Maxus 200W Kit by Freemax

Freemax Maxus 200W Kit

Review by Jen_Turista

Freemax Maxus 200W Kit Metal Edition: Does the Job!

What are we all vaping today, folks?! I am on the Freemax Maxus 200W Kit, and I would be ever so pleased if you can join me in exploring what this kit offers! I know that it has been out for what seems to be a long time now as far as our industry is concerned. But I thought that this is still worth reviewing as more and more shops stock them and as its retail price starts coming down a little, making it more appealing to a wider audience of vapers.

This kit was kindly provided by for review. Fasttech stocks a massive amount of vaping gear and supplies, even random spares you might need to make your kit whole again! So, do check them out for your vaping needs! Most ship for free or at low cost too.

No bones about it – Freemax is widely regarded in the vaping industry to be flavour and coil kings as far as sub-ohm tanks are concerned. Indeed, their unique mix of mesh and tea fibre cotton formula has given the community some of the best vaping experiences from stock sub-ohm coils. They haven’t produced as many devices as the likes of Smok, for instance, even though they have been around for 8 years. As of late though, I have noticed that they have upped their number of releases in the past year, and mostly of pod kits.

The Maxus 200W Kit is part of the Maxus series they have created (with the Maxus 50W and Maxus 100W kits and mods) and marks their entry into the box mods market. Their most successful kit release, at least in my eyes, is the Twister 80W kit. The Twister is compact and powerful for an internal battery sub-ohm kit, and despite looking like a baton. I do have one and I still use it to this day – it’s one of my “old reliables”!

As always, I will look at the Maxus 200W kit as an average vaper, as most of us in the community are.

Packaging and Contents

I was sent the retail packaging of the Maxus 200W (Metal Edition) Kit that contained:

  • The Maxus 200W VW mod, which can operate using single or dual 18650 batteries that are not included in the kit.
  • The Maxus Pro Tank Metal Edition.
  • 1 x 904L M2 mesh coil (0.2 ohms).
  • 1 x 904L M1 mesh coil (0.15 ohms).
  • Spare glass.
  • Spare o-rings.
  • A USB-C charging cable.
  • Paperwork including warranty card, user manual, warning card.

Freemax Maxus Kit Contents

Salient Features include:

  • Mod goes from 5W to 200 W in power with 2 x 18650s, and up to 80W with a single 18650. Yes, it can operate even with just 1 battery!
  • Battery orientation is not something to think about with Smartload Tech featuring in this mod. One can insert their batteries whichever way they want, and the mod will operate safely.
  • The kit measures around 52mm x 135mm x 28mm. You’d think that a 28mm atty would look OK on the mod, however, because the panels bevel at each side, a 28mm atty will have a very slight overhang. Something to keep in mind.
  • Different mod output modes include power, VPC, TC for Ni200, Ti and SS.
  • Mod has a screen that I measured at around 1.2”. I am not sure if it’s TFT, LCD, or others but maybe you guys can educate me in the comments!
  • The atomiser is made child-resistant and utilises coils with FM Coiltech 4.0

Impressions and Experience

The kit is nicely packaged in a mostly black and white box, with an image of the kit embossed in colour. Kit contents, atomiser and mod features, manufacturer information and warnings are printed around the outer sleeve. Interestingly and unlike other manufacturers, Freemax’s socials do not adorn the packaging- not sure why this is.

Opening the inner box, the mod is on a tabbed tray which allows for easy access to the contents below including the tank. This inner box has cutouts to indicate where you’d pull it apart. The tab and these cutouts are really small things but trust me, they are well appreciated! The last thing I want when unboxing a new kit is to ruin the outer packaging because there is just no humanly way possible to open it!

Looks-wise, the kit as a whole is a sight to behold, especially in the silver Metal Edition. It looks solid and yet classy enough. Saying that I did have a couple of small gripes with it. One is the fact that the finish of the tank doesn’t actually match with the mod finish. The tank came in a smooth stainless-steel finish whereas the mod is (I think) brushed steel. It doesn’t look too bad, but it could have been matched better. Another tiny gripe is the quality of the mod finish. Mine came with a couple of light scratches out of the box. It’s not an eyesore by any means but still, most of us vapers expect a flawless finish when our device is brand new.

A. Maxus Pro (M Pro) Tank

Let me start this section by saying that the Maxus Pro (M) Tank is a workhorse! It’s not the most aesthetically pleasing, but it ticks all the boxes for me.

Maxus Pro TankThe child-resistant lift-to-slide top fill works very well, albeit at times the bearings seem a little crunchy. The area where to initiate this mechanism is clearly marked and spot on. The fill hole is plenty big enough to fit e-liquid bottles or glass drippers.

The drip tip included doesn’t exactly match the tank or mod, but I think it gives this kit a little splash of colour which is nice. It’s not the standard 810 drip tip as it has o-rings at the bottom. It is relatively tall, thin, and wide versus other 810 drip tips out there, but is very comfortable to use. I only wish that Freemax included an extra drip tip in the kit, maybe a frosted one if someone wanted an all silver/grey sort of look for their kit.

The airflow and its control are at the bottom of the atomiser, with full stops and knurling which makes adjusting the airflow when installed on a mod quite easy to do. The airflow comes in via 2 huge cyclops holes on either side. It is indeed a very airy vape when fully open, so I tend to close mine around a third of the way. The airflow control ring also has the perfect amount of restriction when adjusting.

Installing the coils to the tank base is also quite easy, and so is swapping out the glasses. Lastly, this tank is compatible with older Freemax coils like those for the Fireluke tanks. This again is a nice touch by Freemax, allowing backwards compatibility so that the vaper has a wide variety of coil choices!

