Cyber G by Aspire

Cyber G by Aspire

A review today for a futuristic-looking little pod kit, this is the Cyber G by Aspire. This vape brand has been around since the dawn of vaping producing some quality vape gear and more recently, a whole range of pod kits. To check out their line-up, click the link to go to the Aspire Ecig website where you can also order directly from there.

So let’s check out one of their new pod kit in the Cyber G!

Packaging & Contents

Aspire’s Cyber G pod system comes in a cardboard box with a card slide-off outer sleeve. On the front of the sleeve has printed Aspire branding with an embossed Cyber G picture in front of a ‘G’ coloured panel. Underneath is the printed ‘Cyber G’ title with the slogan ‘Game Changer’. At the bottom is a large printed Nicotine warning as part of TPD regulations on vaping products. Also stuck on the front is a little label displaying the colour of the device inside. This review has the ‘Hunter Green’ colour.

On the right of the sleeve is 3 printed key features of the Cyber G, while the left side includes the scratch-for-authenticity label and another label including the printed barcode, batch number and manufacturer license number. The bottom of the sleeve includes printed Aspire branding, package contents, warnings and Aspire’s contact info. Again, printed in big at the bottom Aspire Cyber G Box Contentsare the usual TPD nicotine warnings.

The sleeve slides off the box and the contents inside are:

  • Cyber G Device.
  • Pre-installed 0.8Ω Mesh TG Pod.
  • 1.0Ω Mesh TG Pod.
  • Type-C Charge Cable.
  • User Manual.

Aspire Cyber G Device

The Cyber G device runs on an 850mAh internal battery and measures 122mm in height with a diameter of 19.5mm for the standard version. The TPD version (as reviewed) is slightly shorter at 114mm having a slightly smaller pod on top. It weighs in at just 42g for the standard and 40.5g for the TPD version.

Cyber G Device by AspireThe device is made in PCTG and with Alloy on the battery body, covering over half of the device in the colour purchased. At the top is clear where the pod is inserted and has 2 small holes for airflow, and underneath is a design cut-out window showing the circuitry inside. This also includes 2 LEDs showing the mode selected. Mounted on the front of that panel is the main power/fire button which features an etched ‘a’ for Aspire logo. Below, on the main Alloy battery body is a subtle printed Aspire branding in white. At the very bottom of the Cyber G is a circular panel which houses the main LED and a USB Type-C charge port underneath at the very bottom.

The Cyber G doesn’t have a display or any up-and-down wattage buttons and power is automatically set depending on the pod resistance inserted. There is a very simple mode function where you can select from 3 vaping modes. Press the fire button 3 times to select this where the small middle LED lights will light showing the mode. Then press the fire button to select between Auto draw (the left lights up), Button activated vaping (the right LED lights up) or both the fire button and auto draw function, where both lights are lit. Selecting the Auto Draw left LED will also part act as a button lock when in the pocket.

The main LED at the bottom lights during the vape and also gives an indication of the battery usage. At 60-100% battery the LED will light Green, at 30-60% it will light Blue and at 0-30% it lights Red indicating a charge is needed. The Aspire ASP chipset on the Cyber G also has the usual built-in safety protections which include; vaping over-time protection, Short circuit and overheat protection.

The Cyber G by Aspire comes in a range of 7 colours; Hunter Green as reviewed, Black, Silver, Amber Orange, Brown, Blue and Pink.

Cyber G Pods

Aspire Cyber G PodThe pods for the Cyber G have a sealed-in coil so you cannot replace the coils separately and you’ll need to change the complete pod when a new one is needed. Two pods are supplied in the kit to get you started. There is a 0.8Ω Kanthal Mesh TG pod pre-installed and a 1.0Ω Kathal Mesh TG pod also in the box. These use the same material as Aspire’s popular AF coil series.

The capacity of the pods is 3ml for the standard version and 2ml for the TPD version. They will interchange as it’s only the height that is different, which is maybe something to bear in mind if you are in Europe on a TPD version and want replacements of a bigger capacity next time.

The pods are made with tough PCTG with a sealed mouthpiece and magnets on the bottom of the pod that connects to the Cyber G device pod insert. At the side of the pod is a pull-out rubber bung to fill the pod with e-liquid.

My Thoughts

If you’re in the market for a little stick device to carry around or for someone looking to quit cigs, the Cyber G comes with my recommendation. It’s also a great little kit for someone on disposables and looking to upgrade and save some money in the long run.

It is aesthetically pleasing with its high-tech futuristic look resembling a little lightsaber! It is extremely simple to use and pretty much a plug-and-play format. No display screen or having to set wattage, it is literally a case of filling the pod with juice, throwing it in the Cyber G and off you go! Both the push button fire or auto-draw are equally responsive and you do have the option to turn one off should you need to. As mentioned above, I only used this function to lock the fire button while in the pocket.

The vape on the TG pods with the Cyber G is exceptional. Both the different resistance pods give amazing flavour, decent clouds and offer a really smooth vape. In fact, the smoothness of the vape was the first thing that struck me when first used the kit. I have used the AF coils by Aspire before and while these ones are sealed in the pod, they still offer the same amazing vape. Although there isn’t a control for airflow, the small airflow holes within the device are perfect for mouth-to-lung vaping, not too tight and not too airy! You could get a very restricted direct-lung vape on the 0.8Ω pod but it’s pushing it.

The bright LED on the bottom of the Cyber G gives a clear indication during the vape and where you stand with the battery level. Charging the device is quick and a cycle lasted me over a day with moderate vaping.

To see more of the Cyber G kit by Aspire or to purchase directly from them, check out the links to Aspire at the top of the review. Thanks for reading!

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