Knight 40 Kit by Smoant

Smoant Knight 40 Kit

A review today for a small pod kit that can run both Direct Lung and Mouth to Lung vaping, this is the Knight 40 Kit by Smoant. Smoant has been a big player in the vape scene for many years producing both reliable and good-looking vape hardware. You can check out their range via the links above on their website, where you’ll find the latest and greatest in their Mods, Atomisers and Pod Kits collection. They are a very approachable manufacturer too so if you need help with anything Smoant, just shoot them an email that is listed on their website!

So let’s check out this recent Knight 40 Kit and see how she vapes!

The Packaging & Box Contents

Smoant’s Knight 40 Kit comes in a Black box with a nicely designed futuristic-feel printed outer sleeve. The top of the outer sleeve has an embossed image of the pod kit surrounded by a designed border in a shiny colour. The brand, title and 3 key features of the device are also printed in panels. A batch number is printed up the top. On the top and bottom sides have a printed ‘Knight 40’ title.

The bottom of the outer sleeve also has the printed design border and inside that is the printed title, package contents and contact info for Smoant. Stuck on the bottom are two labels; one is the barcode that includes the colour of the kit inside and the other label is a ‘scratch and check’ authenticity sticker with a QR code too.

The outer sleeve slides off to reveal the main box with printed Smoant branding on the top. The contents inside the box are;

  • Knight 40 Device.
  • Cartridge/Pod with a 0.35Ω coil pre-installed.
  • Spare S-6 1.1Ω Mesh Coil.
  • Type-C USB Charge Cable.
  • User Manual, Warranty Card & Certificate.

Knight 40 By Smoant Box Contents

Smoant Knight 40 Device

Knight 40 Kit CompleteThe Knight 40 is a ‘side by side’ looking device but with a built-in 1500mAh battery capable of 1-40W of power. It measures 84.5mm in height, 42mm in depth and width of 23mm. It’s built with sturdy PCTG with a Zinc Alloy base and top, and the unit weighs in at just 33 grams. The output voltage is 3.2-4.2V and the charging is 5V/1A.

The design of the Knight 40 has a very futuristic look with its cut-outs and contours around the device. When viewing the device at the side, one side has a viewable internal battery with subtle ‘Smoant’ branding. The other side contains the display screen with cutouts above to see the juice level within the pod.

The body of the Knight 40 is smoked PCTG so you can see inside the device. Over on one side is the Type-C charge port located at the rear of the display screen. The pod simply pushes in flush at the top of the device (more about the pod and coils shortly).

Located at the bottom front of the Knight 40 is the display screen with the main power/fire circular button above. Under the screen is the + and – button. To power on or off the device, it is the usual 5 fast clicks of the main button. 3 main button clicks will take you to the Mode menu where the display will flash and you can use the + or – buttons to select mode. This is between VW and DVW. In DVW mode, you can select curves via the + and – button. Holding the fire button and – button together will enter the 0.5-2 second time curve setting and then holding the fire button for 1 second to lock in your curve setting and return.

Smoant Knight 40 Display ScreenIn both modes, installing the pod will auto-identify the coil resistance and set the best-recommended wattage. Holding the + and – buttons in VW mode will lock and unlock the wattage and +/- buttons. To reset the puff counter, it’s simply a case of holding the fire button along with the + and – buttons where the four-digit puff counter will reset.

All the usual safety precautions are on the regulated Knight 40 device and the screen will warn accordingly. This includes ‘Shorted’ from a coil short and ‘Too Hot’ if the PCB is over 60c.

This Knight 40 kit by Smoant being reviewed is in Black colour but it is also available in Stainless Steel, Gunmetal and Rainbow. The PCTG are all in the same smoked semi-opaque and the colour is only on the Alloy parts of the devices.

Smoant Knight 40 Pod & Coils

One pod is supplied in the Knight 40 kit box which takes replaceable Smoant S-series coils. The pod again is a tough smoked PCTG to match the device and it has a fixed drip tip up top. The coil simply pushes up into the pod from the bottom locking into the chimney inside. You will need to screw the coil into the coil base first.

Smoant Knight 40 Pod and S CoilsOn the back of the pod is a removable rubber bung to fill or refill the pod that holds 3.5ml of E-liquid (2ml for TPD-governed countries). At the top under the drip tip is a ledge that connects flush to the Knight 40 device. On this ledge is an adjustable airflow slider so you can set your desired airflow while vaping.

The Knight 40 can be used either in Mouth to lung or Direct lung configuration which largely depends on the coil resistance used and your preferred airflow setting. Smoant supplies both a 1.1Ω and 0.35Ω coil in the kit so you can select how you want to vape or switch it up if you vape both ways.

Both coils supplied are the latest upgraded Mesh S-coils from Smoant and there are also other resistance options you can purchase separately. Further to that, you can also purchase an RBA if you want to add your own coil build which is the Smoant Santi S-RBA. I have tested this RBA and will sum it up in my thoughts on the kit.

My Thoughts

After using the Smoant Knight 40 Kit for the past few weeks, I’m happy to recommend this as a great little portable pod kit. A futuristic design with smooth edges and a ‘side-by-side mod look to it make it an appealing device. It’s a perfect size in the hand and small enough to slip into a pocket or small bag.

The display screen is small but does show all the info you need such as the wattage, mode, resistance, puff counter and battery level. The fire button is positioned quite low, so you have to get used to it a bit if you are used to devices with the button set higher on the device. The Knight 40 is pretty much a plug-and-play so just fill the pod, plop it in and you’re good to go! You can play with the mode of the curves if you so wish, but it’s not a necessity.

The battery on the Knight 40 lasts a long while, in fact, in an MTL set-up with the higher ohm coil inserted, it lasts really long before needing a charge, compared to other devices or similar form factor. I got a good few days before it needed a charge again. The unit also charges from a flat battery very quickly.

Both coils supplied in the kit give a very flavourful and smooth vape either in the Mouth to lung or Direct lung setup. This is something this kit does so well; both styles of vaping are really good on the Knight 40. Using the lower ohm coil, with the higher power and adjusting the airflow on the pod wider, you can achieve a very good direct-to-lung vape. Comparatively, the higher ohm coil with a lower airflow on lower power gives a really decent mouth-to-lung vape. A lot of other pod kits claim to do both styles of vaping but don’t quite hit the mark as this device does. I’ve had no leaking from the pod at all during my time using it.

The Smoant Santi S-RBA is available separately and I spent a few days just using that. Like all RBAs for smaller kits, it can be fiddly to install the coil and wick on the tiny deck but once you’ve got it, it vapes really well. Obviously, the RBA is more for experienced vapers with coiling knowledge and is really aimed at an MTL vape for a tiny coil. It does come with the 510 adaptor so you can test the build before putting it in the Knight 40 pod.

All in all, a great little kit for seasoned vapers and beginners alike and so good to see a kit that takes replaceable (very good) coils in Smoant’s S coil series.

To find out more about the Smoant Knight 40 Kit, head over to the Smoant website via the links at the start of the review. Thanks for reading!

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