Kriemhild 80W Kit by Vapefly & German 103

Kriemhild Kit by Vapefly & German 103

Review by Jen_Turista

Vapefly Kriemhild 80W Kit Review – Is it Up to Scratch?

Another day, another kit from the German Community/German 103 and Vapefly!

Yes, my lovelies, this is another release from this wonderful duo of collaborators: the Kriemhild 80W Kit!

This fantastic kit was sent to me for review by (much appreciated again, Joyi!). If you shop for vape gear online, Sourcemore is pretty hard to miss, being one of the biggest online vape suppliers in the world. They sell all sorts of vape supplies and run promotions from time to time. They have a great selection of products to choose from at very friendly prices, what’s not to love?

The Kriemhild 80W Kit has been released quite recently, and mainly consists of the Kriemhild 80W mod and Gunther Sub-ohm tank. It uses the same K-series coils as we’ve seen with the Brunhilde SBS Kit, for example, which I have also reviewed here in But what is new is the Kriemhild 80W mod and the Gunther Sub-ohm tank, and we shall go through each main component in this review.

I have reviewed a couple of Vapefly + German 103 kits such as the Siegfried kit, and I have to say that I have been impressed with all of them so far. The engineering, ergonomics, and aesthetics are always very well thought out and implemented alongside a spirit of wanting to be unique in a seeming sea of vape devices these days. So, what exactly is new with the Kriemhild 80W kit and should you pick it up? Let’s find out!

As always, my review will be from my experience of using the kit as an average vaper, as most of us are in the vape community.

Packaging and Contents

I was sent the retail version of the sexy Black & Gold Kriemhild 80W kit that includes:

  • Kriemhild 80W Mod that can take 21700, 20700, or 18650 cells (with the included adaptor).
  • Gunther Sub-ohm tank with a 5mL bubble glass pre-installed.
  • 1 x Freecore Duplex mesh coil (0.2 ohms).
  • 1 x Freecore mesh coil (0.3 ohms).
  • Spare 3.5mL glass.
  • USB Type C cable.
  • 510 drip tip adaptor.
  • 18650 battery adaptor.
  • Spare parts pack with the usual accessories.
  • User manuals (one each for the atomiser and mod), warranty card, and other paperwork.

Kriemhild 80W Kit Box

Salient Features include:

  • Mod dimensions at 88 x 44 x 30mm. 26mm atomisers and below should fit without overhang.
  • Tank dimensions at 25 x 55mm.
  • The tank is top fill and top airflow too, which unless I am wrong, is a first from the German Community.
  • Has the 3s chip.
  • Ranges from 5W-80W in power and can kick out 0.5 to 8V.
  • Has bypass mode in addition to variable wattage. Yep, no TC on this one!
  • 2A fast charging, but as always, I recommend using an external charger.
  • Reads 0.10 ohms to 3.5 ohms.
  • 0.49 inch OLED screen.
  • Vapefly’s UPS (unique selling point) for this kit is that it has what they dubbed as a “security alarm system”. Hmmm, you guys know how I’m always sceptical about such claims or what it even means, and so we will have a look at this too in this review!

Kriemhild 80W Kit Contents

Impressions and Experience

The kit comes inside a box covered by a carton sleeve. The colour, layout, and design of the packaging are familiar, as seen in other Vapefly + German Community products before. An illustration of the kit is up top with kit features and Vapefly’s socials printed around the sleeve. Again, no kit content on the sleeve, but rather it has a list of key kit features.

Going inside, the mod, tank, and spare glass sit on a foam tray that has a helpful tab on top to allow you to access the spare parts underneath which are covered by a folded piece of carton to help organise all accessories. Nothing new here, and overall, I’m still quite happy with the kit packaging and contents layout.

As a whole, this kit looks solid and intricate enough to stand out! Don’t get me wrong, I’m used to really elaborate laser engravings of German Community kits, but even though that’s been toned down a little with the Kriemhild Kit, it still looks like a premium unit. It has some weight to it even without the cells inside, but not too heavy that it would be cumbersome to take it outdoors. The black and gold finish sent to me just looks the business; everything is just finished so smoothly and precisely with this kit, as expected based on previous releases.

A. Gunther Sub-ohm Tank and K-series Coils

All the attys I’ve reviewed in this series are on the tall side, and the Gunther is no exception. However, the “tallness” isn’t so bad if used with the bubble tank.

The 810 drip tip included is quite comfortable to use, most likely because of the way it narrows in the middle. At the base where the drip tip attaches to the top cap are a couple of ports, which I assume is there so that liquid won’t accumulate in that area and therefore helps to avoid any spit-back. The top cap has enough knurling for grip when opening/closing this cap.

Gunther Tank Vapefly

Operating this tank is quite straightforward:

  • Quarter turn to remove the top cap and expose large kidney fill holes covered by a sealing gasket. The top cap itself also has a sealing gasket underneath, thereby making this tank truly leakproof!
  • Coils are press-fit.
  • Base threads into the tank chamber. The base itself is domed; it sort of slopes upwards. I was quite intrigued seeing this- will this make a significant difference in flavour, I wonder?
  • Top airflow has four slits on each of its two sides and has full stops. The section where the airflow is also screwed into the tank chamber means that it’s so easy to fully clean and maintain this tank and its individual parts. Well done here, Vapefly and German Community!

Indeed, and finally, Vapefly has released a top airflow atomiser in this kit series! I am very happy with this as it is widely accepted that top airflow tanks are leakproof (to a point), but some may sacrifice flavour for this feature. But remember the sloping I mentioned earlier? I think that this small detail does improve the flavour, especially with the way the airflow is designed with this atomiser. The air goes down and inside into the tank chamber, and down to the bottom of the coil where it meets the domed walls of the atomiser base. The result is that it is almost a bottom airflow kind of tank, and I can tell you that it tasted like one!

