Pasito Mini by Smoant

Smoant Pasito Mini

A kit review today for a pod system that looks a little different from the usual, this is the Pasito Mini by Smoant. These guys have produced some amazing vape hardware over the years including mods, atomisers and pod kits. This Pasito Mini continues on Smoant’s Pasito range which included the first Pasito pod kit and the Pasito 2. To check out more about their devices and tanks, head on over to the Smoant website.

So let’s dive in and check out the latest Pasito Mini kit!

Packaging & Contents

Smoant’s Pasito Mini kit comes in a shiny silver branded cardboard box with a silver outer card sleeve. On top of the sleeve are printed comic-book-styled pictures in the background with a Pasito Mini illustration below a big Smoant title up the top. At the bottom in the same style are printed 4 key features and the Pasito Mini kit title. On each side of the outer sleeve is the printed Pasito Mini kit title.

On the bottom of the outer sleeve is the printed brand and title, package contents and contact info for Smoant. Below are two labels. One is the scratch-and-check authenticity panel with a QR code and the other is the barcode that includes the colour of the device purchased.

The outer sleeve slides off and the contents included in the main box are;

  • Smoant Pasito Mini Device.
  • Pasito Mini Cartridge Pod.
  • P1 0.6Ω Coil (pre-installed).
  • P3 1.0Ω Coil.
  • Type-C Charging Cable.
  • User Manual.
  • Tip Sheet.

Smoant Pasito Mini Package Contents

Pasito Mini Device

The Pasito Mini by Smoant is a rectangular-shaped device with a built-in 1100mAh battery. It measures 97mm in height, 36mm in width and a depth of 16.5mm. The device is built with Alloy and powers from 5-30W depending on the coil resistance inserted into the pod and what mode is selected (more about that soon).

Smoant Pasito Mini FrontThe front of the Pasito Mini has a material design panel sectioned underneath the pod with ‘Pasito Mini’ printed on it. The reverse is the same but the panel is split into two sections with Smoant branding written at the bottom. At the top of both the front and the back is a large window when the pod is inserted, to see e-liquid levels from both sides. On one side of the Pasito Mini is a panel that includes the main power/fire button, an LED strip light and one variable wattage mode button. At the bottom of the Pasito Mini underneath, are some slots for battery vent and a Type-C USB charge port. The pod simply slots into the top of the device which we’ll look at separately.

The Pasito Mini doesn’t have a screen and adopts the strip light to indicate the vape and charging. There are 3 modes of vaping power which you set by simply pressing the VW button under the strip light. These are as follows:

  • White Light – High Level (3.65V) : 0.6Ω Coil – 22.2W | 0.8Ω – 16.6W | 1.0Ω – 13.3W
  • Blue Light – Medium Level (3.55V) : 0.6Ω Coil – 21W | 0.8Ω – 15.7W | 1.0Ω – 12.6W
  • Red Light – Low Level (3.45V) : 0.6Ω Coil – 20W | 0.8Ω – 15W | 1.0Ω – 11.9W

Smoant Pasito Mini Front 2So, you can control the power of the vape with one button without scrolling up and down to select different wattages.

The strip light also functions as a battery level indicator during the vape when firing. A white light indicates a high-level battery, Blue for medium and Red for when low battery. Smoant’s AI Smart Ant-Chip also comes with the usual battery protections including short circuit and overtime protections.

To power on or off the Pasito Mini, it is the usual 5 clicks of the power/fire button. There is no auto-draw function and only fires via the fire button.

There are currently 8 colours/designs available to purchase; White (as reviewed), Space Grey, Brown, Black, Blue Twill, Cyan Gradient, Kelly Green and a limited edition Seashell colour.

Pasito Mini Pod & Coils

Smoant Pasito Mini PodThe Pod for the Pasito Mini is in a smoked PCTG with a mouthpiece sealed on top of the pod. At the bottom is an alloy base that connects magnetically to the Pasito Mini device’s top slot. On one side of the pod is an adjustable airflow slider that slides up or down over a hole to set your ideal airflow for the vape. Over on the other side is the juice refill slot that is covered by a rubber bung flush to the pod.

Pasito Mini Pods take replaceable Smoant P-series coils that simply slot up into the bottom of the pod. Two coils are supplied in the kit; one is the P-1 0.6Ω and the other is the higher P-3 1.0Ω coil. There is also a P-2 coil available with a resistance of 0.8Ω. Replacement coils are sold in packs of 3.

Smoant Tip CardThe juice capacity of the Pasito Mini pods is 3.5ml but you are limited to a 2ml capacity on the TPD version of the kit.

Tip: Smoant specifies that it is best to vape the Pasito Mini with the longest part of the device towards your mouth or with the mouthpiece closest to you. This is to combat issues once the e-liquid level has been vaped low, to stop any dry burning of the coil when the e-liquid tips away from the coil during the vape. This is due to the rectangular design of the kit and the coil situated over to one side of the pod.

Also, be sure to connect the pod so the coil connects to the points in the device. The airflow side needs to be on the same side as the buttons on the Pasito Mini as a guide.

My Thoughts

I’ve been using the Pasito Mini kit daily now for a few weeks and have been impressed with how it vapes, as well as the look of the device. I did own the first Pasito when it was released and although I can’t comment on the Pasito 2, I do much prefer this mini to the first Pasito due to its size and cleaner look, despite this one not having a screen.

This White colour variation has a shiny Gold shell with a few design panels in the White leather look on the front and back. Being mostly auto-set, it’s completely user-friendly with the chip auto-identifying the coil resistance and setting your wattage. I did try out the 3 different power modes but I just left it set to medium for the majority of the time.

Both the vape and flavour from the P-series coils in the pod are impressive. I tried different flavour profiles in Fruit, Desserts and NET Tobacco during my use and the flavour from each is very good. Normally some coils in smaller pod systems have trouble with pulling good flavour from intricately mixed Dessert e-liquids, but these coils passed the flavour test well. I had no trouble even having the coils wick high VG juice. There are also no leaks that I encountered during use.

I’d say it’s geared towards quite an airy mouth-to-lung vape, but you can get a direct-to-lung with the lower ohm coils with the airflow wide open. Being still quite low wattage in a higher power, it would be best using it in an MTL or a restricted DTL set up.

Charging from a low battery is very quick on the Pasito Mini and that is normally after a full day of moderate MTL vaping with the device.

The only minor issue that could be a problem is the pod angle while being vaped with low juice. So long as you keep your e-liquid topped up in the pod and/or vape with the pod at the positions specified by Smoant, it is a moot point for a fantastic little pod system with superb flavour.

To see more about the Pasito Mini or any other Smoant products, click the Taxis at the start of the review to head over to the Smoant website. Thanks for reading!

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