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Birthday Cake by Rejuiced

Today we’re going to have a vape on a Cake flavoured E-liquid, this is Birthday Cake by Rejuiced. This was around a while ago and I never got to try it. It disappeared just...

Lemon Tart Rejuiced 0

Lemon Tart by Rejuiced

Today, I’m reviewing another one in the range from Rejuiced. This one is Lemon Tart. As soon as I saw this released by Rejuiced a few months back, I had to grab a bottle...


Unicorn Tears by Rejuiced

Today I am reviewing another flavour in the Rejuiced line. This E-liquid is Unicorn Tears by Rejuiced. Rejuiced have many liquids in their range and this juice is one of their best-sellers as listed...