L200 (Aegis Legend 2) Kit by Geekvape

Geekvape Legend 2 L200

Review by Jen_Turista

Geekvape L200 (Aegis Legend 2) – The Highly-Anticipated Update!

Good day, vapefam! Boy, am I excited for what I have for you all today- the much anticipated direct follow-up to the uber-successful Geek Vape Aegis Legend – the Geekvape L200!

For many years since its release, the Aegis Legend has been most vapers’ gold standard when it comes to durability. Unlike other flagship models which gets a refresh every few months or so (it seems to me anyway), the Legend stayed in its place as the choice for a tough kit that can withstand anything. Be it knocks, water, dust, or getting thrown out of a car, the Legend* can withstand it all.

*the mod, of course. C’mon now, let’s get real – a glass tank with airflow holes will not be as durable!

The Aegis Legend was so good, that right about until the L200 was released, it pretty much held its price in most shops unlike most vape kits out there. Personally, I loved using my Legend, albeit it was a tad bulky for my little hands! The mod was super-reliable, fired so quickly, and handled drops here and there, e.g., kit falling out of jacket pocket whilst picking up after my dog.

So, having said all that, when Geekvape teased an “Aegis Legend 2”, the vape community was abuzz! How will Geekvape upgrade the Legend and will it keep the long-loved features of the original kit? Let’s find out!

This kit was sent to me for the purposes of a review from Sourcemore.com (much love, Joyi!). Sourcemore is one of the biggest online vape suppliers out there that also provides other services to businesses including wholesaling and drop-shipping. They have been operating since 2009 and are located in the vaper paradise of my dreams, Shenzhen in China! They sell all kinds of vape gear and run serious promotions from time to time, so be sure to check them out for your vaping needs.

Packaging and Contents

I was sent the retail version of the L200 kit containing:

  • The L200 mod/device uses dual 18650 batteries.
  • The Z Sub-ohm tank 2021.
  • A spare glass. In my case, I received the 5.5 mL standard edition tank with the bubble glass and therefore, the spare was also a bubble glass.
  • A 0.2 ohm Z series coil preinstalled.
  • An extra 0.25 ohm Z series coil.
  • A coil tool (which is neither here nor there for me, anything flat and elongated can do the same job of lifting the coil from its slot).
  • A spare parts pack with o-rings, and the usual accessories.
  • A USB-C charging cable.
  • User manual, warranty card.

Salient Features of the tank and mod include:

  • The Aegis series (mod) promises of being tri-proof. That is water, shock, and dustproof. It is now IP68 rated, and Geekvape claims a higher level of shock resistance.
  • Compared to its predecessor, the mod is 30% lighter and 15% smaller (140mm x 54mm x 29 mm). Indeed, to the naked eye, the difference in size is not really that much, but the difference in weight is immediately noticeable.
  • The “A lock” is a new safety feature, which is a locking mechanism/switch on the mod.
  • Ranges from 5W-200W in power.
  • Other than power (wattage) mode, it also does TC (Ni, Ti, SS), Bypass, TCR, and VPC.
  • Reads 0.10 ohms to 3.0 ohms.
  • USB-C charging and upgrade port (I always recommend using external chargers).
  • Coloured 1.08 inch TFT screen.
  • The tank having larger air holes than its predecessor (Zeus Sub-Ohm tank).

L200 Legend 2 Kit Contents

Impressions and Experience

The box containing the kit is presented in the classic Geekvape way, with their signature black and orange packaging. Information about the device and kit contents can be found on the outside of the packaging. Inside, you will see the mod first, and underneath that are the tank and kit accessories.

I received the rainbow-coloured version, as you can see from the photos. It’s not my favourite kit colour as I often find that rainbow kits often don’t match what is in marketing materials, but this one I can make it work!

Geekvape Legend Comparison

Geekvape Legend Comparison

A. Z Sub-Ohm Tank 2021

Geekvape Tank ComparisonI have to be honest, the tank looks very much like the Zeus sub-ohm. The base has a gold-plated 510 pin with texture for ease of disassembly. It has top airflow too, albeit just a little larger than the previous iteration, at least according to Geekvape. Comparing both side-by-side though, to my naked eye I can hardly see any difference in size. Other similarities include having an 810 drip tip, and the top fill method as both tanks can be opened up by a quarter-turn of the top cap.

