the Coolfire Z80 Kit by Innokin. This kit includes the Coolfire Z80 single 18650 mod and the Zenith II tank. The kit was supplied by the folks over at Health Cabin. They are a vape outlet based in China with fast shipping overseas. You’ll find all the latest and greatest vape hardware and accessories on their website, many at lower prices than you’ll find in your country. To see the best prices, register an account there if it’s your first time on Health Cabin.

I’ve been running the Coolfire Z80 Kit every day for 2 weeks now, so let’s check it out and see how it runs.

The Packaging and Contents

Innokin Z80 Kit BoxThe Z80 kit by Innokin is supplied in a small square cardboard box. On top of the box is a printed graphic of the Z80 kit with a printed Nicotine warning underneath. A blue sticker wraps across the top and side sealing the box, with printed Z80 and Zenith II graphic, title, and key features listed. At the top is a label titled ‘Fourier Tech Inside’ (this is a function the Z80 has, more about that later).

One side of the box includes a printed batch number. On the other side is printed branding of the Platform Series by Innokin, which was designed by P.Busardo and Vaping Greek (Zenith II Tank).

On the bottom of the box, again, has a large printed Nicotine warning (I’m still yet to find anything containing Nicotine in any of these kits yet though). Above that is printed contact info for Innokin, more warnings, and a contents list of what is inside the box. The label that sticks on the back (continuing from the top) has a printed bar-code and the scratch-to-verify label.

The box flips open and has some printed Innokin branding on the lid. Inside cardboard packing is the Coolfire Z80 device. Next to it sits the Zenith II tank with a spare tank glass packed above. That packing lifts up and under is the USB-C charge cable, a thick printed user manual, and a warning/safety booklet. There are also two small envelopes that contain a spare drip tip and O-rings in one envelope and a spare coil in the other (0.3Ω Z coil). The Zenith II has a pre-installed coil of 0.8Ω resistance.

Innokin Coolfire Z80 Kit Contents

Coolfire Z80 Device

Innokin Coolfire Z80 White KitInnokin’s Coolfire Z80 is a single 18650 Battery mod capable of running from 6W to 80W. The device measures 8.4cms height, 2.8cms width, and a depth of 3.8cms, without the Zenith II attached. It is a light device made with Zinc-Alloy with a leather panel around the sides and back. This is held on each side with curved Alloy panels with ‘Innokin’ etched on one side and ‘Coolfire Z80’ on the other. The leather panel has stitching running down the middle, around an Innokin logo at the bottom.

The bottom of the Coolfire Z80 has a twist-off Battery door with vent holes and the 510 port is mounted on the top of the device. The 510 can house atomisers up to 25mm.

Running down the front of the Z80 is a black panel. Within the panel is the main fire/power button at the top, above a large display screen. Under the display are two up/+ and down/- buttons. At the bottom is the USB-C charge port.

The Coolfire Z80 has a few built-in features which make it quite innovative against some other devices of the same stature. One of which is the Foumier F0 option. This uses technology in wattage mode that uses alternating current to produce a waveform that runs continuously during the vape. This allegedly boosts flavour and helps the life of the coil. The other feature is ‘Refresh’. This can be activated to improve wicking, rejuvenate flavour and help coil life. It basically powers the coil at 40% of the set wattage with alternating current to draw more E-liquid into the coil.

Innokin Coolfire Z80 Display ScreenPowering on the device is a quick 3 click of the fire/power button and you are greeted with an Innokin logo. To adjust power, hold either the up/+ or down/- for a second and it will flash. You can then use the up/+ or down/- to select your desired power. 3 fast clicks again power off the device.

To jump into the menu screen, simply simultaneously press both up/+ and down/- together. Here you will see both the above features as F0 and Refresh as well as; Power (to switch between wattage and voltage), Settings and the Exit menu. To select any option simply press the fire button to access it. Within the settings screen you can change the display screen from Minimal and Pro, adjust screen ‘Timeout’ and adjust vaping ‘Cutoff’. You will also find the ‘Device ID’ in this menu as well as a ‘Reset’ for the puff counter. You can lock the device by pressing fire and down/- simultaneously and the same to unlock.

