The Custard Range by LegioX

Custard Range by LegioX

A review on some e-liquids today and am returning to check out some more from a brand recently reviewed. Following on from the superb Lemonade flavours reviewed a few months ago, this is the Custard range from LegioX. These are the 4 current Custard flavours within their range, including a Strawberry newcomer to the line-up.

LegioX is an independent e-liquid brand based in Nottingham, UK. Their online store includes all the flavours of their line, which either come in shortfill or longfill bottle sizes. You can also pick up some more higher-end devices at their store as well as a selection of tanks, RDA’s and accessories, so make sure you have a gander when buying some flavours there.

So let’s jump in and see how these flavours in Legiox’s Custard range fair up and how they compare to some other Custard e-liquids tried in the past! There are 4 Custard flavours; Britannia (British Tinned Custard), Andreas (Sliced Banana & Custard), Roseus (Stewed Rhubarb & Custard) and Venus (Fresh Wild Strawberries & Custard).

The Packaging

Britannia Custard by LegioXAs per the Lemonade flavours reviewed a few months ago, these Custard e-liquids come in a smoked bottle with a stylish label wrapped around them. The labels are in different colours depending on the Custard flavour purchased. The LegioX branding is at the top front of the label, above the logo which is a bird crest, other than ‘Andreas’ which has a Roman Helmet graphic keeping with the Legion theme. Under the logo is the printed flavour of the juice inside. The labels have a nice quality background with a different landscape scene on each flavour.

On the back side of the label is printed info that includes; zero nicotine, handling instructions, storage instructions and warnings. There is also info at the bottom of the VG/PG ratio and the best-before date of the E-liquid.

Under the child-safety cap is a flip cap nozzle which makes it easy to add nic shots to your shortfill or longfill bottles.

As with the others in the LegioX line-up, the branding and label design give it so much more of a premium feel compared to many other brand e-liquids out there.

The E-liquid

The review covers 4 flavours in the current Custard line from LegioX. There are choices of bottle sizes; 100ml Shortfill, and a 50ml Shorfill. There are also 2 longfill sizes of 40ml and 30ml, which is simply a case of adding shots making it up to 6mg freebase or 10mg nic salt respectively. For this review, I have the flavours in 100ml shortfill size which has a base ratio of 70VG 30PG before adding any shots.

So let’s check out each flavour and see what the description states over on the LegioX website.

Britannia Custard – British Tinned Custard;

Andreas Custard by LegioX“Immerse yourself in the ultimate taste of British custard: Rich, authentic tinned custard flavor: Britannia Custard captures the essence of that warm, comforting dessert you know and love. Think smooth, thick spoonfuls of golden delight, swirled with every vape. Deep, creamy vanilla notes: A touch of pure vanilla bean adds a touch of elegance and complexity, making this custard stand out from the crowd.”

Andreas – Sliced Banana in Custard;

“Dive into Dreamy Delights with Andreas: Ripe Banana Meets Creamy British Custard E-Liquid. Yearning for a sweet escape? Andreas E-Liquid is your ticket. Imagine luscious slices of perfectly ripened banana, nestled in a cloud of rich, velvety British custard. We’ve perfected our award-winning Britannia Custard, weaving in the irresistibly sweet nectar of ripe bananas.”

Roseus Custard – Stewed Rhubarb & Custard;

“Imagine this: the velvety embrace of rich, creamy custard swirling around your senses, followed by a vibrant burst of tart, stewed rhubarb. That’s the magic bottled in our top-selling Rhubarb & Custard e-liquid. Silky-smooth custard inhale: Our Britannia Custard, a customer favourite, forms the base, offering a luxurious canvas for the rhubarb to shine. Authentic stewed rhubarb exhale: We didn’t skimp on the fruit! Our special rhubarb blend delivers a perfectly balanced tartness, reminiscent of freshly stewed rhubarb with a hint of sweetness.”

Venus Custard – Fresh, Wild Strawberries in Custard;

“Dive into a paradise with LegioX’s latest creation, Venus Custard E-Liquid. This divine concoction marries our award-winning Britannia Custard with bursts of sun-ripened, wild strawberries, conjuring a symphony of creamy decadence with a kiss of sweet temptation. Where Dessert Meets Desire: Imagine freshly sliced strawberries nestled within a pool of Britannia – the Caesar of custards! Each inhale releases a wave of velvety richness, punctuated by a delicate sweet strawberry.”

