Vinci Pod Royal Edition & Vinci Q Pod by Voopoo

Vinci Royal Edition & Vinci Q by Voopoo

Review by Jen_Turista

Voopoo Vinci Pod Royal Edition and Vinci Q Pod – Great Additions to the Vinci Family?

How’s everyone doing, folks? I am back again with another hardware review for you today courtesy of the kind people at Voopoo (thanks, Aimer!) who have sent these kits to me for the purposes of a review.

Today we will be looking at the Vinci Pod Royal Edition and the Vinci Q Pod, both of which were released recently and around the same time. Off the bat, I can already tell you that both are MTL starter kits. They’re not exactly the same as each other or even Voopoo’s previous Vinci Pod release, but we will go through the features of each and assess if both or either is worth investing in!

As always, my review will be from my own experience of using the device as a regular vaper, as most of you vapers buying this device will be.

Packaging and Contents

Going through the packaging of each, the Vinci Pod Royal Edition includes:

  • Vinci Pod device/mod.
  • 1 x 2ml Vinci Pod Replacement Pod at 0.8 ohms.
  • 1 x 2ml Vinci Pod Replacement Pod at 1.2 ohms.
  • USB-C cable.
  • User Manual.

Vinci Royal Edition Contents

Whereas the Vinci Q kit packaging is a little more pared-down:

  • Vinci Q device/mod.
  • 1 x 2ml Vinci Pod Replacement Pod at 1.2 ohms.
  • USB-C cable.
  • User Manual.

Vinci Q Contents

Salient Features of the Vinci Pod Royal Edition kit include:

  • The device with an 800mAh battery.
  • Kicks out 11-15W in power.
  • Reads 0.6 to 3.0 ohms.
  • With an output voltage of 3.2-4.2V.
  • Compatible with Drag Nano Pods and the original Vinci Pods that are side-fill.
  • 4 LED lights to indicate battery life (green = >60%, blue = 20-60%, red = > 20%).
  • Auto-draw firing.
  • Airflow control.

And for the Vinci Q kit:

  • The device with a 900mAh battery.
  • Kicks out 11-15W in power too.
  • Reads 0.6 to 3.0 ohms per user manual.
  • With an output voltage < 3.8V per the user manual – Compatible with Drag Nano Pods and the original Vinci Pods that are side-fill. – LED light in the fire button to indicate battery life (green = >30%, red = < 30%).
  • Auto-draw firing and as mentioned has a fire button as well.
  • 1A charging and so should take you around an hour to charge from red.

Both kits have the standard protections we are familiar with via Voopoo’s Gene chip.

Impressions and Experience

Starting with the Vinci Pod Royal Edition, the outer box with a viewing window appears to be finished with a satin-like material and when you hold it up against the light, it sort of sparkles! It’s a little thing but I like this touch to make it easier to distinguish versus the original Vinci Pod. And with the Vinci Q packaging, it’s presented in a two-toned coloured finish with a clear window to show the kit. The outer packaging of both kits has a similar style in terms of printed information like manufacturer information, kit features, package contents, and Voopoo’s socials.

Overall, I am pretty happy with how each kit is presented; the packaging is just right and not wasteful. The only thing I wished for was if the Vinci Q kit came with 2 pods, perhaps the 0.8-ohm pod, to allow the user to experience a different kind of vape. And as I’ve always said (this goes for all manufacturers), packaging kits with 2 pods or even coils should be standard as if one pod/coil is faulty, then another pod/coil can be used by the vaper. Having just the one limits the experience and to be honest, risks ruining the experience, especially if the kit is a smoker’s very first vape kit. If someone is switching from smoking to vaping, as the target audience for vape starter kits, we want them to have the best vape experience to help them quit smoking. But moving on…

A. Device/Battery

Vinci Pod Royal Edition Mod

Vinci Royal Edition DeviceThis mod is a feast to the eyes! I was sent the White Leaf design which looks absolutely amazing! The aluminium alloy body is covered with what Voopoo call “relief sculpture technology”, which to the hand feels smooth- almost like ceramic. The details of the sculpting look fabulous and well classy; it definitely feels like a premium starter kit.

The pods click into place at the top of the device where the pod coil contacts are located as well as the auto-draw microphone. The sliding airflow control is similar to what we’ve seen in the original Vinci Pod kit, where it is on the side of the device and does give a draw from a loose MTL to a quite restricted one. And the 4 LED lights are in front of the device for convenience, with the USB-C port at the bottom.

Operating it could not be any simpler being a pure auto-draw device. Saying that though, the mod engages quickly and so there is no lag when taking a puff.

Overall, it feels good in the hand, looks impressive, and is easy to operate on one hand.

Vinci Royal Edition Functions

Vinci Q Mod

Vinci Q DeviceThis mod, on the other hand, is made with PC and ABS which makes this very lightweight. I received the Charming Pink finish and this is one of the six macaroon colours that Voopoo offers for this kit. Voopoo state that the mod body is made with “two-tone textured injection mould”, which to me means that the mod casing is made entirely out of plastic/plastic-like materials. I could definitely tell the texturing Voopoo mention, and it appears solid, well-made, and smooth.

This mod doesn’t have airflow control but the air holes are quite tiny and are definitely suited for what I would categorise as medium MTL. Additionally, because it has a fire button, you have the choice to use this via the button or just on auto-draw. Either way is absolutely fine as the mod fires lightning quick in any case. Per the user manual, if the fire button hasn’t been used for 5 minutes, then the mod “locks” the fire button until you press it again for at least 3 seconds. This is quite an innovative feature, I thought, to prevent accidental presses. Well done here to Voopoo!

Five clicks of the fire button turn the mod on or off. From playing around with it, I couldn’t find any other button press configuration for another feature. So, this kit is quite simple to use.

The USB-C port is on the side of the mod which allows for upright charging, another feature that I really like because most people will charge their kits with the pod still installed (although I don’t, usually) and so charging upright keeps the pod upright as well.

Vinci Q Functions

B. Cartridges/Pods

Vinci RE & Q PodsI’ve reviewed the pods from both kits in detail in my Drag Nano 2 review, also available on this blog. But in summary, these pods are top fill with a rubber bung covering the fill port and are clear from any tint making it super easy to see e-liquid levels. Both 1.2 ohms and 0.8-ohm pods deliver good flavour from the nicotine salts I’ve used, and the 0.8-ohm pod, in particular, deliver a nice and warm enough vape.

Either pod last me around 2 weeks of continuous use or roughly 20 mL of nicotine salts, and I’ve not experienced any leaking from these. Sure, there will be some condensation between the pod base and contacts as expected, but this is expected and should not be misconstrued as leaking.

Vinci Pod Refill

Overall: Yay or Nay?

To be honest, you can’t really go wrong with either the Vinci Pod Royal Edition or Vinci Q kit if you’re looking for a good starter kit. Both deliver good quality MTL and flavour and are very simple to operate. I would highly recommend these kits for those wanting to switch to vaping or even as backup devices in the car or when travelling.

But where do these pods sit in the Vinci line? To me, these are good additions to Voopoo’s growing number of starter kits and give more options to the user to pick a kit that will cater for their vaping needs, and also allow them to express their personality with the unique designs and colours offered.

My biggest thanks again to Voopoo for allowing me to review these kits! Check out your usual vape outlets to pick up either kit or the Voopoo links at the start of the review.

This review was written by jen_turista who is very active within the vape community. You can go give her a follow on Instagram and Twitter.

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