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Lemon Puff by Decadent Vapours

Today, we are continuing reviews of the new Decadent range. This one is Lemon Puff by Decadent Vapours. Decadent are based in the UK and have been selling high quality juices for years. Their...

Lemon Tart Rejuiced 0

Lemon Tart by Rejuiced

Today, I’m reviewing another one in the range from Rejuiced. This one is Lemon Tart. As soon as I saw this released by Rejuiced a few months back, I had to grab a bottle...

Pound Cake Glas 0

Pound Cake by Glas

Today I’m reviewing some Pound Cake by Glas Vapor. Glas originate from LA, United States and their juice is sold pretty much everywhere worldwide. They have 6 flavours in this range, as well as...