Roseus Custard by LegioXOn having a whiff of each bottle, you can tell each is packed full of flavour with a sweet rich scent. I do pick up a sweet eggy-type smell from Britannia which is the straight Custard, but it doesn’t vape as it smells so don’t be put off.

The Flavour

I’ve been vaping each of the flavours in pod devices, mostly on the SXmini Puremax, but for the sake of the review, I’m also going to take them into an RDA to see how they also fair at higher wattages.

Britannia Custard – Britannia is just a top-drawer all-out Custard. The vanilla is quite light and melds with the creaminess perfectly. I’ve tried some cheaper-tasting Custard e-liquids in the past that always seem to be slaughtered with sweet Vanilla flavouring, but Britannia is a more premium ‘proper’ Custard vape. The flavour stays consistent through the inhale and exhale and tastes amazing on both MTL and higher-power DTL.

With Custard e-liquids, I always refer to Digbys DMC as my favourite Custard, having always gone back to it since 2015, but Britannia is very similar. In fact, Britannia seems a bit toned back compared, which makes it an easier all-day vape. It is just a nice rich, moreish, sweet Vanilla Custard vape. It smells eggy from the bottle but tastes sublime!

Andreas – This liquid is probably my favourite Banana flavour to date. Andreas blends the sweet creamy Custard of Britannia along with a more genuine Banana flavour, which gives a real feel of a Banana in Custard. The Banana used is a ripe-tasting Banana, and is in no way the candy Banana flavour used in many other e-liquids.

The consistency of the flavour stays the same throughout the inhale and exhale and you are left with a sweet creamy Banana aftertaste. It is more of a Banana with a side helping of Custard as opposed to the Custard overtaking everything, Venus Custard by LegioXthough at higher wattage I found that both flavours blended a bit more letting more Custard creaminess in. An amazing Banana Custard vape!

Roseus Custard – Like Andreas, Roseus subs out the Banana and puts a nice sweet authentic Rhubarb in its place. Again, this feels like a proper bowl of fresh Rhubarb with a proper thick creamy Custard. There are a big amount of ‘Rhubarb & Custard’ e-liquids out there, but they are the more Candy-boiled sweets you get, which is fine, some of these are great, but Roseus is very different and more like the proper desert!

Again, on the vape, Roseus stays consistent and smooth with a bit more Custard popping in at higher wattages but there isn’t a major difference with lower wattage MTL, it’s just as good! LegioX have worked magic adding just the right amounts of flavourings creating the perfect balance between both Rhubarb and Custard. Perfection!

Venus Custard – A Strawberry desert e-liquid speaks my vape language and Venus doesn’t let me down. Again, built with Britannia Custard as the side dish, Venus introduces very fresh-tasting authentic Strawberries to the table. That Britannia taste still gives that creamy Custard flavour but with a nice helping of Strawberry which stays consistent and smooth on both inhale and exhale.

The ‘Wild Strawberry’ within its profile description is evident within the vape. It has a more freshly-picked Strawberry taste as opposed to a Candy Strawberry flavour. This type of Strawberry seems to separate it somewhat from the Custard, so it gives an authentic ‘Strawberries in Custard’ instead of a more ‘Strawberry flavoured ‘pink’ Custard’. Amazing flavour!

Summing Up

Each of these 4 flavours from LegioX is exceptional and would recommend any of these to Custard vapers or those opting for a Dessert profile. Following on from the Lemonade flavours, LegioX has again exceeded my expectations on each juice. There are no two ways about it that LegioX, although a smaller independent brand, has created something special within its flavours and from the packaging through to the taste, is very much a premium finish.

Some independent brands are the very best e-liquids out there as it seems much more time and effort has gone into getting them right. LegioX is up there with this, along with brands like The Rochford Project. They give a bit more in general on the vape than some of the more sweetened commercial liquids out there.

Out of the current 4 Custards in the LegioX line-up, it would be very hard to pull out a favourite. They all are mixed so well with each of the right flavourings to create a perfect balance. I did find myself vaping the Britannia and Venus quicker, but that’s just because I opt for those flavours more. That isn’t taking anything away from Roseus and Andreas, every juice is a solid 9/10 and you won’t be left disappointed with any.

Head over to the LegioX website and check out their flavours, if Custards are not your thing, there will definitely be something else that will appeal to your taste buds of the same quality. Also, while I’m here, make sure you have signed the petition to stop the UK flavour ban that could be due, to keep companies like LegioX going and vapers like us to carry on tasting these amazing e-liquids! My thanks to LegioX for making these brilliant creations and being an overall ‘good egg’ within the vape community.

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