Cyber X and Cyber S by Aspire

Cyber X by Aspire

Cyber S by Aspire

Review by Jen_Turista

Aspire Cyber X and Cyber S Review

Oooh, it’s nice to be back all recharged and refreshed! Yes, I’m back again with another review, and this time of Aspire’s latest pod kits: the Cyber S and Cyber X!

Big thanks to Aspire (thanks, Tina!) who have sent these kits to me for the purposes of a review.

To someone who keeps a pulse on the vape community, the release of new pod kits appears to be picking up again in the last 6 months or so after a brief slowdown (new disposables dominated the market last year, in my opinion). And, it would seem that Aspire is keeping up with trends and demands, as expected, with the release of the Cyber line of pod kits (the Cyber G also reviewed on the blog!).

As always, I will be reviewing this kit as an average vaper, as most in our community are.

Packaging and Contents

I was sent sample packs that included:

Cyber S

  • The Cyber S device.
  • TSX Pod with a 3 mL capacity and a 0.8-ohm Kanthal non-replaceable coil.
  • TSX Pod with a 3 mL capacity and a 1.0-ohm Kanthal non-replaceable coil.
  • USB-C cable.
  • User Manual.

Aspire Cyber S Contents

Cyber X

  • The Cyber X device.
  • TSX Pod with a 3 mL capacity and a 0.8-ohm Kanthal non-replaceable coil.
  • TSX Pod with a 3 mL capacity and a 1.0-ohm Kanthal non-replaceable coil.
  • USB-C cable.
  • User Manual.
  • Lanyard.

Aspire Cyber X Contents

Salient Features include:

  • Battery capacities: Cyber S with 700 mAh and Cyber X with 1000 mAh.
  • Both devices with 3.4 V constant output, which I thought would lack a little punch but I was pleasantly surprised with the vaping power of these devices even with 3.4V!
  • LED lights to indicate operation and battery life on both.
  • Cyber S dimensions at around 119 x 24 x 16 mm, and Cyber X dimensions at 74 x 51 x 21 mm. Cyber S weight is 55g, and Cyber X weight is 68 g; both are super lightweight! And these factors do make both kits easily pocketable and so convenient to carry around.
  • Both have 3 activation modes that one can choose from: A = auto-draw, B = button activated, and AB = auto-draw and button activated.
  • There is no traditional sliding/rotating airflow control but there is a choice of a looser or tighter draw by flipping the pod around.
  • Both have fast, 2A charging which is always a huge pro. It’s something I’m really thankful for as I brought these kits with me on my travels, and they do charge swiftly!
  • And of course, has the standard protections we are familiar with.

Aspire Cyber S BatteryAspire Cyber X Battery

Impressions and Experience

Both kits arrived in clean-looking and compact white boxes with a coloured & embossed photo of the devices in front. Kit contents and manufacturer information are printed around the outer box. The devices sit atop trays that slide out, with the device accessories neatly tucked around it.

This all might sound simple or plain to some, but I really like it, especially as the coloured photo in front draws one’s attention immediately. The packaging for both catches the eye without being too loud or too bulky- just the way I would want it. This is the kind of classiness I have come to expect from Aspire.

A. Cyber S and Cyber X Devices

Both kits share a lot of similarities, with the main difference being the form factor. The Cyber S is more of a classic pen-style shape, whereas the Cyber X has a box shape to it. They are both made with plastic and metal, with transparent device fronts allowing one to see the battery and internal circuitry. As a whole, it looks futuristic and indeed cool, which I believe is what Aspire was aiming for.

There is some branding on both, but Aspire did this with style to make these clearly stand out as Aspire products without being garish.

The USB-C ports on both kits are at the bottom, with the deep pod cradles up top. Now, because the pods themselves are transparent, it’s not really much of an issue to check the remaining e-liquid, but one would need to tilt the kit a little to check (or otherwise, detach the pod to check!).

