Maxus 2 Kit by Freemax

Freemax Maxus 2 Kit

A kit review today for a dual 18650 battery device and stock coil sub-ohm tank; this is the Maxus 2 Kit by Freemax. The kit contains the Maxus 2 device and the Freemax M Pro 3 tank with accessories. This was supplied by the folks over at Health Cabin. They sell the latest and greatest in vape products including mods, vape kits, atomisers, e-liquids and disposables. Head over to their website and check them out making sure you register an account and log in to see the best prices, including this Maxus 2 Kit which is due in stock on 27/4/23.

So let’s check out the latest kit by Freemax and see how she runs!

Packaging & Contents

The Maxus 2 kit comes in a sealed black branded cardboard box with an outer card sleeve that slides off. At the top of the outer sleeve is a graphic of the Maxus 2 kit in holographic print. The Freemax branding and kit title is printed at the top and bottom. A label is stuck on the top of the sleeve indicating the colour of the kit inside. There are also printed key features that include ‘Full Spectrum Vaping’ and ‘Child Resistant’. On the right side of the sleeve is printed branding and the batch and license number. The left side includes branding, a bar code and a warnings label.

On the bottom of the outer sleeve are printed specifications of both the Maxus 2 device and the M Pro 3 Tank. Also printed are the kit contents, warnings, contact information and a scratch authenticity label.

Packed inside the main box are:

  • Maxus 2 Mod.
  • M Pro 3 Tank.
  • M1-D Mesh 0.15Ω Coil (pre-installed in the tank).
  • M2 904L Mesh 0.2Ω Coil.
  • Spare 5ml Glass Tube.
  • Type-C USB Cable.
  • Spare O-rings.
  • User Manual.
  • Warranty & Warning Cards.

Maxus 2 Kit Contents

Freemax Maxus 2 Device

The Maxus 2 mod runs on 2 x 18650 external batteries with a maximum power of 200W. It measures 89.5mm in height, 51.9mm in depth and a width of 31mm. It is a reasonably light device weighing just 143g.

Freemax Maxus 2 Pic 1The design and look of the Maxus 2 are not at all comparable to the first Maxus and are more like the recent Maxus Solos with its LED lights and clear display design. The Maxus 2 mod has a leather carbon-fibre-look design panel around the back stretching onto each side of the device, with a Maxus 2 branding etched on the back. Bordering that whole design panel is a built-in LED strip. There is a subtle Maxus 2 printed on the left side of the device body and a Freemax printed on the right.

The front of the Maxus 2 has a clear window panel that includes the display screen and underneath you can see the chip and components within the device. At the top of the window is a large main power/fire button and at the bottom of the window is the +/up and -/down buttons with a Type-C port underneath. Like the reverse, the display window also has a built-in LED strip on each side. Mounted near the bottom at the front of the device body is a lock/unlock slider to easily lock and unlock the Maxus 2.

The top of the Maxus 2 has a 510 port that can manage atomisers up to 27mm in diameter without overhang. At the very bottom of the mod is the magnetic battery door to load your batteries with a slide switch to lock the door.

Freemax MAxus 2 Pic 2To power on or off the Maxus 2, it is the usual 5 clicks of the power/fire button. There are 5 vaping modes you can use on the device, these are Power, VPC, Bypass, Temp Control and TCR. Pressing the power/fire button 3 times gives you access to the menu screen. Scroll up or down and press the power/fire button to change the setting on the main display. These are the vaping modes mentioned above, the Power mode between Normal, Sport and Eco, and the main settings menu. In that menu, you set the optional values for the Maxus 2;

  • Coil Test; Check to see if the coil used matches the mode you are set at.
  • Timeout; Set the seconds of the device before standby.
  • Theme Color; Select between 5 colours (or random colour) of the display screen theme.
  • LED On/Off; simply switches the whole full spectrum LED lights on or off.
  • LED Control; Set colours and how the lights are present on the device. You can change both the front and back lighting in this setting.
  • F/C; To show either Fahrenheit or Celsius while in Temp Control.
  • Puff Reset; Resets the device puff counter.
  • Time Reset; Resets the puff time setting.
  • Reset; Resets the Maxus 2 back to factory state.
  • Exit; Exit the settings menu to go back to the display screen.

