Unibox PnM Kit by Oxva

Unibox PnM Kit by Oxva

A review for a mod and tank kit today and this is the Unibox PnM Kit by Oxva. The kit adds to the lineup of the very popular vape hardware that Oxva has released over the last couple of years. This kit was supplied by our friends over at Sourcemore. On their website, you will find all the latest and greatest in vaping at very good prices. You will also find there; clearance items, 24-hour sales and a free shipping section, so well worth checking out when you are looking to purchase your vape stuff.

This Unibox PnM Kit was recently released by Oxva and includes the Oxva Unibox mod and the Unione PnM tank, let’s dive in and take a look!

Packaging & Contents

The Unibox PnM kit by Oxva is supplied in a cardboard box with an outer sleeve. The top of the sleeve has an image of the Unibox and the Unione PnM tank smashing the ground. Below is the printed title and branding. On the bottom corner is a sticker stating it is 5ml (this will depend on your country and TPD laws) and the colour of the kit. On the right side of the sleeve are printed 4 key features of the Unibox and on the left is printed text ‘Designed by Justin Lai & Colin Wang’.

On the bottom of the sleeve is a printed description of the device, contents in the box, warnings, social media info for Oxva, along with their contact address. There are also two labels at the bottom; one is the printed barcode, serial number and colour and the other is the scratch-for-authenticity label.

The contents inside the box are:

  • Oxva Unibox Mod.
  • Oxva Unione PnM Tank.
  • 0.15Ω Uniplus Coil (Pre-installed).
  • 0.3Ω Uniplus Coil.
  • Bubble Glass.
  • Type-C Cable.
  • User Manual.
  • Warranty card.
  • Oxva branded coin to open the battery compartment.
  • Spare O-rings.

Unibox Kit Contents

Oxva Unibox Mod

Design & Spec.

Oxva Unibox ModThe Unibox is a single 18650 device capable of 5-80W of power. It is built with Zinc Alloy and is IP68 Military-grade tri-proof, shockproof, waterproof and dustproof. The device measures 89mm in height (136mm with the Unione tank), 29mm in width and a depth of 39mm. It weighs in at 144g or 209g with the Unione tank on top.

The front of the Unibox includes a fire/power circular button at the top, above a 0.96′ display screen. Below the display sits two buttons vertically which are the up/+ and down/- buttons. Each side of the device has a smooth contour design with ‘Unibox’ branding printed on one side. At the back of each side and covering the back of the Unibox is a triangular leather effect stiched squidgy design panel. The top of the device houses the 510 port and the bottom has the Type-C USB port under a rubber bung, as well as the screw off battery compartment cover.

The Unibox kit is currently available in 5 colours. Black (as reviewed), Gunmetal, Gold Blue, Gold Purple and Silver Blue.

Oxva Unibox Colours

Modes & Settings

Oxva Unibox DisplayTo power on or off the device, it is the usual 5 fast clicks of the power/fire button. To switch between vaping modes, it is 3 fast clicks of the power/fire button when powered on, to highlight the option at the top of the display. To select vaping mode, you simply press the up/+ or down/- button to your chosen option. To lock in the mode, simply hold the power/fire button or leave it for 5 seconds before it returns to the main interface with that mode selected.

There are many modes available on the Unibox which are; standard power in Watts, TC-NI, TC-SS, TC-TI, TC-TCR, Volt, VPC and Bypass. Within the mode options, there is also something called ‘RATE BTRY’ which is a battery rating setting. Pressing the power/fire button in this mode will auto-fire the mod in bypass mode and give you a battery health rating on the 18650 you have loaded into the device.

Rate Battery on UniboxIf you select past the modes with the 3 fast clicks on the main interface, you can also highlight the resistance lock or unlock by the up/+ or down/- button. To reset or recover the puff counter, highlight that option and use the same buttons to change.

