Vaper’s Oasis by Darkstar

Vapers Oasis by Darkstar

Back with an Eliquid review today (it’s been a minute since a juice review) and this is Vaper’s Oasis by Darkstar. These guys have a massive range of their own mix of flavours, and so far, I haven’t had a bad juice from Darkstar yet! Their ranges come in Shortfill size, One-Shot or their own Bottle Shots®, so you have a good choice on how you want to do it. If DIY mixing is your thing, you’ll also find a selection of VG, PG and concentrates there!

So let’s check out one of Darkstar’s more recent flavours in ‘Vaper’s Oasis’.

The Packaging

I have the Shortfill version of the flavour which comes in a 120ml bottle with 100ml of Eliquid leaving room for a few Nicotine or Cooling shots. Remember you can also purchase this flavour in a One-Shot or Bottle Shot®. That way, if you are confident in adding VG and PG, you can get more juice for your buck!

The Shortfill bottle is a Chubby Gorilla clear bottle with a Black label wrapped around it. The label has the Darkstar branding in various places and on the front is a light-coloured panel, featuring the printed title along with a graphic of a sunset and a palm tree giving off an ‘Oasis’ feel. On the right side of the label is a printed description of the Eliquid flavour, along with instructions for adding shots as well as warnings and a bar code.

On the bottom of the bottle is a label with a printed batch number and the ‘best before’ date of the Eliquid.

The E-liquid

By the title and label graphic, it’s clear this juice is going to be fruity and is described on the Darkstar website as; Experience a surge of exotic fruits like you’ve never had before. A lush, refreshing paradise of juicy flavour, Vaper’s Oasis is no mirage. Give your taste buds the oasis they’ve been seeking.

The liquid base ratio seems to be 70VG/30PG and due to how clear the liquid is, I think it’ll be good for a ‘shake n’ vape’ without waiting a long steep time after adding any shots. When having a whiff from the bottle, its scent is of a mash of Fruit and can tell this one is probably going to be bursting with flavour.

Device used: SXmini SL Class V2 and Wotofo Profile RDA with a 0.4Ω Fused Clapton Coil.

The Flavour

On the vape, Vaper’s Oasis by Darkstar is a mix of fruits that is definitely going to appeal to fruity vapers. The mixture of fruits seems to meld together really well to create its own taste. For me on this setup, the Pineapple is the leader poking through more on the inhale, and then the other fruits pop in more leading into the exhale. I can taste something that holds the fruit together, almost like a touch of Coconut as it gives me Pina Colada vibes.

If you like your flavours fruity, you cannot go wrong with this juice. There is sweetness but not too much and just an all out well rounded fruity flavour that lingers somewhat on the aftertaste. Who needs Summer for ‘Summer vapes’, when there is a banging fruit flavour like this?

My score: 8.8/10 – For those that like it Fruity, this is a must! Perfect all-day vape!

To pick up Vaper’s Oasis by Darkstar, head over to their website via the links at the start of the review. A 100ml shortfill bottle is just £8.95 at the time of writing. There is also the option to add Nicotine shots to your order if you need them!

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