There are really only 2 major differences that stood out for me. One is the branding in and around the tank: on the outside of the chamber, this has changed from the familiar Zeus logo to what I think is their own design, and the airflow ring does not mention Zeus anymore (do you see where I’m going with this?). Another is the base that makes contact with the coil: there are now 4 posts and the gold plated base seems to be a little wider. For the latter, I would surmise that this will have something to do with efficient conduction of power from the mod to the coil, but the coil’s performance will demonstrate that.

Geekvape Open Z TankThe tank takes the Z series coils. The fill port felt about the same for me- I didn’t really have any issues with filling with this nor the previous Zeus sub-ohm tank. I’ve not experienced any leaks, which is expected for most top airflow tanks. The draw from the airflow holes, I would say felt just ever so slightly less restricted for me when I compare it to the Zeus sub-ohm, but smooth nonetheless. I usually vape the Zeus sub-ohm with the airflow wide open, and I did the same with the Z Sub-ohm 2021 tank.

The tank is super easy to use, and mainly my criticisms are about the rainbow finish not completely matching that of the mod, and the fact that the airflow control ring of the tank I received was way too loose. For the former, it’s not a huge deal for me as I am not as OCD as other people with tanks and mods being “matchy-matchy”; and for the latter, although it was annoying, this was easily solved by changing the O-ring. But, is it better than the original Zeus sub-ohm? For the way I vape, only ever so slightly. I would say that if you are on the hunt for a top airflow sub-ohm tank, this is definitely one to consider. If you already have the Zeus sub-ohm, getting this would be almost like getting another Zeus sub-ohm.

B. L200 Mod

The L200 mod is the star of the show as far as this kit is concerned. From the moment I picked it up, I can already tell that it is so much lighter than the original Legend. Geekvape has also done away with the rubber coating around the mod which added durability to the mod. Instead, the rubber parts of it are now only confined to the USB-C port cover, including the area surrounding the 510 plate, and the bottom of the mod/battery door. Everything else is made of metal and leather. Now, some people may like less rubber coating, some may not. I am in the camp of I actually like it this way because it doesn’t really attract lint anymore, which was something I had to constantly remove with the rubber coating of the original Legend!

Geekvape L200 DisplayThe rainbow finish on the metal though is a huge fingerprint magnet but can be cleaned easily. The A lock is on one side of the mod. The locking feature is pretty cool- pushing it down locks all the buttons, and conversely pushing it up unlocks the mod. It is a convenient feature, especially when in a hurry as you wouldn’t need to do the usual five clicks to turn the mod on and off.

The top of the mod can sit 25 mm atomisers well, but no larger than that as it will probably have a discernible overhand. Saying that the Z tank with the bubble glass does look a little big to me in this set-up, but that is primarily because of the smaller mod.

The mod is made of metal, silicone or rubber, and what appears to be leather, making it very comfortable and ergonomic to hold and use. The buttons are clicky, with the mod responding quickly to them. The TFT screen displays the expected vaping information including mode, wattage, coil resistance, battery life, voltage, and puff counter. It is OK for brightness- would be better it can go a little brighter especially for vapers with difficulty seeing. Another suggestion for me would be to have battery life in percentage too; I think there is enough space on the screen for that.

The battery door at the bottom is reminiscent of the older Legend. It is spring-loaded, opened with a slider and closed by pushing it down with a click. As with the older Legend too, I did have a little difficulty with closing it using different brands of batteries. For some reason, my LG’s fit like a glove but my Hohmtech batteries need a little more godly power to close the battery door. But that’s not really my con at this part of the mod: it’s the fact that when the kit is put down on a flat surface, it wobbles! It wobbles even with or without batteries, and it seems to be because the door latch isn’t at least flush with the mod frame. So, definitely, something to be aware of especially when using big and heavy atomisers with bubble glasses on this mod.

Geekvape L200 USB-COther than the wobble, the battery door appears to be sturdy and durable, with battery polarities clearly marked on the inside of the door and inside of the battery compartment. I really liked this on the L200 because unfortunately, not all mods have clearly marked polarities, despite what most reviewers say about this topic.

