Centaurus B60 AIO & Centaurus B80 AIO by Lost Vape

Lost Vape Centaurus B60 AIO and B80 AIO

A double review today for two kits released at the back end of last year, this is the Centaurus B60 AIO and Centaurus B80 AIO by Lost Vape. Both of these kits are all-in-one devices that run with Boro tanks and are Lost Vape’s entry into the Boro tank market.

Lost Vape has become a huge vape brand over the years, releasing some great devices including the Thelema range, others in the Centaurus range, and the popular Ursa pod kits. To check out Lost Vape’s lineup of devices, head over to the Lost Vape website.

Let’s jump into these kits then and see how they come and how they vape!

Packaging & Contents

I am unable to break down each kit’s packaging as I have a promo box for the review that contains both devices and accessories together. For the sake of the review, I have checked online to see the contents included within each kit when you purchase the standard retail version(s).

Centaurus B60 AIO Contents:

  • Centaurus B60 AIO Device.
  • 1 x UB AIO Empty Pod (Clear).
  • 1 x UB Ultra M7 0.2Ω DL Coil.
  • 1 x UB Ultra M6 0.3Ω DL Coil.
  • 2 x Drip Tips (1 installed).
  • Spare O-rings/Metal spanner.
  • Type-C USB cable.
  • User Manual/Warranty card.

Centaurus B80 AIO Contents:

  • Centaurus B80 AIO Device.
  • 1 x UB AIO Empty Pod (Clear).
  • Centaurus Boro RBA Tank.
  • 1 x UB Ultra M7 0.2Ω DL Coil.
  • 1 x UB Ultra M8 0.15Ω DL Coil.
  • 7 x Drip tip rings (6 x Silicone rings + 1 x Metal ring).
  • 2 x Drip tips.
  • 1 x Tank parts pack.
  • Metal spanner.
  • Type-C USB cable.
  • User Manuals/Warranty card.

Design, Settings & Specifications

Centaurus B60 AIO

The Centaurus B60 by Lost Vape runs on an internal high-capacity 1600mAh battery and charges via the Type-C USB cable. It has a maximum power output of 60W running on Lost Vape’s Quest 2.0 chipset.

Lost Vape Centaurus B60 AIOThe device is a portable rectangular box shape measuring 43mm in width, 25.5mm in depth, and height of 85mm, and is built with Zinc-Alloy and Stainless Steel weighing 160g. On each side of the device are removable colour/design panels/doors. One of which has cut-outs for airflow for the Boro inside the device. The panels are printed with Lost Vape and Centaurus titles along with the logo but this will depend on the B60 colour or design purchased.

The front side of the device has the circular power/fire button at the top, above a panel in the middle that has the up and down buttons below a small 0.42″ OLED screen. The back side of the B60 has 3 airflow vent holes, again for airflow to the Boro inserted. At the top is where the drip tip is inserted above the 510 lug screw to loosen or tighten the Boro secure with the enclosed spanner. The bottom of the B60 has 3 cooling holes to prevent overheating.

Each of the magnetic panels pulls off from each side. One side has the Type-C charge port and the other side houses the Boro tank. There is an etched design also under the panels of circuitry and the Lost Vape Centaurus branding. To insert or remove the tank, simply unscrew the lug screw at the top.

Lost Vape Centaurus B60 AIO 2You can purchase the Lost Vape Centaurus B60 AIO in 8 colours and designs. There is the Winter Splatter as reviewed here, Cyber Storm, Cyber Black, Laser Black, Pink Keep, Laser Gunmetal, Spring Blast, and Summer Breeze.


The Centaurus B60 AIO has very simple settings. To turn the device on or off, it is the usual 5 consecutive clicks of the fire/power button. For locking or unlocking the device, hold the fire button along with the up button. Switching between RBA and Smart Mode (where it will auto-set power to resistance) it is 3 fast clicks of the fire button.

The small screen shows the current power, coil resistance, mode, battery level and puff counter. The Quest 2.0 chipset comes with the usual safety features such as Short Circuit and Overheat protections.

Lost Vape Centaurus B60 Colours

Centaurus B80 AIO

The B80 is the bigger brother of the B60 and instead of an internal battery, uses an external 18650 battery. The Centaurus B80 has a maximum power output of 80W and again, runs on Lost Vape’s Quest 2.0 chipset.

Lost Vape Centaurus B80 AIO 1The device measures just over 80mm in height, 50mm in width and a depth of 24.4mm. It’s built with Zinc Alloy and Stainless Steel and weighs just 150g without a battery inserted. The B80 AIO also has removable magnetic door panels on each side of the device with one panel having 3 airflow cutouts and the other having a cutout for the power/fire button. Again, the panels have different colours or designs depending on the colour or design of the B80 purchased.

The front side of the device has the main power situated in a panel at the top. Under that panel reveals the small 0.42″ OLED screen above the up and down buttons. Under the panels is a Type-C charge port though always recommend charging 18650 batteries in a certified external charger. Over to the side is the opening for an 18650 battery. Removing the panel on the reverse side reveals the opening for the Boro-sized tank. The bottom of the Centaurus B80 device has again 3 air slot vents for device cooling and at the top is where the drip tip sits above the 510 lug screw. On one side of the device are the 3 air holes lining up with the Boro inside for airflow.