The display screen on the Z80 is clear to read and has everything you need displaying. The set power is displayed in large font in the middle, with the F0 current underneath if it’s activated. At the bottom is current puff time, coil resistance, puff counter and Hz level of F0. At the top of the screen is an indicator of mode activated and battery level on the other side. The battery level shows in colour depending on the current level. Green indicating full (60% and over), Yellow for medium (20-60%) and Red for low (under 20%). This obviously all applies if using the ‘Pro’ display option. The minimal option in settings will show fewer display items.

To access the secondary screen which shows a larger battery level, resistance and puff counter, simply press fire/power and down/- at the same time. You can also reset the puff counter on this screen.

There are the usual safety protections running on the Z80 including ‘High Temp’ and ‘Coil Short’. There is also an ‘automatic output wattage decrease’ when power is low on the battery, as well as ‘automatic screen timeout’.

The Z80 comes in 4 colour options; Ash Grey, Cloudy Grey, Leather Black and Leather White (as reviewed). The colour options are different colour leather and Alloy body to match. The Zenith II also matches if buying as the kit.

The Zenith II Tank

This Innokin Zenith II tank is an all-round tank capable of both ‘mouth to lung’ and ‘restricted direct to lung’ vaping. The tank was designed by Phil Busardo and Dimitri Vaping Greek and follows the success of the last Zenith tank by Innokin.

Innokin Zenith II TankThe Zenith II has a length of just over 5cms with a diameter of 26mm, made in tough stainless steel. It has two large shaped windows on each side, in the centre of the tank which is made with pyrex glass. It has a twistable bottom airflow control (featuring an air slot and 3 holes) with ‘Innokin’ and ‘Zenith II’ etched into it. The top of the tank has a simple twist-lock function to open and close the fill port. A 510 size drip tip pushes into the top.

To change the coil, the Zenith II has spring-loaded leak prevention, so you can simply flip the tank, remove the airflow ring and change out the coil, without losing any E-liquid already in the tank.

The juice capacity of the Zenith II is 5.5ml, but it’s a smaller size supplied for TPD EU governed countries. Two Innokin Z coils are supplied in the kit. One pre-installed Z coil of 0.8Ω resistance (for mostly MTL vaping) and the spare in the box is 0.3Ω resistance (for DTL vaping). You can also purchase many different resistance range coils in the Z Coil series separately. There is also a spare tank glass and another drip tip supplied in the kit, as well as spare o-rings.

You can purchase the Zenith II tank by Innokin on its own over at Health Cabin, and the colours are in Stainless Steel, Black and Gun Metal.

My Thoughts

The Coolfire Z80 kit in my opinion is an amazing little kit containing everything you need (albeit a 18650 battery and E-liquid). Due to this, it would be perfect for a beginner vaper that’s moving on from a stick or a small pod kit. It is also appealing to seasoned vapers due to being a portable size, so it’s easy to carry around and offers a very good vape in both MTL and DTL. Using both the Z80 and the Zenith II, I haven’t been able to put this kit down since I started using it.

The Coolfire Z80 is very sleek and stylish and surprisingly very light, even with a tough build-look to it. It is quite a small size, just coming up a bit shorter than Voopoo’s Drag S mod, but a perfect fit in an average-sized hand and very comfortable in use. The modes and settings are easy to use once you work out the menu layout, and the display is bright and clear. The device is very responsive on the fire and I do actually notice a difference using the F0 function and Refresh, so they are not just a gimmick feature of no use and do serve a purpose.

Equally impressive is the Zenith II tank. Depending on the coil used, the tank can run either MTL or restricted DTL. Although I feel, the tank is mostly geared towards MTL where it really does perform the best. I used both coils supplied for both ways of vaping and it does offer good flavour and cloud production. Innokin’s Z coils perform very well and I’m still on the original coils from the kit despite plenty of use.

One thing that again confirms to me using this kit, is that Innokin is a very good manufacturer. The build quality is good on their products, reliable and just does what it should easily. My old Coolfire 4 Plus that retired to the cupboard still powers up and fires after 6 years and I’m sure the Coolfire Z80 will do the same.

To pick up the Coolfire Z80 Kit, head over to Health Cabin via the links at the start of the review. Do remember to register or login to get the best price on the kit. Thanks for reading!

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