Thelema Quest 200W Mod by Lost Vape

Thelema Quest 200W Mod by Lost Vape

A box mod review today and this is the Thelema Quest 200W Mod by Lost Vape. This was supplied by the folks over at Sourcemore. They sell a massive range of vape hardware including Mod, Kits, Tanks and vape accessories there. You will always find various discounts and sales at Sourcemore so is definitely worth checking out when it’s time to go vape shopping!

You can pick up the Thelema Quest 200W Mod currently at Sourcemore at just $33.99 by adding the code LVTQM at checkout.

The review today is for the box mod only but you can also buy in kit form that includes the UB Pro Tank HERE at Sourcemore.

This Thelema Quest box mod was originally released as a more expensive version that has the Evolv DNA 250C chip. Lost Vape then released a more cost-effective option with their proprietary Quest 2.0 chipset while keeping the same design, which we’ll look at today. I’ve seen this mod is very popular among vapers, so let’s dive in and check it out.

Packaging & Contents

Thelema Quest Mod Box ContentsLost Vape’s Thelema Quest 200W Mod comes in a white box with an outer cardboard sleeve. Printed on the top of the sleeve is the title, branding, key features of the device and a picture of the mod in its selected colour.

Each side of the sleeve includes printed social media info for Lost Vape, branding and their slogan of ‘The Modern Demarcation’. The bottom of the sleeve includes printed contents, warnings, Lost Vape info and barcode. There is also a security label stuck on.

The sleeve slides off to reveal the main box. Inside the box in packing are the Thelema Quest 200W Box Mod, Type-C cable, User manual, Warranty card and two stickers.

Design & Spec.

Lost Vape Thelema Mod Battery DoorThe Thelema Quest 200W Mod by Lost Vape is a dual 18650 battery mod with a running power of 5W-200W. It is a C-frame type plastic battery door that simply pulls away to install batteries, while the body is made from tough Zinc Alloy. I have the transparent battery door, but you can buy the device in Carbon Fibre also.

The device measures 9.2cms height, 5.6cms width and a depth of 2.8cms with a weight of just 150g without batteries. The battery cover slides over each side of the device. This one is transparent but there are Carbon Fibre options with the device colour. You can also buy these separately in different designs. A Lost Vape logo is printed on one side of the cover.

On each side above where the Battery door connects, there is ‘Thelema Quest’ printed and ‘Lost Vape’ on the other side. Situated on both sides of the text are some grill looking design panels, which appear on both sides of the device. On the front of the Thelema Quest is the main fire/power button at the top above the 0.96′ display screen. Situated under the display are three buttons (up/+, down/- and select) and sitting under the buttons is a Type-C charge port. At the bottom of the device is printed Lost Vape info and at the top is a 510 port situated on one side. You should be good to fit up to 26mm tanks or RDA’s up on the top there.

Inside the battery compartment has a branded Lost Vape strip to safely remove batteries and you can also see the connections from inside connecting to the chip at the front, which is a bit of a design feature.

Inside Lost Vape Thelema Quest 200W

This Thelema Quest 200W is in Gunmetal Clear, but you can also currently purchase it over at Sourcemore in; Stainless Steel Clear, Black Clear and also with Carbon Fibre panel options in Matte Red, Matte Blue, Stainless Steel, Gunmetal and Black.

Modes & Settings

To power the Thelema Quest 200W Mod on or off, it’s the usual 5 fast clicks of the fire/power button.

Lost Vape Thelema 200W DisplayThe device comes with many modes; Power, TC-SS904, TC-SS316, TC-TI, TC-NI, VPC, Voltage & Bypass mode. To switch between modes, simply press the middle select button, then work up or down with the up/+ and -/down buttons, then press the select button again to lock in the mode.

There is also a boost function while in Power mode. These are Soft, Normal and Hard. To change this, press the -/down button to work through the display options, then press the select middle button and change up/+ or down/- through the boost options, then select again to lock in your choice.

You can reset the puff counter again by using the up/+ and down/- then press the select middle button and use the up/+ and down/- to reset. Again press the select middle button to exit.

At the bottom of the screen, there is also a settings menu. Within this menu you have various settings. ‘Atomizer’ shows info on the resistance and current setting, ‘Screen’ where you can change the display brightness, ‘Color’ gives an option to change the display’s colour between 6 colours, ‘User’ where you can store vape options of how you’ve set up the device (this can be changed between the 3 on the main screen), ‘Reset’ resets the mod and ‘About’ displays the Device version.

To change the wattage power, simply press the -/down button until it is highlighted, then the middle select button and work up or down with the up/+ and down/- buttons. Again, pressing the middle select button locks in the wattage and exits. The wattage works up and down in .1 increments.

You can lock the settings and buttons by simultaneously holding the up/+ and -/down buttons, and the same again to unlock. The fire button is still active when it’s on lock mode.

The Thelema Quest 200W chip also holds the usual protections and the display will show any warnings such as ‘Too Hot’ and ‘Over 10s’ if you fire for more than 10 seconds.

On the display, you will also see the current battery level on each battery at the top of the screen. I would always 100% recommend charging batteries externally on their own separate charger, but there is a Type-C option on the device.

Lost Vape Thelema Quest Side Panels

My Thoughts

As far as dual 18650 mods go, the Thelema Quest 200W is an amazing mod. It looks stylish with its ‘smooth in the right place’ edges and modern design features.

One thing I realised straight away was just how comfortable this is to use. The battery door, even though plastic, adds comfort while in use and when holding the device. Whether it would be happy to be dropped on a hard surface, I doubt, but it does look and feel comfortable in the hand. You can purchase these battery doors separately if you fancied a different look on the device, though I think they were originally made for the DNA version but obviously will fit.

In use, the mod keeps up with any other dual battery box mod I’ve used. The power seems bang-on, very responsive on the fire and the 3 different power settings work as you would expect. The 3 user setting memory is very good, so you can dial in your preferred power and switch whenever you want to change for DTL to a lower MTL power, without having to keep altering the wattage every time. Simply change to that user setting on the main screen.

If I was cornered on any cons, I would say for me is the screen size, but that is just a minor personal preference. Its not that small and I only bring it up because I’ve been used to using devices that have a bigger screen for a dual battery mod. I can understand why Lost Vape went with that size to accommodate a good size fire button and the extra select button. Saying that though, the display shows everything and is clear enough to read.

For a dual 18650 mod, you cannot go wrong with the Thelema Quest 200W. It is comfortable, looks the part and powers a fantastic vape! At this price point with the excellent Quest 2.0 chipset, you will not be missing the pricier DNA version, while keeping that great design-look

To purchase the Thelema Quest 200W Mod by Lost Vape, check out the links to Sourcemore at the start of the review and don’t forget to add that code at checkout! Thanks for reading!

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