Lastly on the mod – let’s talk about the all-important performance! The mod is responsive and fires quickly. I have tried it with other atomisers as well without any issues. As for battery consumption- one “baggage” I have with Geek Vape devices like the Aegis Solo is that the chip used doesn’t seem to have the best battery management. Of course, battery life and performance are heavily influenced by the power output and how one vapes, but even then, I did find that my Aegis Solo wasn’t the best mod I had for the job. However, with the L200 mod, battery life and management seem to have improved a little, and naturally, I was extremely pleased with that! You can correct me if I am wrong, but I don’t believe the L200 has a battery balancing feature seen with other mods in the market. And with that added to the L200 – it would definitely take this mod to a higher level!

C. Coils and Flavour

Both Z series coils that came with the kit are push-to-fit coils. They fit into the tank in a specific way thanks to some metal wings (?) on the base of the coil that will need to be aligned in the designated groove inside the tank. Both coils fit perfectly into the tank, and I have absolutely no issues there.

I used the 0.2-ohm preinstalled coil first (70-80W recommended range) and overall, it was a joy to use. It performed just as I would expect, having been a regular user of the older Zeus Sub-ohm tank. The draw was still quite and relatively restricted which is absolutely great for the way I like to vape. Now, I usually find that I can be quite satisfied with my vaping a few watts below the manufacturer’s suggestions, but for this coil, the vape at 70 W was where I settled, and increasing the wattage further did not really give me a significantly better flavour (I prioritise flavour over clouds).

Although the tank has top airflow, it is designed brilliantly to channel the air into the right places of the coil, resulting into a nice and smooth expression of flavour. The clouds were not as thick as hardcore cloud-chasers will like, but I did find the vapour to be quite dense. The coil kept up with my attempt at chain vaping, and although it’s lower ohm coil, it didn’t really guzzle liquids to be able to provide that level of flavour. All in all, I can say that I was pretty satisfied with this coil, and do rate it at 8/10.

The 0.25-ohm coil (45-57W recommended range) also performed at an acceptable level. Typically, when manufacturers state a recommended range for coils, it usually falls within a 10W or 20W range. So, I did find it a little odd for Geek Vape to be so precise to “57W”, not 58, 59, or 60W. To be honest, I do not really have the rationale for why that is (maybe the coil longevity?), but because I am me, I did push this coil to about 60-65W for several puffs.

The result? Well, there wasn’t really much difference in flavour, I didn’t experience any dry hit nor did I taste the coil burning. So, my conclusion was although I personally didn’t find any difference, there had to be the reason for Geek Vape to limit the recommended range of this coil to 57W via their testing runs. I would therefore still try to stick to their recommended range when using this coil.

The flavour off of this coil was also nice, although my personal preference will be the 0.2-ohm coil. Again, no nimbus clouds can be made with it but the vapour was dense and satisfying as well. I would rate this coil at 7.5/10, which is still pretty decent as far as stock sub-ohm coils are concerned.

Overall: Yay or Nay?

Being completely honest with you all as I always am, if not for the wobble, I would 100% recommend this. And especially so for fans for the original Aegis Legend who do not mind a Legend mod without the rubber/silicon material around the mod, the improvements made are well worth the upgrade in my opinion. It’s a slightly more pocketable unit due to the size and weight decrease, whilst retaining its tri-proof features. The kit as a whole- the tank, coils, mod- all perform extremely well and in harmony with each other.

Having said that, I am open to the possibility that perhaps I was unlucky with my unit and that other L200 mods out there do not have the wobbling issue. I would be so happy if this were the case because as it stands, it’s only really this issue that would be a show-stopper for someone like me. Sure, there were other niggly bits like the loose airflow control ring, could-be-brighter display, and so on; but as I said, these are rather nit-picky and wouldn’t necessarily stop me from getting this kit.

Now, where does that leave us? I would say I am sort of in-between Yay and Nay on this one. I am a fan of the original Legend and this upgraded version looks like a Legend that went into “Pimp My Ride” (do you guys remember that tv show?) especially with the rainbow finish I received. If you are on the market for a tri-proof mod, this is definitely one to consider amongst the variety of choices out there.

Once again, my deepest thanks to Joyi and Sourcemore for sending me this kit for review! To purchase the Geekvape L200 kit, go and check them out.

This review was written by jen_turista who is very active within the vape scene. You can go give her a follow on Instagram and Twitter.

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