Aspire Cyber S Pod InsertAspire Cyber X Pod Insert

Both devices have a lone button for operation: to turn the device on or off (5 clicks), and to fire if the B or AB mode is selected. To toggle through the different activation modes, clicking the power button 3 times will allow one to cycle through, with a click to choose between the modes. The very visible chipboard also has clearly labelled light indicators so that one can see which mode has been selected. Once a selection has been made, simply stop clicking the device and the indicator lights will blink 3 times to confirm the mode selection (e.g., both A and B lights will light up when AB mode is selected).

Aspire Cyber X ButtonAspire Cyber X Device

Battery life management is similar as well in both devices, with the usual green (60-100%) – blue (30-60%) – red (<30%) system in place to indicate battery life. When fully charged, the LED lights of these devices will flash 20x to indicate as such.

Both devices fire very quickly in any activation mode chosen, and I am happy to report that the auto-draw gives just as warm a vape compared to a button-activated vape. And this is a great thing as I know a lot of vapers tend to prefer auto-draw to still simulate “taking a drag” like in smoking.

Aspire Cyber S USBAspire Cyber X USB

Even though both devices have no gradual airflow controls, the 180-degree rotation of the pod is actually quite effective in providing a different draw experience. With the “TSX” part of the pod facing the front, the draw is the looser of the two options, whereas the reverse will give a quite noticeable tighter draw. I say “looser” in relative terms here as both pods are MTL pods in my opinion.

Airflow comes in through a 1-2 mm hole in the device and toward the bottom of the pod, and out through the chimney and mouthpiece.

B. TSX Pods

Aspire TSK Pod 1Both kits are packaged with the same TSX pods. These pods are side-fill, secured by a rubber bung, and I’ve had no issues filling them, even with a larger shortfill bottle. The mouthpiece is flat but curves and narrows for a comfortable feel on the lips.

There are two holes for airflow at the bottom of the pod, which helps in getting that tight draw I would want from MTL vaping. The 0.8 ohm TSX pod could be used for RDTL if one prefers a cool RDL vape.

The TSX 0.8 ohm coil pod gives off great flavour (8/10) and quite a warm vape- all good things in my eyes! I actually preferred this pod for MTL vaping, just because I like really warm MTL vapes, with the pod front (where it says “TSX”) facing the back of the device for a tighter draw. It performed superbly with my nic salts and freebase juices, even with 70/30 VG/PG e-liquids.

Aspire TSK Pod 2The TSX 1.0 ohm coil pod also did not disappoint, with superior flavour (7.5/10) and warmth, back-dropped with a noticeably tighter MTL vape draw. This is the pod for classic MTL vapers who want a tight draw, which in and of itself is not an easy thing to achieve with pod systems (well done here, Aspire!). When I used this with a tobacco nic salt, it was just heavenly and exactly the pick-me-up I needed. I would say that the pod facing backwards (“TSX” facing back of the device) gives a really tight MTL vape for me, hence I prefer using this pod with it orientated the opposite way.

As for pod/coil longevity, the pods are still going strong for me even as I write this review and with about 10 mL each of e-liquid having gone through them. These pods have been quite impressive so far!

Overall: Yay or Nay?

The Aspire Cyber X and Cyber S kits have an unequivocal thumbs up and Yay from me! In all aspects, such as its looks, feel, functionality, and maintenance – these kits tick all the boxes I would want from a pod kit.

They are great starter kits for anyone new to vaping. And for experienced vapers, I would still recommend these kits for MTL vaping as they do perform much better than a run-of-the-mill basic pod kit. I will happily use these kits even after my review, that’s for sure!

My warmest appreciation again to Tina and Aspire for sending these kits for my review! To check out more about the kits, or to see other ranges by Aspire, hit the links to Aspire at the start of the review!

This review was written by jen_turista who is very active within the vape community. You can go give her a follow on Instagram and Twitter.

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