B. Maxus 200W VW Mod

Maxus SideThis mod has some weight to it even without the battery/ies, at least the Metal Edition I have used. This appears to be due to the mod materials used, which I’m assuming to be zinc alloy. Still, it’s not too heavy; it’s just enough to remind you that it’s a powerhouse of a 200W mod!

The Maxus mod was also released in various resin designs, and these were released prior to the metal editions. To be completely honest, I wasn’t a fan of the resin finishes and so I was well chuffed to find out that Freemax (and the universe!) heard my prayers and released these Metal Edition Maxus kits!

Branding is relatively minimal: it says “Maxus 200W” on one panel, and “For The Max Free” on the opposite panel. It appears to be printed as opposed to engraved, which suggests that it may wear out over time. For my taste though, this isn’t exactly a bad thing.

There are vent holes at the bottom of the mod, and a screwed-in 510 plate up top. The 510 plate looks like it’s supposed to protrude a little, however, the kit I received has this plate protruding unevenly which again tells me that QC can be improved with this kit. The protrusion isn’t so bad that it makes any atomiser on it skewed or look funny, but again, not quite the quality I expected of Freemax.

Freemax Maxus Bottom ViewNow, the selling point of the mod: the battery loading mechanism! Only one of the panels come off the mod to allow battery installation, and there is a groove to insert one’s fingernail to get this panel door off easily. Not a con per se, but I do wish that the other panel was also detachable. That way, there can be even further customisations possible with this kit.

Installing the batteries is a breeze, and there is a battery ribbon inside to help take them out. I did try all sorts of battery orientations to test the Smartload of the mod, and all I can say is that it truly does work! It’s a nice feature for sure, but for someone like me, it’s neither here nor there. What’s more thrilling to me as a feature is the fact that this dual battery mod can function with just a single 18650 battery. Not only that, the mod does have boost circuitry, so one can expect the mod to maximise the batteries installed and provide a consistent vape with depleting battery life. These features are a plus in my book!

Going back to the battery door- one niggly thing I wish Freemax can improve is the amount of play of the door. It’s not loose at all, but when handling a mod with this weight, I could really feel the battery door moving a little whenever I fire the mod, whether using my thumb or forefinger. For me, the play sort of takes away from that “solid mod” feeling, if you guys know what I mean.

Freemax Maxus Top ViewPerformance-wise, this mod really does perform! It fires super quick and offers a range of vaping styles and choices in its menu. The screen is not coloured and shows usual vaping information like battery life remaining, mode, wattage/temperature (depending on the mode chosen), ohm load, voltage, and a puff counter. One thing to note here is that this screen is relatively dim – I wish it were a tad brighter to be visible even on clear sunny days outside.

The mod is also quite simple and easy to use:

  • Five clicks of the fire button = on/off.
  • Three clicks of the fire button = access to the menu.
  • Pressing + and – buttons simultaneously = lock adjustment buttons but still allows the mod to fire.
  • The fire button and + button in TC mode allow wattage adjustments.

The menu is very intuitive. Entering the mod’s settings, one can adjust a couple of features like timeout and coil test. Also, and what I found to be pretty cool, is that I can check the voltage left in my batteries, as well as the mod’s temperature. Seeing these did put a slight smile on my face as these are practical things to know when operating a mod. Bravo for these, Freemax!

The battery usage/drain of the mod seems to be balanced as well with both batteries draining at almost the same rate. The mod has 2A charging as well, and from what I can tell, it charges batteries in a balanced way.

C. Coils

904L M2 mesh coil (0.2 ohms, 60-90W)

Freemax M Pro CoilsThis is a double mesh coil that Freemax states to perform best at 80W. I got to say though, that the vape off this coil is off the hook! It’s the kind that makes me nod repeatedly after taking puffs with how much I enjoyed vaping with it. This coil gives a clear and punchy flavour, albeit a little cool at 60W I have to say. But that is probably down to having two mesh coils. All of that leads to my perfect balance of flavour and warmth at 70W with this coil. Flavour rating: 7.5/10 which is pretty damn good for a stock sub-ohm coil!

904L M1 mesh coil (0.15 ohms, 40-70W)

This coil is the smaller of the two provided in the kit. My word, this coil is thirsty! But this is a good thing for this coil because of the full flavour it delivers. With this coil, I actually did find my sweet spot at 65W which is bang on Freemax’s recommendation. It’s warmer at a lower wattage than the M2 and gives clouds for days alongside its awesome flavour. Flavour rating: 7.5/10 too!

What can I say, when it comes to sub-ohm stock coils, Freemax are still one of the best manufacturers out there with their special coil material formulation. I can tell that this is definitely not just a marketing tactic, but actually does set them miles apart from their competition!

Freemax Mesh Coils

Overall: Yay or Nay?

From a daily beater perspective, this kit is an absolute Yay for me! The mod and tank combination performs very well as a unit and can provide some of the best sub-ohm vaping experiences out there. It is almost perfect bar the aesthetic cons I have mentioned in my review. The battery door play is also something that I hope Freemax will address in future.
The Maxus 200W kit is solid and I would wager that it will stand the test of time. It pretty much reminded me of how box mods were made a few years ago: like 5-year-old mods that still function to this day.

Now let’s see if I’m right in 2026!

Once again, my biggest thanks to for sending this kit for my review! To pick up this Freemax Maxus Kit, check out the links to the product at Fasttech at the start of the review.

This review was written by jen_turista who is very active within the vape community. You can go give her a follow on Instagram and Twitter.

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