Freecore Mesh Coils VapeflyIn terms of branding, “Gunther” appears to be laser-printed on the airflow. An illustration of a smirking guy is printed on one side of the inner chamber, and the “min” mark on the other. As I said, the branding and style appear to be toned down with this atomiser versus others they have produced, but it doesn’t make it appear any less appealing.

I have previously tested both coils supplied with the kit in my Brunhilde SBS Kit Review (also supplied by Still, as this is a new atomiser, I tested both coils again. Both performed very well, if not a little better with this atomiser than the Kriemhild II Sub-ohm Tank (the atomiser included with the Brunhilde SBS Kit). I think this may have to do indeed with the domed base I mentioned above. I am very impressed with this, especially as the Gunther is a top airflow tank. Major props again to Vapefly and German 103 here! This is, most probably, the best flavour I have experienced with a top airflow tank.

B. Kriemhild 80W Mod

I can’t really tell what the mod is made out of: it could be zinc alloy as it feels very sturdy, but that wouldn’t explain the weight. Maybe a mixture of zinc alloy and stainless steel? Probably. Regardless, it’s very well machined and assembled!

Kriemhild ModBranding is quite minimal, which is how I like it. “Kriemhild” only really appears on either side of the mod, printed on a designed metal plate that appears to be stuck on. The mod surface is very smooth and is fingerprint-resistant.
The 510 plate up top is screwed in, adding to the durability of the mod. The pin is spring-loaded and seems to be quite deep into the threaded connection, making me think that the 510’s travel will be deeper than other mods out there (something to consider, perhaps). The relatively tiny 0.49” LED screen is also found on this side of the mod, allowing you to look at it as you vape. Quite novel, I think, and I do like this feature!

The front of the mod has the hard-to-miss fire button, adjustment buttons, and the USB-C port. The buttons feel really nice on the fingers and are very responsive. At the bottom of the mod is where the battery is inserted using a threaded battery cap. Although a little detail again, the battery cap screws in smoothly into the mod and is seated flush with the bottom surface, which adds to the stability of the mod in an upright position. Other mods in the market are not as flush, unfortunately, so this is another pro for this kit.

Kriemhild Mod DisplayGoing back to the screen, it displays a relatively minimal set of vaping data like battery life, ohm load, voltage, and wattage. The screen orientation can be inverted (see operations section below) as you prefer, and I actually did invert mine from default as I tend to fire with my index finger. Now, the fact that the mod doesn’t offer TC may be a con for some vapers, but it isn’t the case for me as I don’t really use TC. I was perfectly happy with wattage mods for the stock coils, and bypass mode when I used the mod with a rebuildable atomiser. Saying that though, I do have two cons about the mod, and they are both related to the screen. First, the battery life is displayed via a bar and not by percentage; I think the latter will be a lot more useful for us vapers in estimating the battery life remaining. Secondly, I did find that as I was vaping, the screen got a little hazy (but still perfectly readable), and I think this has to do with the screen’s position being so close to a hot atomiser. Neither of these is major negatives in my book, but since I found them during the review, I should mention them.

As a quick run-through of controls:

  • Usual five clicks to turn the mod on or off.
  • Three clicks to change modes, between wattage and bypass.
  • Holding down both adjustment buttons locks the wattage but still allows the mod to fire.
  • Fire button + up button will flip the display but will not reverse the adjustment buttons.
  • Fire button + down button enters the screen into stealth mode.

Kriemhild Mod Battery DoorOverall, I was quite happy with the mod. It feels great in the hand and because I am lazy, I do tend to prefer vape kits I can operate on just one hand! This mod (and kit) allows me to do that well. The mod fires quick and is pleasing to the eye; although I did mention some niggly cons, none of these is dealbreakers for me.

But what about the security feature Vapefly mentioned? Well…

First off, I will always keep an open mind when it comes to innovations introduced into our vaping devices. That’s what makes our community unique: innovations happen quite quickly and via active feedback of vapers and reviewers.

The security feature included in the mod is a bit of a misnomer, I think. Security, to me, is about keeping outside elements away, e.g., a feature to deter theft or locate the mod remotely. But what this kit has is a host of settings that make the mod beep whenever some safety thresholds are met. For example, it will beep if the mod was firing for over 10 seconds. In some ways, it is useful in alerting the user, but truthfully, we expect regulated mods with built-in safety features to just stop firing anyway.

In addition to the “long vaping” alert, the mod beeps as well when there is an atomiser short if the kit overheats, or when the battery is charged fully if you were using the mod to charge your cell.

So, does this “security” feature add more to this kit? Honestly, I don’t think so. It’s nice to have, for sure, but the kit would have just been as good without it.

Overall: Yay or Nay?

This kit deserves a Yay from me! Again, not because of its “security” feature, but because of how well it performs as a single cell kit. It is versatile enough to handle 3 cell types, and batteries can always be changed if you are ever running low. The mod has a comfortable hand feel and is quite intuitive to use, in addition to how solidly built it is. The atomiser is what clinches the Yay for me: the flavour of it is great for a top airflow stock coil sub-ohm tank, with all design elements of it carefully thought-out.

Who is this kit for? I’d recommend this kit for vapers wanting to venture into the sub-ohm vaping territory as it is an excellent introductory kit for that style. I’d also recommend it to seasoned vapers that want an easy kit to use when out and about, but without compromising on flavour typically experienced from bottom airflow atomisers.

My biggest thanks again to Sourcemore for sending this kit to me for the review! Use KR80K at checkout if you want to pick up this kit from Sourcemore for a bargain! You will find the links at the start of the review.

This review was written by jen_turista who is very active within the vape community. You can go give her a follow on Instagram and Twitter.

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