Atlantis GT Tank by Aspire

Atlantis GT Tank by Aspire

Review by Jen_Turista

Aspire Atlantis GT Tank Review: Aspire x Taifun Goodness!

It feels like it’s been a fair while since I’ve done an atomiser-only review, and today is the day we reset the clock on that! We shall be having a look at Aspire and Taifun’s latest collaboration kit: the Atlantis GT Tank!

This kit was sent to me for the purpose of a review by Aspire (thanks, Tina!), with my utmost gratitude!

The Atlantis is not a new line of devices from Aspire. They had released previous iterations of the Atlantis several years ago, although unfortunately, I have not used any of these to make any informed comparisons. So today, we look at the Atlantis GT Tank with fresh eyes and see what this atty brings to the market!

In the vaping world, Taifun is renowned for high-end vaping devices, especially MTL vaping atomisers. Aspire and Taifun have had previous collaborations, e.g., the Nautilus GT kit, to great success and so the natural question is what can we expect with this latest project between these vaping giants?

As always, this review will be based on my experience of testing this kit as an average vaper, as most of you guys reading this review will be.

Packaging and Contents

I was sent the Aspire GT Tank in sample packaging, which includes:

  • The tank with a preinstalled acrylic tube with a 2mL capacity.
  • Spare straight glass (4mL capacity).
  • 0.18 ohm Atlantis SE Mesh coil.
  • 0.3 ohm Atlantis SE Mesh coil, preinstalled.
  • 1.2 mm air inlet ring, preinstalled.
  • Spare 1.5 mm air inlet ring.
  • Spares like o-rings.
  • User manual.

Aspire Atlantis GT Tank Package Contents

The sample packaging was simple, compact, and yet classy! It has everything one would need to get started with this atomiser, including customisation options with the extra coil, glass, and air inlet ring. Information such as atomiser features, kit contents, and manufacturer standard language are printed around the outer box that has an embossed and coloured photo of the tank at the front. The tank itself sits on a plastic tray that is laid out neatly with the other kit accessories.

Atlantis CoilsI think that it was because this is a sample kit that the spare 1.5 mm air inlet ring I received did not have any o-rings on it. I’m sure this won’t be the case in the retail packaging where I would expect the spare inlet ring to be kitted-out with all the necessary o-rings, ready for use. I feel that this is important as when I missed one o-ring (the almost transparent one that goes on top) when I first used it, the coil ohm load was jumping all over, and this was quickly rectified when I corrected my o-ring placements.

Salient Features are:

  • Dimensions at around 50 x 25 mm, and should therefore fit without overhang on most mods in the market.
  • Different airflow options are provided by the air inlet rings and bottom airflow holes (4 main inlet holes with 2 distinct holes in each).
  • Innovative fill method by lightly unscrewing the top cap to reveal the top/side fill port.
  • New Atlantis SE mesh sub-ohm coils released with the atty.
  • Available in 4 colours (black, stainless steel, gunmetal, and blue).

Atlantis GT Tank

The atomiser is relatively smaller than typical sub-ohm kits in the market, and I think there is a clever reason for this, which we will get into in a bit. Machining and workmanship are excellent, as expected of a Taifun design, with all components fitting smoothly and nicely into each other.

Aspire Atlantis GT BottomBranding is minimal, again in keeping with what we have seen before in Aspire x Taifun collaborations. Really, the only branding one will see is at the base of the tank. But, the tank aesthetics make it irrefutably Aspire’s and Taifun’s, especially with the tube protective cover in geometric design. I am really digging the looks of this tank: it doesn’t need to “scream” the brand to make it stand out.

The tank itself can be disassembled and assembled very easily, which makes for fuss-free tank maintenance where every component can actually be cleaned thoroughly. The stock drip tip has a wide bore that curves and narrows to the top, and is very comfortable on the lips. For the kind of vape this tank provides, this is the perfect drip tip for it.

