Looking at Nicotine Pouches

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Article by Chunkmeister

Ok, so you’ve got your vape setup, but you’ve got to go on a bus. Or in a public building. Or basically, anywhere you can’t use your trusted setup. What do you do?
For many, the answer is “I’ll have a sneaky little stealth vape” (if you’ve got a little MTL setup and can get away with it).

Otherwise, what else can you do? Well, I’d like to invite you to the world of snus & nicotine pouches.

What are they, you ask?

Nicotine pouches are small pouches that contain nicotine, in the salt form for quick release and quick action, plus a few other things you’d expect. The pouches are typically around 8-10mm by 12-15mmin size, being only around 1mm thick.
These are put behind your lip, top or bottom, and left there to do their thing.
They vary in strengths, just like e-liquid, and last a varying amount of time.

For more detailed info, check out https:\/\/thevapereviews.com//thevapereviews.com//www.haypp.com/uk/nicopedia and maybe pick up a mix pack to try them out at https:\/\/thevapereviews.com//thevapereviews.com//www.haypp.com – Shipping is quick and free, and you can get 3-4 packs to try out in one of the many mix packs for around £10. (search for Mix pack)

Nordic Spirit ElderflowerNordic Spirit Elderflower 3 Dot Slim

As a change to my usual go-to pouches, Nordic Spirit’s Elderflower sweeps in with something interesting.

Its flavour is an elderflower with a very bright, crisp and almost citrus taste – If you’re expecting a light floral taste, you may be a little disappointed, as this is a very much “in your face” flavour.  Taking around 2 minutes for the “tingles” to start, the flavour is intense, and so it the tingle in its 3 strength.  After a solid 10 minutes of this effect, it continued to do its job for another 22 minutes before I removed it.  Even then, the nic effects could still be felt for over an hour more.

Summary – A good crisp, bright elderflower flavour.

Available from Haypp.com here