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I had been thinking of making a website for written E-liquid reviews for about a year but had never got round to doing it. It seemed everyone and their dog was starting Youtube channels reviewing e-cigarette hardware and doing E-liquid reviews, so I wanted to make sure these were written reviews, hosted on my own website. After tasting some great and very unique flavoured E-liquids, I thought it was a good time to get a website started. On the 26th of September 2017, ejuicereview.net went live.

Due to EVALI in the US (which was caused by illegal cartridges sold and not linked to E-liquid vaping) various social networks clamped down on certain words being used and ‘Ejuice’ was one of them. It became increasingly hard to continue sharing blog posts on social media, due to having that word in the blog title and within the URL. Not long after, the blog name and URL were changed to The Vape Reviews. All the content and design from Ejuice Review were moved over and we continue to do reviews under the new name.

If you want to write a review to appear on the website or want your brand or store items reviewed; please get in touch.

  • Please only make contact for reviews if you are a genuine company or trader and are serious about getting the item(s) reviewed.
  • The Vape Reviews does not review any disposable devices.

There are banner spaces available that show on every page of the blog. If you would like your company advertised there, please contact as above.

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