Athena by Darkstar Vapour

Athena Darkstar Vapour

Review by Jen_Turista

It’s been a while since I’ve done an e-liquid review, but yes, I still do these! Today, we take a look at Darkstar Vapour and one of their e-liquid flavours: Athena!

Based on information gleaned from their website, Darkstar Vapour is a York-based company in the U.K., selling a wide variety of e-liquid flavours and formulations, as well as selected hardware and DIY supplies. They sell all sorts including short fills, one-shots, flavour concentrates, DIY bases, and even nicotine shots. Prior to reviewing this batch of flavours, I must admit that I knew little of Darkstar Vapour. But that was to my loss, as Athena alone is a banger of a flavour!


The e-liquid comes in a transparent 120mL short fill bottle, as a clear 70VG/30PG mix. The bottle has ample space to add one or two nicotine shots of one’s choosing. The label design is quite nice, with a depiction of Athena per Greek mythology, blowing big and pink bubble gum. It is a creative and memorable label design.

Around the label, one will find the usual safety precautions, but Darkstar Vapour has utilised the label real estate effectively by already including a detailed flavour description. I really appreciate this touch, because that means I don’t need to Google the flavour profile of a bottle I am looking at. Overall, the label is clear, uncluttered, and has all the useful information a vaper will need before picking up a bottle.

E-liquid Impressions

My sniff test reveals a sweet strawberry scent amidst a bubblegummy smell. To be honest, it smells like candy that I wouldn’t hesitate to eat (and I do eat a lot of candies!), and so I was really excited to give this flavour a go!
The e-liquid’s product description on the label goes “Juicy strawberry fused with fresh tangy-sweet kiwi, bubble gum, and an assortment of complementary (sic) fruits. A complex and divine flavour fit for the Gods!”

The Vape

Whilst the sniff test was great, the vape was even better! I get an authentic (not chemically) strawberry flavour on the inhale, swirled with the nice bubble gum taste. These two flavours are then joined by the fresh kiwi on the exhale. It really is a pleasant e-liquid to vape, and I can truly see why this flavour is one of Darkstar Vapour’s best-sellers.

The kiwi isn’t as strong as the strawberry, but it is definitely there in every puff. Darkstar Vapour deserves praise here for using flavours that taste close to the real thing, and that’s why this e-juice doesn’t give any chemical smell or taste – a major pro in my book!

If I had to give this a score, I would give it an 8.5/10 for the vape quality and flavour. Great as a short fill, and for vapers like me who like MTL, would also make a great nicotine salt for low wattage vaping by just adding Nic Salt shots instead.

Our thanks to Darkstar Vapour for sending their samples for review! To pick up a bottle, check out the links at the start of the review.

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