Model V by Kumiho

Model V by Kumiho

A vape review for a pod stick today and this is the Model V by Kumiho. This was supplied by the folks at Health Cabin where you can find all the latest and greatest in vaping on their web store. Don’t forget to log in or register an account to see the best prices there on vape products. Health Cabin also has weekly sales and a clearance page if you want to pick up a bargain.

So let’s jump in and see what this Model V is about.

Packaging & Contents

The Model V by Kumiho is in a White branded box with a coloured outer sleeve. The outer sleeve colour matches the colour of the device inside. The top of the sleeve has a shiny embossed image of the device underneath the Silver embossed Kumiho logo, which has a Fox face in place of the ‘M’. Situated at the bottom are printed 2 features of the device with the ‘Model V’ printed title embossed sideways.

One side of the sleeve has the ‘Model V’ title and on the bottom of the sleeve includes; a printed paragraph explaining the device, 6 key features, package contents and manufacturer contact info. At the bottom are also printed graphics and bar-code.

The box contents are:

  • Model V Device.
  • 1.0Ω Pod (11-13W).
  • 0.6Ω Pod (14-18W).
  • User Manual.
  • Warnings & Warranty Card.

Both packaging and presentation of the Model V are nicely designed with a high-quality look to it all.

Kumiho Model V Contents

Model V Device

Model V Pod DeviceThe Model V by Kumiho is a simple button-less pod device running an internal 600mAh battery. Correct wattage is automatically set depending on the pod resistance installed. It runs via auto-draw so simply puff away on it to vape.

It is built in Alloy and PCTG with a shiny metallic finish and measures 119mm height, 22mm width and a depth of 11.5mm. The front of the device has the Kumiho Fox face logo LED that lights up when in use. At the bottom is a subtle Kumiho printed title with the Model V printed title at the bottom on the back of the device. On the side of the Model V is a small adjustable airflow sliding control that reveals 3 airholes when fully open. You can obviously close this off to your preferred vaping. At the bottom of the device is a USB Type-C charge port. There isn’t a charging cable in the kit so you’ll have to use one you already have.

The pod for the Model V simply slots snugly into the top of the device where the unit will vibrate and the light illuminates to show installation.

The Model V currently comes in 5 colours; Gold Pink (as reviewed), Black, Blue, Red or Gunmetal.

Model V Pods

Kumiho Model V PodsThe pods for the Model V are leakproof coil-sealed pods with a 2ml juice capacity and made in tough PCTG material. The top of the pod has a longer sized oval mouthpiece, which is part of the pod so you cannot change the drip tip. The middle of the pod is a slightly smoked window so you can clearly see the juice inside (with the visible sealed coil in the centre).

On the bottom of the pod is two small magnetic parts for connection to the Model V device and the pod/coil resistance is printed in the middle. At one side of the pod is a rubber bung that pulls out to fill with E-liquid

Two pods are supplied in the kit in two resistances. One is a 1.0Ω pod for a more mouth to lung vape and a 0.6Ω pod with patented coil cotton design for mouth to lung or a restricted direct to lung vape. You can pick up replacement pods at Health Cabin here in a pack of 3.

There is also the option of buying the pods sealed and pre-filled in an assortment of flavours, which you can check out here if you want to go this route instead. I haven’t tested any of those flavours but they do sound like a good varied selection and come in 2ml pre-filled.

My Thoughts

Kumiho’s Model V is a decent little pod stick ideal for a vape to slip in the pocket while on the move. It’s a basic device without a screen or button but runs brilliantly with a responsive auto draw.

The design is appealing in its shiny finish and its build feels strong and sturdy, without the pod falling out at any opportunity. It’s been made very well and feels comfortable to use. The internal battery lasted me easily a day with moderate vaping and then fully charging within half an hour or thereabouts.

The pods are equally impressive. I used both but did find myself going for the 0.6Ω more as you can both MTL and also a restricted direct to lung vape. The lower resistance gives it a bit more of a kick at the higher device wattage compared to the 1.0Ω pod. That said, both offer a really good flavour and a nice smooth vape. I did find using different flavour profiles on both pods, the fruit flavours really shine more. Obviously being a pod stick kit, 50VG/50PG is advisable but I was using 70VG/30PG on both pods and had no trouble at all with it wicking or dry hits. A nice long drip tip tops the pods (similar to the Wenax K1) so comfortable on the vape without the tip becoming hot.

Model V Kumiho Pods Coils

During using the Model V, I’ve had zero leaks at all using either pod resistance and only very minor condensation mostly when using it as a restricted DL vape.

It is a great little kit and definitely an option if you are looking for a small pod kit that is designed well with a great vape! Head over to Health Cabin via the links at the start of the review to purchase and remember to register or log in to your account there. Thanks for reading.

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