Xlim Pod by Oxva

Xlim Pod Kit by Oxva

A review today for a pod stick that was released a little while back; this is the Xlim Pod Kit by Oxva. Over the last few years, Oxva has continued to release really good vape products and I always seem to have an Oxva product in my daily vape setups. You can check out their products on their website via the link above and they also have an online store to buy direct from them.

This Xlim pod kit was kindly supplied by Oxva for the purpose of review. I have actually owned one for a little while and use it often, so will break the kit down and share how it runs in the review. This version is running the latter V2 pods which are apparently much improved from the first V1 pods. There is a more recent Xlim SE kit released, though that one doesn’t have a display screen like this. So let’s jump in and check it out.

Packaging & Contents

Oxva’s Xlim comes in a cardboard box with an outer cardboard sleeve. The sleeve is coloured brightly with a glossy background. On the top of the sleeve printed in a silver font are Oxva branding and the title of the device with the slogan ‘X-Treme Flavor’. Underneath is a picture of the device and in the bottom corner is a label, stating it is 2ml capacity and the colour of the device inside.

On the right side of the sleeve, again printed in Silver is Oxva branding and on the left side are 3 key features of the Xlim pod. On the bottom of the outer sleeve is a printed description of the pod kit, contents, Oxva’s contact info and warnings. At the bottom are two labels. One includes the serial number, barcode and device colour and the other label is a scratch-and-check authenticity panel.

Inside the box includes:

  • Oxva Xlim Device.
  • 0.6Ω Xlim V2 Cartridge (pre-installed on device).
  • 0.8Ω Xlim V2 Cartridge.
  • Type-C Cable.
  • Replacement Sensor protector.
  • User Manual.
  • Warranty Card.
  • QR Code & Tips leaflet.

Oxva Xlim Kit Contents

Xlim Device Design & Spec.

The Xlim is a little pod stick device measuring 111mm in height with the pod installed, 24mm in width and a depth of 14mm. It is built with aluminium alloy and PCTG with a weight of just 45g. The device runs via an internal 900mAh battery and charges via a Type-C USB with a DC of 5V/1A. It is capable of running a maximum output of 25w, though this is dependent on the pod cartridge resistance used.

Oxva Xlim Pod Kit DeviceOn the front of the Xlim device is a 0.42″ OLED Mini screen, above the main power/fire button, that has a built-in LED with an ‘X’ symbol. At the bottom of the front is printed OXVA branding. On the right side of the Xlim is an airflow control slider that opens or closes 3 slots to control airflow. At the bottom of that side is a subtle printed ‘XLIM’ branding. All the edges of the device are nicely smoothed off and there is the Type-C charge port on the base of the Xlim.

At the top is where the Xlim pod cartridge simply slots in and connects magnetically. The connection inside the device has a rubber protector to stop the sensor from getting wet with any condensation from the pod. There is also a spare one of these in the box should it need changing at any time.

To power on or off the device, it is the usual 5 fast clicks of the power/fire button. You can adjust the wattage by fast pressing the power/fire button 3 times and then pressing the power/fire button to select your preferred power. The Photon chip inside will automatically set the wattage on the cartridge resistance inserted, so you will only be able to push the wattage up to a certain point to stop the cartridge from burning out. To lock the fire button, you can activate this on and off by pressing the power/fire button 4 times.

Oxva Xlim Pod Kit BackThe Xlim is fired by either the button or via the auto-draw. When the fire button is locked as above, you can still vape via the auto-draw. As usual, the device has multiple safety protections on the Photon chip.

The screen displays all the necessary info with power in a larger font and the current battery level just above. Underneath is current resistance and a 4-digit puff counter. You can reset the puff counter by pressing the power/fire button 7 times.

You have a range of gradient colours to choose from in the Xlim Pod range, such as Black White, Arctic Ice Blue, Black Red, Blue Green or the one being reviewed; Green Lemon.

Xlim V2 Cartridges/Pods

Oxva Xlim V2 PodTwo Oxva Xlim V2 cartridges are supplied in the kit. There is a 0.6Ω that is pre-installed on the device or the 0.8Ω in the box. There is also another resistance available separately of 1.2Ω. The coils are built into the pod so you cannot just replace the coils.

They have an E-liquid capacity of 2ml and are filled by a removable rubber bung on the side near the bottom. The pods are made of PCTG in a smoked colour so you can see the E-liquid inside.

At the bottom is a magnetic connection which simply slots into the top of the Xlim device. Also situated at the bottom of the pod are 2 holes for airflow (fed from the side of the device) and the printed resistance of the cartridge.

My Thoughts

The Xlim by Oxva is an exceptional small pod stick and in my opinion, one of the best little pod kits out there at the moment! I usually have a few little pod kits going in my daily rotation devices and this Xlim has completely retired my Uwell Caliburn A2; for me, it’s better!

It is such a portable little thing so it’s easy to throw into a pocket when on the move. Despite its size, it gives a superb vape. I mostly use the 0.8Ω for a mouth-to-lung vape and the 0.6Ω for both MTL and a very restricted direct-to-lung. The flavour on both pods in the kit is very good and found no problems even with wicking 70VG/30PG juices. I’ve also found that the pod/cartridges do last very well, going by the Xlim I used previously from this review. Battery life is also very good giving me a day’s worth when moderately vaping throughout. Plug it in for a full charge in around 30 minutes.

It has a very responsive fire and even using just the auto draw function, there is very little difference, so have found that I am not even pressing the fire to vape a lot of the time. The screen is clear and adjusting wattage (if you need to) is user-friendly with just some clicks of the button. I’ve had zero leaks both from this and the other one I have been using for a while. In fact, there isn’t much of any condensation issue on the base of the pod to speak of. I haven’t had to replace the sensor protector on the older one.

Both starters and experienced vapers will see the advantage in the Xlim. For experienced vapers that are mostly DTL, it’s an easy device to carry around and puff on when you can’t use bigger devices. Seasoned MTL vapers; you will probably find yourself picking this up a lot, as for me, the vape beats some separate MTL tanks out there.

For the starter looking to cut back the cigs, it’s a brilliant device giving a perfect mouth-to-lung draw packing some good flavour. Don’t even look at Disposable vapes, get an Oxva Xlim and a bottle of your favourite E-liquid for an all-around better experience.

To pick up the Xlim Pod Kit by Oxva, head over to their website and store via the links at the start of the review. Alternatively, check out your local vape store or search at your usual online vape haunts!

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