Nord 50W Kit by Smok

Nord 50W Kit by Smok

Checking out a kit today in what is a very popular range of devices, this is the Nord 50W Kit by Smok. There have been quite a few versions of the Nord from Smok over the last few years, and this is a more beefy 50W version. This kit was supplied by the folks over at E-Cigarette Direct. They are a very popular online vape store here in the UK and also have a number of walk-in stores. You can find the latest and greatest vape gear there at very decent prices alongside a large number of different E-liquids and accessories.

So let’s dip into this Nord kit and check it out.

Packaging & Contents

Smok Nord 50W BoxThe Nord 50W kit by Smok comes in a sealed rectangular box. The outer cardboard sleeve top has printed warnings in large on the bottom and the title and device pictured above. It also has printed key features of the device. On one side of the sleeve has printed contact details of Smok’s HQ and the other side has the bar-code, official holographic sticker and the authenticity label. The bottom of the outer sleeve has printed kit contents and warnings.

The outer sleeve slides off to access the main box. Sitting in packing is the Smok Nord 50W device. It is already pre-installed with a pod and a DC Nord 0.6Ω coil. Next to it, is the other LP2 pod and an LP2 Meshed 0.23Ω coil pre-installed into it. Sitting under the spare pod is a Type-C charging cable. Loose on top of the box, is a user manual, warranty and warning cards.

Smok Nord 50W Kit Contents

Smok Nord 50W Device

Smok Nord 50W DeviceThe Nord 50W device measures 9.7cms height, 3cms width and a depth of just over 2cms. The front of the device has a stitched effect leather panel (on this design/colour option) below the power/fire button with Smok branding above. On the rear of the device has another stitched effect leather panel with ‘Nord 50W’ branding and an adjustable airflow control above. On each side of the device have airflow slots at the top, which open and close to the desired level via the airflow control on the back. On the very bottom is the Type-C charge port. The top of the device has the pod that simply pushes in and is held in very sturdy. Over on the right side of the Nord 50W under the airflow slot is the display screen.

The Nord 50W by Smok is powered via a 1800mAh internal battery with the usual safety features built-in. It powers from 5W to 50W and has fast charging at 1.2A maximum charge current.

To power on or off the device, it is the usual 5 fast clicks of the power/fire button. The LED within the power/fire button will signal this. The Nord 50W does have atomiser recognition so will set to the correct power of the resistance, but you can change the wattage to your preferred level. To do this simply fast press the fire/power button 3 times where the wattage power will flash on the display, then hold down or work up the power with the power/fire button to the wattage you want. The variable wattage will round-robin, so to set a lower wattage you will have to work right up to the start again. Once you have selected wattage, it will stop flashing and the power will be locked in. Simply press the button to vape. It isn’t an automatic draw activation so you will need to use the button.

Nord %0W Display

The display screen is clear to read on the Nord 50W. The power is in a larger font on the left of the screen, this will change to puff time during vaping. The current resistance and puff counter is situated next to it and on the right is the current battery level with a battery graphic above. The 3 digit puff counter cannot be reset and just goes back to 0 once run through.

There are many released colours and designs for the Smok Nord 50W. This one is Blue Leather and there is also a few other leather-effect colours. You can also purchase in many different colours without the leather panels, there are so many, so check out the options over at E-Cigarette Direct.

Nord 50W Pods and Coils

Smok Nord 50W PodTwo pods for the Nord 50W are supplied in the EU version kit, one Nord pod and one LP2 pod. These are 2ml open pods, so you can simply replace the coils as and when. Two coils are also supplied in the kit pre-installed into the pods. One is a 0.6Ω Nord regular DC Coil suited for a more open mouth to lung vape or restricted direct to lung at lower wattages. The other coil in the kit is a 0.23Ω LP2 Meshed coil for a direct to lung vape at higher wattages.

The coil simply is a push-fit into the bottom of the pod, and the pod is designed to prevent any E-liquid leakage. On the side of the pods is a large rubber bung that simply pulls away to refill the pod.

My Thoughts

I’ve been using the Nord 50W kit for a week as part of my daily setups and have lapped the puff counter a few times, so has had a fair amount of use. The design is very good and comfortable to use. I have the leather effect version which is a smidge deeper than the other Nord 50W designs, but it is still just so portable and easy to slip in a pocket.

The vape is decent for a small pod kit. The 0.6Ω coil gives a loose MTL draw, full of flavour and good clouds for low wattage. The 0.23Ω LP2 coil gives a nice DTL vape which is pretty unrestricted for a pod device. Again, great flavour and clouds on that coil at higher wattage. I really like the Nord coils for MTL and even sometimes use one in the Billet Box. They give a consistent flavour and do last pretty well.

I have experienced zero leaks from the pods during my time using the Nord 50W and have only seen some very light condensation on the bottom of the pod.

The adjustable airflow slider is a welcome addition to the first Nord’s by Smok (which I still use) and works well letting you adjust airflow to your needs. I also like having a display on this one so you know where you stand on wattage and seeing battery level without relying on the LED within the power/fire button.

The 1800mAh internal battery gives ample power and plenty of life, lasting over a day with moderate vaping. It charges very fast too via the Type-C USB cable.

It’s very hard to try and pick out any flaws. If I was being fussy, I would say that sometimes when 5 clicking the device to switch off, it can go into wattage adjustment if you are not quick enough, which is done by fast clicking 3 times. Also, when adjusting wattage, you have to work up back to the beginning again if wanting a lower wattage than what is running. These are very minor things and it really doesn’t affect the use unless you are forever adjusting the power.

It really is worth a buy if you are wanting a little pod kit that gives good power, long battery life and a flavourful vape. There have been many renditions of the Nord series by Smok over the last few years, but this one definitely stands out as an all-rounder to me.

To pick up the Nord 50W by Smok, currently priced at £24.89 with free E-liquid and UK delivery, head over to E-Cigarette Direct. There is plenty of colour and designs to choose from. Thanks for reading!

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