The Jamful Dodger by Darkstar

The Jamful Dodger by Darkstar

Review by Jen_Turista

Happy New Year, vape fam! It’s 2022 but you know that we are still going strong with reviews!

Today, we shall be looking at another flavour from the Darkstar Vapour range: The Jamful Dodger.

I’ve given some preliminary information about Darkstar Vapour in my previous review of their Athena flavour. This is the second of four flavour reviews I have been privileged to do courtesy of The Vape Reviews and of course, Darkstar Vapour (DSV)!

Whenever I try a brand with a varied range of flavours, I always try to sample a bit of the different (general) types of flavours they create. So, The Jamful Dodger is the first dessert flavour I am sampling from DSV. I do have high expectations with this, following on how impressed I was with Athena, which is a flavour I would categorise under fruity or sweets.


The E-liquid comes in a transparent 120ml short fill bottle, as a clear 70VG/30 PG mix. The bottle has ample space to add one or two nicotine shots of one’s choosing. As with the Athena, the label is clear, uncluttered, and has all the useful information a vaper will need before picking up a bottle. More importantly, the label has an actual flavour description so you already know what you should expect. The label design includes a depiction of a popular biscuit, winking at you with a top hat. It’s a cheeky but subtle design – I like it!

E-liquid Impressions

The e-liquid’s product description on the label goes “Delicious shortbread blended with delectably tart and fruity raspberry jam. When you’re done with the Jamful Dodger you’ll find yourself asking…’Can I have some more?

My sniff test: the biscuit aroma is the dominant note I picked up. Not sweet, but the kind of biscuit base we all know that is used in cheesecakes or tarts. I couldn’t really smell the raspberry jam- but that doesn’t mean it’s not there!

The Vape

Oh yes, the raspberry jam is there, alright! It is tart and yet sweet, like freshly made jam. Honestly, I found myself almost looking for the raspberry seeds getting stuck between my teeth and had to remind myself that I was just vaping it!

This layer of the flavour hit me on the inhale, followed by a biscuity base that almost has some creaminess to it. The biscuit taste lingers nicely on the tongue after the puff. The more I vaped it, the more like I was eating that popular biscuit brand (*coughs*). It is so bloody realistic; I really have to tip my hat off to DSV here for this genius recipe of a flavour!

If I had to give this a score, I would give it 9/10 for the vape quality and flavour. Although it is patterned after a biscuit, it’s not that sweet of a vape, which is perfect for me as I do tend to get turned off by super sweet vapes (all that sweetness kind of masks the flavour, thereby ruining it). This Jamful Dodger will surely be a treat for dessert vapers out there, and for me, something to add to my “E-liquids to stock up on” list!

Our thanks to Darkstar Vapour for sending their samples for review! To pick up The Jamful Dodger, check out the links at the start of the review, there is also a One-Shot or a Darkstar Bottle Shot® if you prefer which is listed on their website.

This review was written by jen_turista who is very active within the vape community. You can go give her a follow on Instagram and Twitter.

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