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Back with the first post of 2024 and visiting some E-liquid today. This is from a UK brand based in Nottingham, England called LegioX. They have a varied flavoured range of juices and have kindly handpicked the Lemonade flavours from the range to give a spin here on the blog. One of which seems to be one of their flagship E-liquids!

LegioX has been gaining a lot of momentum in the vape scene, appearing at the UK Expo’s and I’d seen and heard of the brand many times online, so am keen to give these juices a try!

On the LegioX website, you can buy the range in the usual 100ml and 50ml shortfill bottles or a 40ml longfill, so it’s all just a case of adding your nic or cooling shots to the bottles. They also have a multibuy deal for 3 x 100ml at £30.99, 3 x 50ml for £22.98 or 3 x 40ml longfills for £19.98. Ordering over £20 will give you free delivery to the UK.

So let’s jump in and see what these are about!

The Packaging

Amalfi Lemon LegioXThese LegioX liquids, regardless of the size, come in a smoked bottle with a label wrapped around them. The labelling is different colours depending on the flavour. The LegioX branding is at the top front of the label, above the logo which is a bird crest. Under the logo is the printed flavour of the juice inside. The labels have a colourful background with a different scene on each flavour.

On the back side of the label is printed info that includes; zero nicotine, handling instructions, storage instructions and warnings. There is also printed info at the bottom of the VG/PG ratio and the best-before date of the E-liquid.

The labelling is some of the best I have seen recently on E-liquids. The classy fonts and logo, along with a nice scenic background, really give LegioX a more premium feel compared to many other liquids out there. Good work!

Under the child safety cap on the bottles is a flip-up nozzle, so you can add shots easily instead of wrestling with a pair of pliers to get the top cap off. That’s always a plus!

The E-liquid

As mentioned, we are looking at three E-liquids in the LegioX range, which are the current variations of Lemonade flavours. I have these in the longfills, so have just added 2 x nic shots to each to make it up to 60ml per bottle. The ratio for these longfills is 50VG/50PG before any shots are added, so are perfect for pod devices. I used 100 VG shots just to bump the total VG up a notch.

Below are the different flavours and what the description says on the LegioX website:

Amalfi Lemon – Traditional Italian Lemonade;

“Transport yourself to the sun-drenched shores of Italy with our authentic, traditional Italian lemonade e-liquid, capturing the essence of a freshly squeezed glass of lemonade from the Amalfi coast. Experience the perfect balance of sweetness, tartness, and fizz, an explosion of flavors that will invigorate your taste buds and transport you to the heart of Italy.”

Caerulus Lemon – Blue Lemonade;

“Step away from the ordinary and embark on a tantalizing journey where sweet blueberry notes harmoniously intertwine with the zesty essence of Amalfi Lemon, our signature flavor. Elevate your vaping experience with our secret blend of juicy berries, creating an explosion of vibrant flavors that will captivate your senses.”

Limonata Apple – Crisp Apple Lemonade;

“Immerse yourself in a symphony of tart green apple, crisp red apple, and the zesty essence of Italian lemonade with Limonata Apple e-liquid, our refreshing and handcrafted e-liquid creation. Unleash a harmonious blend of tangy green apple and crisp red apple notes, delicately balanced by the sweetness of traditional Italian lemonade.”

On having a whiff and knuckle test on each bottle, you can tell these lemonades pack a punch with flavour. In each flavour, you can clearly get the Lemon, Blueberry and Apples in each on the nose.

The Flavour

These flavours in Longfill versions will work brilliantly in pod devices but for the sake of the review and to keep in line with other juice reviews here, I’m going to give them all a blast on an RDA. So let’s give them a spin!

Amalfi Lemon – On the vape, Amalfi is a full-on blast of Citrus Lemon packed in alongside a touch of fizziness. I get a traditional cloudy Lemonade taste in this but with a more higher-end Lemon flavour. There are possibly a few different Lemons mixed together to give Amalfi a unique taste compared to others out there in the same profile.

The Lemon is tangy, and sweet which lingers nicely on the aftertaste. I don’t pick up any cooling in this, so if that’s your thing, give it a cooling shot. This Amalfi made the finalists for Best Fruit in the E-Cig Click awards last year, and on tasting, you can definitely see why. You’d be hard-pressed (like a Lemon) to find a better Lemonade E-liquid out there!

Caerulus LegioX E-liquidCaerulus Lemon – On the vape, Caerulus shares the same Lemonade element as Amalfi but with some of that bitey Lemon eased off and instead introducing a Blueberry to the show. This gives me much more of a tart feel compared to Amalfi with a fresh sweet darker Berry taste still sitting alongside some fizziness.

Despite using that recognisable Amalfi Lemonade element, Caerulus tastes very different using a completely different fruit. The Blueberry really does work well alongside the Lemonade. It is less Citrusy and more tarty, and still a great lingering aftertaste with that dark berry flavour.

Limonata Apple – On the vape, Limonata shares again that punchy Lemonade flavour as the previous two, but this time alongside a very Crisp Apple flavour. The Apple taste to me, tastes more of a premium red apple as opposed to a candied apple or something that would be sitting in a fruit bowl attracting wasps. Again, some of that citrus of Amalfi is toned down but still enough to give a nice tang of Lemon alongside.

Limonata is a really unique flavour, the zesty Apple works well in a Lemonade format. I haven’t tasted an Apple like this in an E-liquid before so I am guessing LegioX has worked some magic merging Apple flavours, and coming up with something very different.

Summing Up

These 3 different Lemonade flavours from the LegioX range are something else. Each is very premium tasting and not bogged down with excessive sweeteners like you would find in many E-liquids sitting on shop shelves. Each flavour along with the nicely designed labels sets it apart from many other brands.

Limonata LegioX E-liquidI have sat there for a while trying to think of a score that I would rate each, and I really can’t do it, as I like each one equally in its own way. They are all a solid 9/10 for me and if Lemonade’s are your thing, you really should be trying this line! Each is an easy all-day vape too!

Another plus is the lack of cooling. It seems so many brands are throwing cooling into E-liquids and often not listing it as such. LegioX sees it as if you want it cool, add a shot. For someone who isn’t into cooling or menthols, this is perfect. It’s easier to add cooling than to take it out a juice, right?

It seems clear LegioX is a mixologist born out of the DIY mixing game, as so much thought and intricacy seems to have gone into these flavours. Instead of throwing a few different things together and putting it out on the market, you can taste that LegioX has taken time to get each flavour perfect before putting a name on it!

For predominantly a dessert vaper, I have spotted a Banana and Custard on the LegioX website which has now piqued my interest so will be putting an order in soon.

To pick up any of the E-liquids reviewed, click the links on each flavour to be taken straight there or grab a Taxi to the LegioX website within the review. Thanks to LegioX for letting me test these brilliant Lemonades and thanks to all for reading.

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