Caliburn Explorer by Uwell

Uwell Caliburn Explorer

A pod kit review today and this one brings a new function of a dual coil pod, this is the Caliburn Explorer by Uwell. This kit was supplied by the folks over at Health Cabin. They stock a vast amount of vape kits, mods, tanks, and everything else vaping. They are based in China but have a fast shipping service overseas and have some really good prices on their vape products, just make sure you register an account and log in to see the best prices.

So, this is yet another Caliburn offering by Uwell, but very innovative and brings something new to the pod market. It has a split pod and dual coil so you can run 2 flavours within the pod. Let’s dive in, and see how it comes, its specs, and how it vapes!

Packaging & Contents

The Caliburn Explorer by Uwell comes in a black rectangular box with a clear window showing the device on top of the box. There is also the device title and Uwell branding printed in Yellow with a picture of the pod and a “Flavorist between Fingers” quote. The left side of the box includes printed warning images and a scratch for authenticity label. On the right side of the box is printed social media info for Uwell and a QR code.

Printed on the bottom of the box are key features of the device, Package contents, warnings, and contact info for Uwell. There is also a barcode label that indicates the colour of the Caliburn Explorer in the box. The Uwell branded box slides from the outer box and packed inside are the contents:

  • Caliburn Explorer Device.
  • Caliburn Explorer Pod Cartridge.
  • 2 x Meshed 0.8Ω Caliburn G Coil (1 is Pre-installed in Pod).
  • 2 x Meshed 1.2Ω Caliburn G2 Coil (1 is Pre-installed in Pod).
  • Type-C Charging Cable.
  • Branded Uwell envelope that includes the User manual, warnings, and warranty card.

Caliburn Explorer Box Contents

Caliburn Explorer Device

The Caliburn Explorer is a stick-style device made with Aluminum Alloy and weighing just 55 grams. It measures around 128mm in length, 26mm wide, and a 14.6mm depth. It appears a lot more beefy compared to the other Caliburns in the range, due to its wider pod (which we’ll get onto soon). It runs on a 1000mAh internal battery.

Uwell Caliburn Explorer Pod Kit Its appearance is super simple with having no display screen. On the front are its 4-leaf clover-style buttons with an LED indicator on each side. Above the button section is a cutout window to see the coil section of the pod, so you can see the juice level more easily. At the bottom of the front is a design panel with the Caliburn title.

On the back of the device is the cutout section at the top again for juice level, and at the bottom is a printed Uwell title. Each side of the device has an airflow hole at the top to bring in some airflow under the inserted pod. On the very bottom of the Caliburn Explorer is the Type-C port for charging.

As mentioned above there isn’t a display screen on the device and is an auto-draw to vape with the chip setting the best wattage based on the coil(s) inserted on the pod. There is a maximum wattage of 32W for the power. The LED indicators show the battery level on the vape; there is a green light when the level is over 60%, a blue light at 30-60%, and a red light under 30% where it needs to be thrown onto charge. The same light sequence will indicate while charging the Caliburn Explorer.

Uwell Caliburn Explorer ColoursThe 4-leaf clover segment of buttons on the front controls the device and this is where things get interesting. The pod which we’ll look at soon is a duel coil pod, meaning you can add two different E-liquid flavours on the Caliburn Explorer. The button segment is simple to use. The left button sets the vape to the left side of the pod, the right button sets to the right side. Pressing the up button will set to fire both coils at the same time mixing the pod flavours and the bottom button is set to alternate the flavours between each coil. Remember, it is auto-draw so you only need to press the button once to set up which selection you want and you don’t press the button to fire the device. The LED indicators will light and the Caliburn Explorer will vibrate on your chosen selection.

To power on or off the Caliburn Explorer, it is the usual 5 clicks in succession on any of the 4-button segments. Again, a flash of the LEDS and a vibration will signal this. There are safety protections built into the chip which include short circuit, Low voltage, Overtime, and open circuit protection.

The Caliburn Explorer is available in four colours over at Health Cabin. In Orange/Black as reviewed, Pink/Cyan, Standard Silver, and Black.

Pods and G Coils

Uwell Caliburn Explorer PodOne pod is supplied in the Caliburn Explorer kit and you can also buy these separately if you require any more. The pods are in smoked PCTG and are 4ml capacity. This is 2ml for each side of the dual pod. On the front side of the pod is a juice level for each side so you can see the levels easily and when you need to refill. A plastic separator runs up the complete middle of the pod to separate each side. At the bottom are two holes to place each coil with a small fill port on each side of the pod secured by a rubber bung.

The Pod runs with Uwell’s popular Caliburn G coils. 4 are supplied in the kit; 2 of 0.8Ω and 2 of 1.2Ω variations. Strangely, one of each resistance is pre-installed as opposed to both of the same resistance, but of course, you can run it that way if you wish. I just swapped one out so both sides run the same resistance to keep it simpler. The coils are installed by simply pushing up into the bottom of the pod, and matching the straight tangent side of the coil facing each other inwards.

You can also buy these Caliburn G coils in 1.0Ω as well as more 0.8Ω and 1.2Ω over at Health Cabin all coming with 4 in the pack.

Uwell Caliburn Explorer Pod and G Coils

My Thoughts

I have used the Caliburn Explorer by Uwell every day for a few weeks and I can’t put it down or stop fiddling with switching each flavour setup. I recall there being a few dual tanks before but it’s the first time to my knowledge that anything like this has been done on a pod system. Pod kits are so widely used within the market so this will be a good seller, being such a different and appealing innovation.

The ‘Dual coil two flavour’ setup is the stand-out on the kit but let’s not take anything away from the design. It is chunkier than other Uwell ‘stick’s in its Caliburn range but still portable and pocket-friendly. The cutouts at the top show the minimum juice level within the pod easily and it’s comfortable in the hand on the vape. It has a smooth finish and feels tough to withstand any drops.

The dual tank is a great idea and works well. Just having the choice between 2 flavours that change at the click of a button for each side, or running them to alternate on the vape is such a welcome feature. You could put 2 different E-liquids in to change up the flavour in the day, or put 2 similar flavours in and have them mix on each vape! Of course, you could also put the same flavour on each side and have more E-liquid to last through the day without having to refill. There are some good options to choose from how you want it set up.

Uwell’s G coils are full of flavour and last very well. I do like these coils so much, I run a G coil bridge in a Billet Box sometimes for ease, so to have replaceable G coils on the Explorer is a big plus too.

I do recommend the Caliburn Explorer kit by Uwell, not just for the dual vape setup but the design and durability are very good. It would be a great kit for those transitioning over from smoking in the new year or those looking to step up from disposables. Take a Taxi over to Health Cabin via the links at the start of the review and remember to register an account to get the best price there.

Thanks for reading and wish you all a Happy Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year for 2024!

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