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Yihi SX mini Vi Class

An AIO review today and something a little bit different from the norm, this is the Vi Class by SXmini. This device sees the brand jumping into the popular AIO market soon after the higher-end G Class V2 and SL Class 2 releases. The Vi (simply pronounced as ‘V’) class also comes with an option of dipping into the Dot-sized atomiser market to use in the device, further to their own VP cartridges and VT coils manufactured by SXmini.

I’ll go over the Vi Class device and how it comes, as well as the optional extras you can currently purchase. So let’s dive in!

Packaging & Contents

The Vi Class by SXmini comes in a small cardboard box with an outer card sleeve. On top of the outer sleeve is a ‘Vi Class’ title printed at the top and below is an image of the device in Blue/Pearl White colour. Below is one of those large printed Nicotine warnings we are used to over on this side of the world. Running up the side at the top of the box and onto each side is a mesh-looking design strip, with ‘SX mini’ printed into it.

On the bottom of the outer sleeve is the printed title which states that it is powered by the YiHi SX505J chip. There are also printed contents, 3 key features of the Vi Class, warnings, contact & social media info for SXmini and a bar code. Of course, thanks to TPD rules, we are greeted with another large Nicotine warning printed on the bottom.

On one end of the main box is a printed label. This includes the title, the colour of the device inside (This one is Fire Yellow/White), batch number and production date.

The contents inside the box include:

  • Vi Class Device.
  • Type-C USB Cable.
  • 1 x 0.4Ω Mesh Coil Cartridge (Pod).
  • User Manual.
  • Warranty Card.
  • 2 x Drip tips (for MTL and DTL vaping).

SXmini Vi Class Box Contents

SXmini Vi Class Device

YiHi SX Mini Vi Class Picture 1The device measures 82.2mm in height, 48mm in width and a depth of 22mm. It powers via an external 18650 battery and runs from 1-60W in wattage mode using the YiHi SX505J chipset.

The Vi Class device detaches into 2 parts; the main unit and the coloured outer shell, where the main unit slides into the top of the outer shell and clicks at the base. You can then release the main body easily from the shell, by pushing the main body up from the bottom.

The outer shell has cutouts within its alloy material that matches up when connected to the main body. One side is the atomiser window so you can refill or see the current juice level, with an airflow slot below. There is an etched SXmini branding near the bottom. On the other side of the shell is a cutout for the main power/fire button and the display screen near the bottom.

On the Vi Class main white inner body is a slot for a 18650 battery. Situated next to that, at the top, is the slot for the atomiser with the magnetic connection at the bottom. At the top of the device, on one side above the atomiser compartment, is the drip tip mounted on a removable lugnut. Two clear tips are supplied in the kit; a thinner bore directed towards more of an MTL vape and a wider bore tip for DTL and RDTL. Under the tip is a 510 lugnut to secure the atomiser and push it to the connection on the Vi Class.

SXmini Vi Class Main Body Side 2Innovatively, the drip tips have a small point at each side of the base to connect to the lugnut, so you can unscrew easily without looking around for a coin every time you want to change out the atomiser/pod.

The other side of the main body has a power/fire button at the top in chrome, set above the up/+ and down/- buttons. Below the buttons is a small display screen. Next to that is a recess for the battery, so you don’t have to wrestle with removing the 18650 and can push it out from there. At the bottom of the main body is printed branding and a Type-C USB port for charging or updating the YiHi chip.

You can purchase the Vi Class currently in 8 colours. All the main inner bodies are the same white and the colour only applies to the outer shells. There is the option of purchasing additional outer shells, but I haven’t seen these for sale anywhere yet.

SXmini YiHi Vi Class Colors

SXmini Vi Class Settings

To power on the device, it is the usual 5 clicks of the main button. You can also lock the device with 3 clicks of the main button when powered. Also when powered on, 5 clicks of the main button will take you to the main menu. Within the main menu is 4 options. You select each option and/or adjustment by the up/+ or down/- buttons and the main fire button to select.

  • Mode: 3 modes of either Wattage, Temperature Control Mode or Pure Mode.
  • Curves: Set a Smart curve limit of 10 pre-set firing options for your vape, which works in both Wattage and Pure modes.
  • Power Symbol: To power off the Vi Class device.
  • Exit: Simply Exit the main menu.