Aspire Atlantis GT Parts

Refilling should also be fuss-free, in theory, but I did find that at least in this sample unit, the fill port is a tad too small for most shortfill bottles, so I had to be careful to slowly fill up the tank. Hopefully, Aspire and Taifun can build out a fill port that’s 1-2 mm bigger in the retail units to address this.

Aspire Atlantis GT TopSwapping out the air inlet rings and installing the coil, is very simple and easy: just pop the coil into the ring from the bottom and it’s ready to install in the tank base, where there is a notch to lock all of these parts in place. The 1.5 mm ring will of course provide more airflow than the 1.2 mm ring. But most importantly for me, the airflow coming from the bottom goes into the coils from the bottom as well to maximise flavour. This is where I think that Aspire and Taifun made a clever decision to design this tank smaller than typical sub-ohm tanks: the coils don’t require high wattage and so a 4 mL capacity is enough, thereby limiting the distance the vapour will need to travel to get to the vaper, and therefore maximising flavour! There’s really no need for bubble glasses or extended capacity with the way this atomiser was created.

Aspire Atlantis GT SideContinuing with the airflow, the airflow ring at the bottom clicks into place to reveal one or two holes of airflow from each main slot. This is how the vaper can further customise the airflow in addition to the selection of coil and air inlet ring combinations.

All that being said, the Atlantis GT tank for me is a restricted DL tank. It doesn’t really provide free-flowing airflow for classic DL vaping, but then again, the coils with this tank have wattage ranges one would expect for RDL. Perhaps some vapers might find the airflow options still too restrictive, but for me, the provided air inlet rings as well as the airflow holes in the tank itself fit this tank perfectly. It’s almost like Aspire and Taifun have preselected the airflow options that best fit this atomiser, and I am all for that!

Atlantis SE Mesh Coils

Now, these coils have really impressed me in RDL! To be quite honest, I find RDL vaping to be really hit-and-miss like I need to find a specific warmth and draw tightness to get a satisfying RDL pull. This is not always possible with most atomisers in the market as it’s usually just a choice between MTL, very loose MTL, tight DL (in which case there’s hardly any vapour!), and classic DL. So, in my eyes, these coils and the Atlantis GT tank have shone a light on RDL vaping and how it should really be!

Aspire Atlantis SE CoilsI started with the 0.18 ohm (45-60 W) mesh coil with the 1.5 mm air inlet ring. This combination provided me with great flavour (8.5/10) alongside a medium to loose RDL hit. I was really impressed with the flavour, especially for a stock coil, as the coil really brought subtle flavour notes to the surface with every puff. Vaping the coil at 50W with all the tank airflow holes open is where I liked this combination best. Even at 50 W, there is plenty of vapour produced for a dense and warm vape!

Using this coil with the 1.2 mm inlet ring produced a tighter vape, as expected, and so I found myself vaping this coil at 45 W where it also performed superbly.

The 0.3-ohm (30-40 W) coil also performed very well, with fantastic flavour (8/10) and warmth even at comparatively lower wattage levels. With the 1.2 mm air inlet ring, it was a relatively tight RDL vape for me even with all atomiser airflow holes open. For vapers that like tight RDL pulls, this combination will surely tick their boxes!

Overall: Yay or Nay?

The Aspire x Taifun Atlantis GT Tank has impressed me so much, I’m already looking for replacement coils to continue to use this atomiser! This tank is for those that like RDL vaping, or for those curious as to how RDL vaping should be.

Apart from the fill port size comment, everything about this atty is right on the money. It looks amazing, is easy to clean and maintain, and most of all gives an awesome flavour. And so, as you may have guessed, the Atlantis GT Tank gets a huge thumbs up from yours truly, and is very highly recommended!

Once again, my biggest thanks to Tina and Aspire for sending this kit to me for the review! Hit up the links at the start of the review to check out more on the tank over on the Aspire website!

This review was written by jen_turista who is very active within the vape community. You can go give her a follow on Instagram and Twitter.

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