G Class V2 by SXmini

G Class V2 by YiHi SXmini

Review by Jen_Turista

YiHi SXmini G Class V2 Mod: Just Beautiful!

Howdeedo, vapefam! It’s the third quarter of 2022 and the reviews are still coming in hot!

Today we have something a little different from your run-of-the-mill vape device. Indeed, the SX mini G Class V2 Mod is no ordinary mod, and we will see the different reasons why in this review. But first, please allow me to thank YiHi SX mini and The Vape Reviews for giving me the awesome privilege to review this device (HUGE Thank You!).

I must say that I haven’t had the chance to use a device made by YiHi SX mini before, and so I am coming into this review not only getting the first experience with the product, but also with the company/manufacturer themselves. But YiHi has been around a long time, starting in 2010 as a chipset manufacturer. In 2014, they successfully added the SX mini brand where the vape devices themselves are under and haven’t really looked back since.

When it comes to a finely tuned mod, most experienced vapers will know to look for one of two main chipset makers in the market: Evolv(DNA) and YiHi SX mini. That’s because one’s vaping experience is largely influenced by the performance of the chipset contained in the mod. This is the beating heart that will make you love (or hate) a mod.

Now, most mods out there will come with a chipset that is proprietary and gets the job done for the most part. However, for vapers who want more technology, features, customisation and so much more from their mod, that’s where a mod like the YiHi SXmini G Class V2 comes in. In crude terms, most mods out there will cater for the masses like H&M, whereas a mod like the YiHi SXmini G Class V2 is more like Paul Smith, i.e., quite pricey for an impulse buy but nothing you couldn’t save up for if you really wanted one. Do forgive my analogy using UK fashion brands, but I hope it makes sense and illustrates the point! 😊

But as always, I will be testing this mod as an average vaper, as most of you guys reading this review will be.

Packaging and Contents

SXmini G Class V2 Box ContentsI was sent what I believe to be the retail version of the YiHi SX mini G Class V2 Mod packaging that contained:

  • The mod, operates using dual 18650 batteries.
  • A user manual QR code. Yep, that’s right, the manual isn’t in the box but is rather online!
  • A USB-C Charging cable.
  • A transparent sticker for protecting the base of the mod, as an optional accessory.
  • And cards for warranty and warnings.

Salient Features include:

  • Goes from 10W to 200W in power.
  • Reads 0.05-3.0 ohms in resistance.
  • Temperature range of 100℃-300 ℃/212℉-572℉.
  • Output Voltage of 0.7-6V.
  • Measures about 94mm x 48mm x 34mm. Yes, this mod comes with a generous 510 platform where a 30 mm atomiser will not look out of place at all!
  • Made with zinc alloy, aluminium and ABS.
  • Comes in relatively heavy at 150g, especially as seemingly the name of the game for mods these days is as compact and light as they can be made. Not the SX mini G Class V2 though!
  • Bright, coloured, crisp screen.
  • Has a USB-C port for its 2A charging and firmware upgrade (highly recommend you use an external charger though!).
  • Uses the SX750 chipset, which is waterproof and packed full of goodness including modes of operation (wattage, voltage, bypass, TC [Ni200, Ti, SS430, SS316], TCR), Wi-Fi capabilities, 4thgeneration temp control, smart boost, preset and DIY curves, and 2 CPUs. That’s right, this mod has a CPU exclusively for the UI, and another CPU dedicated to vaping. How cool is that?!
SXmini G Class V2 Contents
Impressions and Experience

The box that I received was surprisingly simple and straightforward. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not displeasing or anything, but just not really what I expected for what is considered to be a high-end mod. A coloured photo of the device is on the sleeve, together with information about the device, box contents, and standard warnings. The mod and its accessories are found nestled on a soft foam tray, placed inside a white hard cardboard box whose lid flips up open.