The LED Control is very configurable with colours and lighting functions, where you can control the speed of the lighting mode as well as brightness.

Freemax Maxus 2 DisplayThe Freemax FM Chip 3.0 used in the Maxus 2 also carries many protections for the device including; Short Circuit protection, Overheating protection and Over Discharge protection.

The OLED display screen includes everything you need in a clear display. The power or temperature is in large font in the centre, easily set by the +/up and -/down buttons. Above is the current resistance, both battery indicators and puff counter. Below the current power are vaping modes, voltage and Settings menu.

The Maxus 2 kit is currently supplied in 4 colours; Black as reviewed, Blue, Gunmetal and Rainbow. All have the leather panel in slightly different designs but the Rainbow version is an IML edition. The IML edition, I believe, lights at the design panel at the back too, as well as the border and front like the other colours.

Freemax M Pro 3 Tank

M Pro 3 Tank by FreemaxSupplied in the Maxus 2 Kit is the Freemax M Pro 3 Sub-ohm stock coil tank. This uses Freemax’s M series or 904L M Mesh series of coils. The M Pro 3 tank is a 5mL e-liquid capacity (2mL for TPD-regulated countries) and has a child safety lock via the top fill function. To refill, simply lift the cap and push your thumb to slide back the cap, which is located by the red dot and the Freemax branding.

Located above the refill cap is a removable 810-sized drip tip. In the middle is the glass tube (there is a spare in the kit) and on the bottom is the 510 base. To add or change a coil, unscrew the base from the tank and screw the coil into the base inner. The base and coil then screw up into the tank. Each side of the 510 base is an airflow slot which is adjustable by twisting the base to open or close.

Two coils are supplied in the kit. One is the M2 904L Mesh 0.2Ω and the other is the M1-D Mesh in 0.15Ω which is already installed in the tank. These are obviously for higher wattage direct-to-lung vaping. You can also purchase a replacement option in a 904L M1 Mesh coil at 0.15Ω. Both 904L coil options use Freemax’s FM Coil Tech40 while the M1-D coils use Double-D mesh and FM Coil Tech 5.0.

M Pro 3 Tank and M Coils by Freemax

My Thoughts

I’ve been using the Freemax Maxus 2 kit daily for a good few weeks now and am really impressed with its design and performance.

The Maxus 2 device is a dual 18650 mod but has a slightly smaller form factor compared to other similar double 18650 devices. It is slightly shorter making it more comfortable in the hand, while still maintaining a rugged strong feel overall. The mod is unique to many other dual battery mods with its futuristic look and clear display window, while still managing to grab some retro 80’s vibe with the full spectrum lighting! I will admit I am one for a light-up mod but you can completely shut off any lighting effects on the Maxus 2 if it’s not your thing.

The settings menu on the Maxus 2 is user-friendly and gives a lot of configurations including many possibilities with the lighting formation. Switching between vaping modes is as easy to control. I didn’t notice any significant battery run-down using the lights on the device while in use. The little slide lock is also an added bonus tucked down under the screen which I found useful.

The M Pro 3 tank is a perfect match-up with the Maxus 2 device. It is very easy to refill by using the push-cap top fill and I experienced zero leaks with both coils supplied. I just had some light condensation which you would expect after continued vaping. The coils are big and it’s clear they mean business so you can push these fine at higher wattages. The flavour and cloud production is superb and some of the best I’ve found with sub-ohm stock coils. Both coils gave me a similar flavour though I found the 0.15Ω option to be slightly better in terms of flavour on Dessert profiles.

If you’re in the market for a very good sub-ohm kit, then the Maxus 2 kit definitely comes with the recommendation of The Vape Reviews. Click the links at the start of the review for a Taxi over to Health Cabin and remember to log in or create an account before any purchases. Thanks for reading!

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