Lost Vape Centaurus B80 AIO 2The Lost Vape Centaurus B80 is available in 9 colours and designs. There is Gush Black as reviewed, Space Silver, Particle Gunmetal, Magnetic Black, Nebula Star, Nebula Sparkle, Nebula Galaxies, Gush Grey and Gush Green.


The settings on the Centaurus B80 AIO are the same as the B60 version. To power the device on or off is 5 consecutive clicks of the fire/power button and locking or unlocking is the fire button and the up button pressed simultaneously. To switch between RBA and Smart mode is 3 consecutive clicks of the fire/power button.

The B80 uses the same small screen as the B60 which displays the current power output, selected mode, resistance, puff counter and battery level. Also, the same safety protections using the same Quest 2.0 chip which include Short Circuit and Overheat protection.

Lost Vape Centaurus B80 Colours

UB AIO Pod & UB Ultra Coils

Both the AIO kits come with the UB AIO pod. This pod is Boro-sized and runs with the replaceable Lost Vape UB series 3 and V2 Ultra coils.

Lost Vape UB Pod and Ultra CoilsThe UB Pod is made with PCTG and has a 5ml E-liquid capacity or 2ml in TPD-governed countries. At the front of the pod is a pull-out rubber bung to fill the pod with E-liquid. A centre chimney runs down from the top inside the pod and the coil is pushed up from the bottom to connect to the chimney. Situated at the bottom of the pod is a metal airflow ring that can be turned to open or close the slot for airflow to the coil.

Two sub-ohm DTL coils are supplied in each kit to start you off from the UB Ultra series. You can also purchase compatible coils in different resistances, so if mouth-to-lung is more your thing, you can purchase the 1.0Ω UB Ultra coil option.

Centaurus Boro RBA Tank

Lost Vape Centaurus RBA TankIf you purchase the Centaurus B80 AIO kit, you will also get the Centaurus Boro RBA tank. If you purchase the B60 or own any other Boro device, you can buy the Centaurus Boro RBA tank separately for around £30 at the time of writing.

The RBA is for those who prefer to use their own built or pre-made coils and cotton wick. Note that no pre-made coils or cotton are supplied within the kit.

The Boro RBA tank is built with PCTG with a Stainless chimney, base and deck. Like the UB Pod, there is a removable rubber bung at the front for filling with E-liquid. The deck connects to the middle chimney inside and simply pulls out from the base at the bottom. The base has cutouts for airflow intake on the front and side.

Lost Vape Centaurus Boro RBA Tank DeckThree different-sized air pins are supplied with the RBA. The different sizes will determine the amount of airflow to the deck, depending on how you want to vape. There is a 3mm airflow pin pre-installed, a 2mm and a 1mm. These pin measurements are the size of the air hole which will sit at the base of the deck. Ordinarily the 3mm with be DTL, the 2mm for RDTL and the 1mm for MTL, but some may prefer more or less air depending on what style you prefer vaping.

The deck on the Centaurus Boro RBA is a single-coil deck with both posts on the same side, so you will need a parallel coil with the legs facing the same way. The coil is secured via the flathead screws on the deck posts and a little screwdriver is supplied to fit. To change the airflow pin, simply screw out the pin from the bottom with a flathead screwdriver and add it by screwing it up into the deck.

To check your coil build, the deck can be removed from the RBA base and you can add to a regulated mod or tab by using the supplied little 510 adaptor.

My Thoughts

After using both the Centaurus B60 and B80 AIOs, it is evident they are great little Boro devices that won’t break the bank compared to the higher-end Boro AIOs. Both run pretty much the same with the B80 having 20W more wattage if you want to pump the power a bit higher. On the flipside, it’s good to have a Boro device in the B60 that uses an internal battery and I would see this version more as an on-the-move portable equivalent. An 18650 seems to last well on the B80 and didn’t notice any heavy battery drains.

Both devices are made well and seem pretty strong. The B60 might win that battle a little by having a more rugged feel overall, again, perhaps making it more of a device to use while mobile. The flush fire button on the B80 and the screen behind the panel make it a little neater-looking than its B60 brother, which has a protruding button on the outer.

On the vape, using the stock coils that come with the devices, gives a very decent flavour and good clouds at higher wattage. The UB Ultra coils wick higher VG E-liquids easily and didn’t experience any dry hits and without any leaks. The airflow ring seems to do its job well depending on how open you open the ring to the slots.

I wanted to try the UB Ultra coils at 1.0Ω for MTL, but ended up ordering the wrong ones. The version I ordered was V2 UB Ultra OCC coils which were too big at the bottom for the UB Pods, so if you are ordering replacement coils, please make sure you get the right version and not buying coils for older Lost Vape tanks.

The Centaurus Boro RBA that comes with the B80 AIO or available to buy separately, surprised me a lot! The machining and quality of this Boro RBA are on par with the BP Mods Pioneer Insider, which is a very renowned and popular Boro RBA. To have the Centaurus Boro RBA supplied in a kit with the B80 AIO would make this more appealing when deciding between both the B60 and B80 versions. The deck is easy enough to build on, albeit a much smaller size to accommodate the Boro size.

If I were cornered into any cons, I would say the screen is a bit small on both devices, but once your power is set, it isn’t something you will need to look at too much. Overall, both Centaurus AIOs are great little devices and would be completely down to personal preference as to which one you go for.

To see more of the Lost Vape Centaurus B60 and B80 AIOs, head over to the Lost Vape website via the links at the start of the review or check out your favourite vape stores! Thanks for reading!

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