Drumstick Squashies by Lickwid

Drumstick Squashies by Darkstar

Changing things up with an e-liquid review today and this is Drumstick Squashies by Lickwid. The Lickwid line is a range mixed from the Darkstar stables and there are a fair few flavours worth checking out in that line-up. Darkstar is a household name for vapers in the UK with a massive selection of their own e-liquids as well as mixing DIY supplies. If you’ve not already, make sure you check them out as there is some superb juice at amazing prices!

So let’s check out this fairly recent flavour from Darkstar in the Lickwid range.

The Packaging

Lickwid’s Drumstick Squashies comes in a shortfill 120ml Chubby Gorilla bottle with 100ml of e-liquid inside. You can also purchase this flavour in Darkstar’s One Shot or Bottle Shot® if you prefer to add your own VG and PG. A glossy Pink and light wavey label wraps the bottle with a large ‘Lickwid’ white printed title in a fancy font. Printed under the branding is the ‘Drumstick Squashies’ title with ‘0MG 100ML Max VG’ printed underneath.

On the left side of the label are small printed contact info, e-liquid contents, warnings and the bar code. Over on the right side of the label is a printed flavour description information and social media for LickwidUK.

Stuck on the bottom of the bottle is a label with a printed batch number and a best-before date.

The E-liquid

Lickwid’s Drumstick Squashies is described over on the Darkstar website as; “Experience the epitome of classic candy flavour. Combining smooth, creamy raspberry and milk to create an unrivalled interpretation of these renowned squashy treats. This flavour was tested in our DS Labs range and is now back by popular demand!”.

Drumstick SquashiesHere in the UK (and possibly beyond) Drumstick Squashies are a confectionary sweet with a Raspberry and Milk flavour. They are a soft ‘Squashie’ Mallow-type sweet and the ‘Drumstick part’ is based on the popular more-chewier old school Drumstick Lollies of the same flavour.

The base ratio is max VG before adding any shots and due to the creaminess of the flavour, if you are adding some Nic shots, let it steep for a while to meld and let that cream pop out more. On having a whiff from the bottle, it is a strong Raspberry and rich cream scent, exactly like the smell you’d get from sticking your hooter into a bag of Squashies.

Device used: Geekvape T200 Aegis Touch and Wotofo Profile RDA with a 0.4Ω Fused Clapton Coil.

The Flavour

On the vape, Lickwid’s Drumstick Squashies is a bang-on rendition of the popular sweets. The Raspberry milkiness combines perfectly with a candied flavour that seems to add a texture to the main taste. If you’re a vaper that also likes these sweets, then this is an e-liquid you MUST get, as it’s such a good comparison to the Squashies.

I also tried this in a mouth-to-lung set-up and while it was a nice flavour, it doesn’t really become uncanny to the sweets flavour until direct lung at a higher wattage and a lower ohm coil. In an MTL, at least for me, it was a pleasant tasting Raspberry Milkshake.

This is a must-get if you haven’t tried this already and are a fan of the popular sweets and/or Raspberry Milk. It is a sweet one but is definitely something you can vape all day!

My Score: 8.8/10 – A perfect Drumstick Squashies condensed into an e-liquid!

To purchase Drumstick Squashies by Lickwid, click the links within the review to be taken over to the Darkstar website. A shortfill bottle with 100ml of e-liquid, at the time of writing, is just £9.95. You can also add nicotine shots to your order for a small amount more. Thanks for reading!

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