From the 3 selectable vaping modes on the device, we are all aware of wattage and temp control, but the pure mode is something that again shows innovation from SXmini on a device like this. When using the SXmini YiHi VP cartridges in Pure Mode, it has anti-dry-hit protection for the coil in the pods. I have tested this and can confirm that trying to vape with very little e-liquid will prompt the ‘No Liquid’ warning and will not fire.

Further to the protection in Pure mode, there are also other general safety protections on the YiHi SX505J chip such as Atomiser short or too-low resistance protection.

SXmini Vi Class Display Screen

The display screen is clear with everything you need to be displayed. In wattage mode, the current power is in larger font with Resistance and Voltage on the right. On the left is the current battery level and puff counter below. In Temp Mode, it is the same layout but the current power in the centre is showing the Temperature limit. In pure mode, the wattage is there again, with the ‘Pure’ mode displayed on the right with the current coil resistance.

To reset the puff counter back to zero, simply plug in the USB Type-C cable.

VP Cartridge

SXmini YiHi VP Cartridge Pod P40The Vi Class can use SXmini’s VP Cartridges as an option within the device. The pods are refillable but the coil is sealed in the pod, so once the coil has gone, you simply throw it away and replace the cartridge.

One P40 VP Cartridge is supplied in the Vi Class kit. Replacements and other resistance levels are available separately (more about those shortly). The P40 cartridge is a 0.4Ω resistance in SS316L and the pod material is PCTG with a 4ml e-liquid capacity. Though, the capacity may be dependent on your country’s laws or VP cartridge options.

The SS316L material of the coil means you can run this in all wattage, temperature and pure modes. The front of the cartridge has a removable rubber bung for filling e-liquid and due to the opening on the Vi Class outer shell, you can fill with that left on the main inner body.

On the bottom of the P40 cartridge is a little slider which you open and close to adjust some of the airflow.

Additional Extras for Purchase

The Vi Class kit has additional extras available separately. We’ll have a quick look at what is available at the time of writing.

Replacement VP Cartridges

SXmini VP Cartridges PodsYou can obviously purchase replacement SXmini P40 cartridges separately, but there are also currently 2 other resistance options to buy should you prefer. Further to the 0.4Ω P40, there is also a P20 which is 0.8Ω and a P15 which is a 1.0Ω resistance.

All the VP cartridges look the same other than there not being a little adjustable airflow slider on the bottom of the P15 (or at least when I tried them). The VP cartridges are sold in packs of 2.

Again, e-liquid capacities may change on the cartridge or be dependent on your country’s law.

Specifications of the cartridges are;

  • P15 | SS316L | 10W-15W | recommended for MTL.
  • P20 | SS316L | 15W-20W | Mesh | recommended for MTL/RDTL.
  • P40 | SS316L | 35W-45W | Mesh | recommended for RDTL/DTL.
VIDI Adaptor Kit

YiHi SXmini VIDI Dot AdapterThe atomiser/pod space on the Vi Class has the option of housing ‘Dot AIO’ sized RBAs and tanks. To run these in the device, you will need this VIDI adapter by SXmini. This then paves the way to use a large amount of popular Dot RBAs in the Vi Class. Whether it be the BP Mods Pioneer Dot RBA or the Veepon Tita Dot-sized RBA, this adapter will give you the function to run it.

The VIDI adapter comes with the main base plate which you put into the atomiser slot on the Vi Class at the bottom. This will make the connection to the RBA by adjusting the small centre screw pin to meet the bottom of the Dot-sized RBA or tank in use.

The parts you need to run your Dot RBA are supplied in the kit and I believe it has also now been updated to include another Vi Class Outer Shell, in case your RBA sits too tight on the default shell. It also comes with a shortened 510 lugnut to fit more Dot tank sizes better.

Not all Dot tanks may be compatible with the Vi Class so check with your stockist first before purchase.

Vi Tank

YiHi SXmini VI TankIf you are not really one for disposable cartridges and prefer stock coils instead, SXmini also has a tank for the Vi Class where you can use the range of VT-replaceable coils. The VI Tank is another optional extra to purchase.