The kit contents, hardware-wise, are about what I expected this mod to come with, but the nice surprise was the sticker for the mod base. I actually did install this and was glad I did, as it allowed me to avoid any heart-braking scratches at the bottom. Such a small thing to include but does make a tangible difference to me and perhaps to other vapers as well- well done here Yihi SX mini!

Mod Aesthetics & Ergonomics

YiHi SXmini G Class V2 Battery DoorsNot gonna lie, this mod is an absolute beauty! I received the Matte Black/Black Phoenix finish and it is just stunning. The metal frame is finished to the highest standard, with the metal battery doors on either side having an intricately designed phoenix pattern. Whereas some companies might have opted for bright red/yellow colours to convey that “phoenix” look, this mod does so subtly and classily.

The metal frame has a panel on the back that can light up to display “SX mini” proudly. The fire button and joystick are placed squarely on the mod with no play whatsoever and with the USB-C port underneath. Up top is that big 510 plate which appears to be securely screwed onto the metal frame for that sturdy feel.

G Class V2 Battery CompartmentThe battery doors attach to the grooved metal frame perfectly via very strong magnets. I much prefer magnetic battery doors to those that slide in/out: they won’t break easily and so should stand the test of time. I have to say that the doors themselves do have a bit of weight on them, and so if you ever find the mod to be heavy, you can opt to purchase plastic battery doors as one of this kit’s accessories. I haven’t been sent these plastic doors but from what I can tell in my research, they appear to be just as well made as the metal doors.

The batteries install into the mod easily, with clear enough polarity markers. Uninstalling the batteries will not be a problem as well as each battery compartment has a short ribbon to help you out.

Now, looking at the battery compartments and the mod itself, it does appear that the mod is much larger than the length and diameter of the 18650 cells it holds, but I suppose this was necessary to keep all the technology packed inside, and for the mod to have a nice balance. And let me tell you, in the hand, it really feels sturdy and on an even keel, even without batteries inside. These days, that’s not that common with more and more dual cell mods striving to cut weight at the expense of balance. So this is definitely a pro in my book, particularly when using this mod with chunky atomisers filled with loads of E-liquid.

Does it look and feel like a £150++ mod? Absolutely! And you will be even more convinced once we start discussing all the bells and whistles that come with this mod.

Wi-Fi Set-up

This is a first for me: a mod that has its own Wi-Fi capabilities! Whowuddathunkit?! I’ve reviewed mods before that required apps to be installed on to a smartphone, or required software to be installed into a computer, and so this feature was very interesting for me coming into this review. Primarily to see: 1) if it works, 2) how well does it work, and 3) is it going to be easy enough for the average vaper to navigate through. Let’s find out!

Tinkering with the Wi-Fi was one of the very first things I did with the mod. Being a YiHi SX mini-mod, a lot of its selling points will come down to firmware, so it is usually important to have the most up-to-date version installed.

SXmini G Class V2 Wifi HomepageThe unique thing about the SX mini G Class V2 is that it comes with its own Wi-Fi network! It is not activated by default and all the time, so you’d need to go into the menu, select Wi-Fi, and the mod will guide you through the whole set-up process which will only require your smartphone.

My initial attempt was using an Android smartphone with a Google Chrome browser, and it wasn’t really working no matter what I tried. The main issue I encountered was that, once the mod is connected to the phone via its own network, the phone itself cannot find the link back to the mod (if that makes sense). And so I tried it again, but this time with an iPhone, and voila, it worked seamlessly!

Once the connection is established (that is, your mod is connected to your phone via the same Wi-Fi network), you’ll be taken to a browser page where you will be presented with different things you can do with your mod. You can upgrade the firmware (the very first thing I did once I got to this stage), access the user manual, seek support, and personalise your mod further by changing themes, settings, and wallpapers (and you’re not limited to default wallpapers either!).