There are some other functions aside from the main interface which are:

  • To lock or unlock the functions, long press both the up/+ and down/- for 2 seconds. You can still fire the device and a lock/unlocked symbol shows on display.
  • To change the theme colour, press the power/fire button and down/- button simultaneously. Select your chosen colour with the up/+ or down/- button and press the power/fire button to select and exit.
  • To adjust display brightness, press the power/fire button and up/+ simultaneously then up/+ or down/- to adjust, then the power/fire button to confirm.
  • To restore factory settings, turn off the Unibox and hold up/+ and down/- simultaneously until the version number displays. Then press the power/fire button and up/+ and down/- simultaneously then select and press the power/fire button to confirm.

As well as the built-in modes and settings, you can also connect the Unibox to your computer via the Type-C cable and use the Unitool app which is downloadable from the Oxva website. Within the app, you can customise the device by reducing mode options, altering the output between soft and hard, saving or loading in VPC settings, changing the theme and more.

Unione PnM Tank

Unione Tank OxvaWithin the kit is Oxva’s Unione PnM sub-ohm tank. The tank is in a ‘pod style’ format with a separate 510 bottom base that the main tank connects to magnetically. It is made with Alloy and Pyrex glass and at the top is a removable 510 drip tip. The bottom base has a design pattern and has an airflow slot on each side.

The Unione PnM tank has a juice capacity of 4ml but you can change out to the bubble glass in the kit to extend it to 5ml. As mentioned before, if buying the kit in a TPD governed country, you will only receive a tank with a 2ml juice capacity (psst, buy it from Sourcemore, China). The tank’s diameter is 24.5mm with a 53mm height.

Unione PnM Tank by OxvaThere are two of Oxva’s Uniplus Meshed coils supplied in the kit. One is the 0.15Ω Uniplus coil that is pre-installed into the Unione PnM tank and the other is the 0.3Ω UniPlus Coil. To install or change a coil, it simply pushes up or out from the bottom of the main tank section. Next to where the coil is inserted is the juice refill port which is hidden at the bottom of the main tank section frame. To refill, simply pull out the rubber bung and plonk in your juice nozzle.

The airflow on the Unione PnM tank is adjusted by simply turning the top section of the tank to open or close off each of the slots on the 510 tank base.

You can also purchase the Unione PnM separately from the kit HERE.

My Thoughts

Oxva to me were a brand I often overlooked, but since using their products over the last year or so, I have learnt that they do produce very good reliable hardware. This Unibox kit demonstrates that again and is a decent little kit.

The Unibox mod is very sturdy and comfortable to use. It does feel strong but not sure the paintwork would manage a heavy drop even though the IP68 Tri-proof rating. The design is quite innovative with its contoured edges on its body, despite having a Drag’esque design area on its back (albeit the Unibox has a triangular-shaped panel). Its design is appealing without being overbranded with just a small ‘Unibox’ printed on the side.

The display is clear to read having the added extra of changing the theme colour and brightness. Everything you need is nicely laid out on the screen. The modes and functions are very simple to use and it does offer a great vape true to the power it’s set at and fast responsive firing.

The Unitool app I downloaded and had a play with. While not offering a massive amount that you cannot do on the mod’s settings, there are other settings you can change on the mod if that’s your thing. It is nicely laid out and an easy app to use.

The Unione PnM tank is decent enough. It is more of a pod-style tank due to its magnetic ‘PnP style’ base and 510 bottom it attaches into. The juice capacity is quite deceiving as the main tank base has the bottom obscured within the 510 base, so what looks like 2ml within the glass, is actually 4ml with the juice sitting in the main tank base frame. The clouds and flavour on the Uniplus coils, when used in the PnM tank, are not bad! I did get slightly more flavour on the lower 0.15Ω compared to the 0.3Ω coil, but there wasn’t really much difference other than being able to push more power through it.

The airflow on the Unione works easily, though I did find it slightly restrictive even with the airflow wide open. No leaks to speak of and just the usual minor condensation on the bottom of the coil when heavily vaping.

I do recommend the kit if you are in the market for a single 18650 device and a simple sub-ohm tank. The Unibox is a nice design and works very well. To pick up the kit (garish colours included) head on over to Sourcemore via the links at the start of the review. Thanks for reading and have a good day!

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