The VI Tank looks similar to the VP cartridges but has a deck on the bottom, with a middle chimney to connect any SXmini VT coil in the range. It also has an adjustable airflow control ring on the base below the deck. The deck has an etched ‘VI Tank’ on the front which is visible through the window when in the Vi Class device. Again, you can also refill when connected.

Everything is supplied in the VI Tank kit to get you started. It comes with;

  • VI Tank.
  • VI Replacement Tank plastic.
  • 1 x VT40 0.4Ω Mesh VT Coil.
  • User Guide.
  • Spare o-rings, Gaskets and fill hole bungs.
VT Coils

The VT Coils by SXmini are the replaceable coils that run on the VI Tank above. Further to the VT40 0.4Ω that is supplied in the VI Tank kit, you can also buy VT20 which is 0.8Ω mesh or the much lower resistance VT60 which is a 0.17Ω mesh. Each of the VT coil ranges are supplied in packs of 5 x coils.

YiHi SXmini VT Coils

My Thoughts

First off, I love this thing, but it took me a second try, and I’ll explain!

I used one in December 22 and put it aside due to not getting on too well with the VP cartridges, but I really wasn’t using it to its full capacity. I bought the kit along with the 1.0Ω replacement pods. I found the 1.0Ω vape far too tight without airflow and without the little airflow slider, you were locked into how they vape. I also had some leaking on the P40 0.4Ω cartridge, so although I really liked the Vi Class device itself, it sat around looking sorry for itself with the intention of using it for a dot tank setup.

YiHi SXmini VI Class ReviewOn speaking to SXmini, David informed me of 0.8Ω VT Cartridges coming (which also include the little airflow slider) and in the meantime, received a Vi Class and the current accessories. This completely changed the game for me! The P20 0.8Ω VT Cartridge was like night and day compared to the P15 1.0Ω if you want some airflow on your MTL vape. That being said, if you want a tight MTL draw, then the P15 pods are the way to go for you. I also tried another P40 0.4Ω VT cartridge and experienced no leaking at all and just some minor condensation! I also found the vape very flavourful with a smooth draw and using these in ‘Pure’ mode gave extra protection. Some faith was restored in the VT cartridges, but myself preferring more of a replaceable stock coil, I threw in the VT Tank and tried out the VT coils!

The VI Tank running the VT coil range was even better for me. An amazing vape which has honestly some of the best flavour I’ve tried on any stock coil recently. Again, also a very smooth vape in both the 0.8 MTL or 0.4 DTL (I didn’t try the other 0.17Ω resistance available). If you own a VI Class and not running it for any Dot RBA option, preferring more of a stock coil option, then I urge you to get the VI Tank with VT Coils. No leaks, amazing flavour, decent clouds and the coils just seem to go on and on!

If RBA’s are your thing and you own or looking to get hold of a compatible Dot tank, then the VIDI adaptor is a must-buy! The adaptor can get a little fiddly depending on the Dot tank used, which is mainly down to getting the pin screwed in right.

As for the Vi Class device itself, it’s a great little thing! It is appealing and innovative with its Pure mode and also a plus that something of this size has no trouble with running Temperature control if that’s your vape. The main body nicely slides into the outer shell where it is secured well without worries about it coming apart when carried. I would always advise charging your 18650s out of any device on an approved external charger, but if you are caught short, the Vi Class will charge via the Type-C cable.

Obviously, SXmini is always going to win chipset wars against a lot of proprietary chips in devices and this is clear in the Vi Class using the YiHi SX505J. It is a very responsive fire, with precise resistance and a simple user-friendly menu screen.

Another positive is the current price point of the Vi Class kit. You can pick one of these up (albeit without all the accessories) for around £30 RRP here in the UK. This price for a nice little AIO kit like this with a YiHi chip is an absolute steal! I wouldn’t mind seeing the outer shells in other colours more widely available as I cannot seem to find any at all, other than the case that comes with the VIDI adaptor at Ecig One here in the UK.

I would definitely recommend the Vi Class and I cannot stop using it. Also, I recommend picking up the VI Tank and coils and the Dot adaptor to give you different options when using the device.

Head over to the SXmini website via the links at the start of the review to check out more on the Vi Class Kit. I don’t think they have a store up and running there yet to buy direct, but if you are in the UK, check out Ecig One as these seem popular and are always there at the moment! Thanks for reading and my thanks to David and all those over at SXmini!

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