Now, I am not sure whether it was just my Android phone with the issue but I hope you bear this in mind when using the Wi-Fi functionality of this mod. Saying all that, I am very impressed with how YiHi SX mini implemented this feature on the mod: it’s easy to set up (with the right phone) with quick navigation and performance. Indeed, performing my firmware update took less than a minute which is really impressive. If I can be picky though, I am hoping that in the future, YiHi SX mini can introduce more settings that can be tweaked over Wi-Fi. But as it stands, this feature will provide what you need and everything else can be adjusted using the mod itself.

Edit: Since posting the review, David from SXmini has been in touch and pointed out that it is probably the always reconnect feature on the Android device interfering with set-up. For more info and if you have trouble setting it to wifi, have a look at this video for help! Thanks David!

The SX750 Chipset

Now we get to the meat of it: how does it perform?

Without spoiling the review too much, I can say without a shadow of a doubt that this mod deserves a chef’s kiss!
But first, let’s go through some basics of mod operation. So there are basically two ways you can make changes with the mod. The first one is mainly driven by the joystick and what you can see/select on the screen. The screen’s display is customisable, but on the main, it tells you:

  • Battery life (can be displayed in bars or both bars + percentage by accessing main menu).
  • The mode you are in (wattage, voltage, material-specific TC, TCR can be chosen using displayed shortcuts).
  • The number of puffs in the current session.
  • Live ohm load.
  • Power/temperature/voltage level (joystick up/down to adjust, but it does scroll on the slow side). In TCR, you can choose between hot, warm, normal, cool, and cold presets. Flicking the joystick right in this section allows you to adjust the temperature and voltage for each TC preset.
  • Amp draw from batteries.
  • Smart boost indicator.
  • Lock indicator.
  • Main menu shortcut.
  • The curve you have running (10 presets, with the last 3 customisable: soft, neutral, hard, CWM-3s, CWM-5s, CWM-7s, CWM-10s, SXIEQ-1, SXIEQ-2, SXIEQ-3).

SXmini G Class V2 Front ViewThe joystick lets you highlight different sections of the screen to allow you to adjust these on the fly, and you can make your selection by pressing the joystick button. Personally, I found myself hardly ever going into the main menu with these joystick shortcuts in place, which is really nice as sometimes the Main Menu can get rather overwhelming.

Other notable joystick shortcuts are:

  1. Press all the way to the left and hold: changes wallpaper (theme-dependent).
  2. Press all the way to the right and hold: changes UI font colour.
  3. Pressing the fire button five times allows you to access the menu (you can also do this by highlighting this section on the screen), and pressing it three times locks/unlocks the entire mod. On the other hand, pressing the joystick three times will lock/unlock the joystick, which is a very useful feature especially as the joystick can be sensitive.

When you load the mod with an atomiser, the mod will ask you about locking the resistance(auto-resample) and begins a 10-minute clock to read (but never really runs down the 10 minutes). It’s not really a big deal outside of TC vaping, at least in my opinion, so I only really used it when vaping in TC and just aborted the option for other vaping modes. When used, the mod suggests the power level and even the curve for the resistance, which is again a very cool feature to have in TC. It even asks for the room temperature to have a more accurate read!

Now, this is where it can get a bit much for the average vaper, but in the Main Menu we can find:

  • Temp Limit: this is where you can make tweaks relevant to TC vaping including TCR settings, toggle auto resample on/off, change room temperature value, and see a visual representation of your current TC settings.
  • Puff counter: where you’ll be able to see the number of puffs (lifetime, current day) including daily log curves, choose which number to show on screen, and adjust when the mod should reset for the daily puff counts.
  • Shutdown: to enable you to turn the mod off.
  • Smart Boost: to toggle this feature on/off, change the power increase associated with the boost and for how long, and adjust the amount of time before the coil will require a full boost.
  • Wi-Fi: to toggle this feature on/off and see the mod’s network credentials.
  • Tweaks: where you can adjust A LOT of things. These include: normal and vaping screen brightness, screen timeout, clock timeout, auto locks for shortcuts and the device itself, auto watt suggestion on/off, mod auto shutdown on/off (helps to avoid any parasitic discharge), the brightness of light panel on the back of the mod, battery display (if you want % displayed), vape cut-off time, battery CDR detection to avoid overloading, night mode screen brightness, and when night mode starts and ends. Phew! That’s a lot of tweaking you can do!
  • Themes: to change different preloaded themes and those you can download into the mod by connecting it via Wi-Fi. There are 3 theme slots.
  • Language: yes, this mod even gives you options for firmware language! You can also download languages, but for now, it covers the “major” languages like English, Spanish, Chinese, French and others.
  • Time & Date: to change the time and date displayed on the mod.
  • Stats: to see other information including remaining battery life in voltage, live and locked ohm loads, memory profile in use, Wi-Fi information, puffs, firmware version, chipset, and device serial number.
    Although it can be a lot to digest, using the mod as well as its options is rather intuitive. There will be a learning curve to get to a point of being comfortable using this mod especially if you are used to “H&M” type mods, but it should be fairly quick and more so once you learn the best way for you to vape with this mod.

Mod Performance

YiHi SXmini G Class V2 Side ViewNow that we got the technical stuff out of the way, let’s talk about how all of that translates into actual use. For this part, and for the sake of keeping this review at an acceptable length, I will focus on how it performs in power/wattage mode, and in TC.

For wattage mode, I really have no qualms with this mod, with probably the only slight niggle being the slow 1-watt adjustments. It fires quick and accurate to the curve I chose. In this mode, I ran the device under the neutral curve with a 120% smart boost for 0.2 seconds. It does make a difference in warmth, taste, and clouds, and I was very happy with it overall. It gave a consistent and smooth vape even with decreasing battery life.

For TC mode, this is where I think this mod really shines! I have never been much for TC vaping as I find it too cumbersome but actually fell in love with it during my time using and reviewing this mod. Using 0.16 ohm Ni coils, I ran the mod under TC Ni and my word, the difference in vaping the same build in wattage mode was quite profound! I got far more flavour and warmth that naturally ramps up in TC vaping, thereby making my vaping experience far more enjoyable. The way TC is configured in this mod is done so well and so beginner-friendly, I highly recommend at least trying this mode even if you’re not a TC vaper.

But as always, there is no such thing as a perfect mod, and I have found a few things that do stand out:

  • The battery life display on the main screen can be wonky at times, displaying percentages that vary within a 5% range.
  • Pressing the fire button 5 times to turn the mod on doesn’t always work. Perhaps it is just in the mod I was using, but it takes me usually around 3 tries before the mod recognises the 5 clicks.
  • Charging was fast enough but there seems to be a lag in battery life displayed upon plugging the mod in versus the actual battery life (if that makes sense). For example, the batteries could display 71% each at the start, but 5 seconds later the mod will indicate 78%. Not a big deal but again, something I noticed.

Overall: Yay or Nay?

With the pros heavily outweighing the very few cons, I strongly recommend the Yihi SX mini G Class V2 mod! Of course, with the mod’s hefty price tag, it’s going to be an investment type of purchase as opposed to a random mod purchase, at least for most of us!

With its sleek looks, well-designed ergonomics, and the fact that it comes choc-full of features, you can’t really go wrong with this mod. It will do pretty much everything you will need it to do for vaping and can cater to your individual vaping style.

I can see this mod being of most value to experienced vapers, particularly those that are into rebuilding, and those into TC vaping. Beginner vapers, I would say that you can leave this mod for a future purchase once you get the hang of how you want to vape, as the options available in the mod can be daunting.

And that’s it! I might not have covered everything but I hope this review helped you to gain a better understanding of this mod and everything it offers.

You can see more about the device and purchase the G Class V2 from SXmini via the links at the start of the review. My sincerest thanks again to YiHi SX mini and The Vape Reviews for sending this mod for my review!

This review was written by jen_turista who is very active within the vape community. You can go give her a follow on Instagram and Twitter.

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